Fixed Wing UAS & Gyro Stabilized Gimbals for Surveillance & Inspections

Fixed Wing UAS & Gyro Stabilized Gimbals for Surveillance & Inspections
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UKRSPECSYSTEMS is a provider of flexible, affordable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for both military and commercial applications. We provide both fixed-wing and multirotor drones, in addition to state-of-the-art support equipment such as ground control stations and gyro-stabilized gimbals.

PD-2 Fixed-Wing & VTOL UAS

Modular UAV with three easily-swappable configurations

PD-2 Fixed-Wing & VTOL UAS

The PD-2 UAS is a versatile modular UAV platform that is designed to fit the needs of a wide variety of both civilian and military applications. Fully tested to withstand durability, shock, vibration, temperature and harsh weather, the system is currently on active service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.PD-2 VTOL UAVThe system features three possible configurations – VTOL (vertical take-off and landing), fixed-wing with landing gear, and fixed-wing without landing gear. Conversion between modes takes less than 15 minutes, with no tools required.

PD-2 Fixed-Wing UASPD-2 engine moduleThe PD-2’s engine module is based around a 4-stroke 100cc gasoline engine that runs on regular A95 fuel and consumables that are available world-wide. A 500W electric generator powers all equipment on board and charges batteries during flight. The engine can be remotely started with the push of a button, and integrated sensors provide real-time status information such as RPM, temperature and fuel level.
EO/IR gimbals

The UAV can be equipped with a wide range of payloads, including UKRSPECSYSTEMS EO/IR gimbals with digital video stabilization and target tracking, as well as third-party sensors such as LiDAR, synthetic aperture radar, and cell phone trackers. Communication options include RF line-of-sight (LoS) datalink, 3G/LTE, and SATCOM.

Technical Specifications:

PD-2 VTOLVTOL PD-2 Fixed WingFixed-wing w/ landing gear PD-2 Fixed wing uavFixed-wing w/o landing gear
Wingspan 5m
MTOW 55 kg 55 kg 45 kg
Payload Capacity 11 kg 19 kg 11 kg
Endurance 8+ hrs 10+ hrs 10+ hrs
Max Altitude 4500 m 4700 m 5000 m
Takeoff & Landing From any location With runway Catapult launch & parachute recovery

PD-2 fixed wing UAV

Technical features:

Navigation lights – enhanced safety and collision prevention at night and in reduced-visibility conditions

Braking system – reduces distance required for runway landing

Autonomous flight – users can pre-plan the mission, setting required waypoints for automatic execution

ADS-B transponder – determines and broadcasts the UAV’s position for tracking and enhanced airspace safety

Anti-Jamming – secure encrypted connection and dual datalink system

Cargo delivery modules –UAV can deliver via a dropdown system in the fuselage or under the wings, or land for loading and unloading

Portable ground control station – robust GCS with network hub and tracking antenna for enhanced communication range

The PD-2 UAS is ideal for a range of both civilian and military applications, including:

  • ISTAR (intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance)
  • Oil and gas inspection
  • Firefighting
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Border control
  • Powerline and utility inspection

More information: PD-2 Fixed-Wing & VTOL UAS

PD-1 Fixed-Wing UAV

Modular Fixed Wing Drone for Surveillance

PD-1 Fixed-Wing UAV

The PD–1 UAV is multipurpose modular fixed-wing UAV designed for surveillance missions. It is a combat-proven solution and has been officially on service with Ukrainian Armed Forces since 2016, following two years of testing. During this time, the PD–1 UAV has demonstrated its performance capabilities, anti–jamming features, and overall effectiveness while being able to operate in harsh environments.

The PD–1 UAV is a lightweight, highly customizable platform available with a wide range of options to fit any type mission and operational environment.

Technical specifications:

  • MTOW: 40 kg
  • Payload capacity: 10 kg with full fuel tank
  • Wingspan: 4 m
  • Service ceiling: 3000 m
  • Flight time: 10 hours with 10 kg of payload and full tank of fuel
  • Telemetry link: 100 km
  • Live Full HD video: 100 km
  • Takeoff method: runway/catapult
  • Recovery: runway/parachute with airbag

PD-1 Fixed-Wing Drone

Fixed-Wing Surveillance Drone

Technical Features:

Modular design
Drone can be assembled and disassembled quickly (within 10 minutes). The system can be customized on-the-go, to fulfill mission requirements – easily add, remove or replace on-board equipment.

Reliable 4–stroke engine for more than 10 hours of endurance. Electronic Fuel Injection upgrade is available for maximum endurance (up to 30% fuel economy).

Engine sensors
Engine temperature, fuel level and RPM sensors as standard, providing detailed real-time information.

PD-1 Modular Fixed-Wing UAV

On–board generator
150 W on–board generator provides power for on-board equipment.

Refuel valve
Easy, safe and fast refuelling with electric fuel pump.

Carbon propeller
Durable and quiet.

Payload compartment
Size: 600 x 233 x 243 mm; volume: 30 L. With mounting plate designed to attach any payload.

Heavy-duty chassis module
Allows operation from unprepared locations.

Heated pitot-static tube
Designed for operations in winter and “icing” conditions (option).

Remote engine start
Engine can be started remotely or automatically restarted during flight.

Extended 12 L fuel tank
More fuel for long-endurance flights.

Navigation lights
Navigation lights as standard. Lights can be turned on and off remotely.

Catapult joints
Allows launch from pneumatic catapult launcher without any modifications.

Braking system
Braking system for chassis module reduces ride during runway landing and provides greater control over the aircraft.

4 servos V-tail and wings
Redundant servos for maximum reliability (option).

Flight controller features:
1. Automatic takeoff and landing.
2. Automatic flight by route.
3. Automatic return to home in case of GNSS signals loss.
4. GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation.
5. Trigger camera at specific locations.

PD-1 Fixed-Wing UAS VTOL Conversion Module

Hybrid VTOL Fixed-Wing Drone

PD-1 VTOL Fixed Wing UAV

The PD-1 VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) module is a conversion kit for the PD-1 UAV, allowing any PD–1 drone to be adapted to allow vertical take-off and landing. Four additional electric motors can be quickly installed on the fixed-wing drone, without having to return the platform to the factory – this upgrade can even be carried out in the field.

The VTOL module increases the wing span to 5 meters, and the maximum flight time is 8 hours with 7 kg of payload and a full tank of fuel.

With fully automatic take-off and landing functionality, the PD-1 VTOL UAV is easy to operate and ideal for maritime missions, particularly if the drone operates from a ship deck.

PD-1 VTOL Fixed Wing Drone

VTOL Fixed Wing Surveillance Drone

PD-1 VTOL Fixed Wing UAS

Drone Package Delivery Module

Payload/Package Delivery System for the PD-1 UAV

Drone Delivery System

Drone Package Delivery

We offer a unique package delivery module for the PD–1 UAV. It can carry a payload of up to 7 kg in one or separate containers, which can be dropped from the UAV by parachute during flight.  The container size and shape can be customized according to specific applications.

Applications include: 

  • Fast supplies and ammunition delivery to military units: container holds more than 500 pcs of standard .223 rifle cartridges;
  • Deliver medications to remove areas: container holds four P650 UN3373 packages;
  • Coast guard: carry two self–inflating lifesaving buoys to help people in need.

UAV Launchers and Catapults

Launch UAVs remotely, without runways

GLS-1A Pneumatic UAV Catapult Launcher

Pneumatic UAV Launching System

The GLS-1A is a pneumatic catapult designed to launch UAVs with a take-off weight of up to 40 kg at a speed of 17 m/s (61 km/h). Achieve launch speeds of up to 22 m/s (79 km/h) with lighter MTOW UAVs.

Powered by a gasoline generator, the GLS-1A pneumatic catapult is compatible with many UAV platforms, and allows drones to be launched from remote areas in various weather conditions, with an operating temperature range from -25° to +40° С.

Technical Specifications:

Maximum weight of launched UAV: 40 kg (@ 17 m/s)
Maximum launch speed: 22 m/s
Weight (configured for surveys): 28kg (minimum) 30 Kg (typical)
Range of ambient working temperatures: -25°/+40°C
Launch angle range of the rail relative to the ground: 10°-15°
Length (10° – 15°): 5.3 – 5.4 m
Width (10° – 15°): 1.6 – 2.3 m
Height (10° – 15°): 1.2 – 1.6 m
Launcher overall weight: 61 kg
Compressor station weight: 88 kg

Pneumatic Drone Catapult Launcher

Pneumatic UAV Catapult Launcher

SCL-1A: Bungee UAV launcher for fixed-wing drones

uav launcher system

Our SCL-1A UAV launcher system is designed for drones with a takeoff weight of up to 10 kg and a takeoff speed of 25 m/s (90 km/h). Capable of working under a variety of weather conditions, the launcher can be operated remotely with a cable of up to 100m in length and is powered by a lead-acid battery or a vehicle power supply.

The system can be transported, assembled and operated by just two people. Ukrspecsystems offers a comprehensive training course on the operation of the UAV launcher for all customers.

uav launcher
bungee uav launcher

Technical Specifications:

Maximum UAV weight 10 kg
Maximum launch speed 25 m/s
Launch angle 12°
Dimensions (Lx W x H) 3.85 x 1.43 x 1.2 m
Total system weight 60 kg
Maximum battery capacity 60 Ah
Maximum launches per battery charge 9

2-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Gimbals

Compact Imaging Gimbals for Fixed Wing & VTOL Drones

USG-400 Multipurpose UAV Gimbal


The USG-400 is a multipurpose 2-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal designed as a turnkey plug-and-play solution for Class 1 and Class 2 UAVs.

Featuring a Sony Full HD sensor with 30x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, an uncooled IR sensor with 5x optical zoom, and a laser rangefinder, it is ideal for a variety of applications such as search and rescue, firefighting and border control.

USG-400 ISR gimbalThe USG-400 can pan a full 360 degrees and features state-of-the-art onboard video processing for digital video stabilization, moving target tracking and video enhancement.

Technical details:

  • EO camera with 30x optical & 3x digital zoom
  • Uncooled thermal camera with 5x optical zoom
  • Advanced mission control software included
  • 360 degree pan, -90 to +45 degree tilt
  • IP65 rated
  • Dimensions 250 x 180 x 180 mm

USG-212 Multi-Sensor Gyro-Stabilized Gimbal

UKRspecsystems USG-212 EO-IR gimbal

Full HD EO/IR UAV Camera GimbalThe USG-212 is a multi-sensor gyro-stabilized gimbal equipped with a Sony Full HD 30x optical zoom block camera, and a 40mm IR camera that allows effective detection and tracking of targets even in low-visibility conditions. An optional on-board image processing unit adds advanced features such as target tracking, coordinate lock and video stabilization.

The ITAR-free unit is sealed and weather-proof in even the harshest of conditions. The integrated anti-vibration damping system ensures high image quality even at maximum optical zoom.

Full HD EO/IR Camera Gimbal for UAS
Full HD EO/IR Drone Camera Gimbal

Technical details

  • Day-view camera with 30x zoom
  • High quality thermal camera
  • Gyro-stabilized platform
  • Electronic image stabilization module for day-view camera
  • 360 degree view
  • All weather use
  • Height 266 mm, diameter 160 mm
  • Weight 2400 g

USG-211 2-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Gimbal

USG-211 Two-Axis Gyro-Stabilized GimbalThe USG-211 is a compact 2-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal for fixed-wing and multirotor UAV platforms.

Equipped with a Full HD 30x optical zoom Sony camera, with anti-fog and video enhancement features, the USG-211 gimbal captures high-quality imagery and can be used for a range of applications.

The USG-211 gimbal rotates 360 degrees, allowing targets to be tracked in any direction; and the sealed dome housing ensures the unit can be operated in harsh and extreme weather conditions.

Technical details

  • Day-view camera with 30x zoom
  • Gyro-stabilized platform
  • On-board video processing module
  • 360 degree view
  • All weather use
  • Height 266 mm, diameter 160 mm, weight 1100 g

UAV Engine Unit

Fully integrated propulsion module for UAS and drones

UAV Engine for dronesOur all-in-one UAV propulsion module combines an internal combustion engine with a 300W onboard electric generator, electric ignition and a variety of other essential subsystems.

It features one-button remote starting functionality as well as the ability to automatically restart the engine during flight.

The UAV engine system is provided as a single block for easy installation and maintenance, and is fully compatible with Pixhawk UAV autopilots right out of the box. A variety of built-in sensors, including fuel level, engine temperature, air temperature and RPM, provide real-time data for monitoring the status of the engine.

UAV Engine Unit for drones
UAV Engine

The UAV engine unit can be fully customized by Ukrspecsystems to suit your specific unmanned aircraft platform and mission requirements.

Technical Specifications:

RPM range 1500 – 6300
Fuel tank capacity 11 litres
Empty weight 7.8 kg
Power 7 hp
Displacement 6.1 cu. in. (100 cc)
Fuel type 95 Octane (RON)
Max altitude 5000 m
Battery capacity 5400 mAh

UAV Ground Tracking Antenna

Maximum communications range between drones & GCS

uav tracking ground antennaOur UAV Ground Tracking Antenna maximizes radio communication range between a drone and its ground control station, delivering high-quality stable comms and reliable HD video transmission. Featuring Silvus Technologies’ Streamcaster technology, the telescopic mast configuration grants 200km+, main and backup datalinks range and quadropod configuration grants 130 km.

The system features two communication channels to ensure maximum reliability, with one for telemetry and video transmission and the other for backup telemetry on another frequency. The precision tracking antenna is equipped with a built-in video camera for visual control over the drone at close to mid-range distances, and can be optionally equipped with a directional high-gain antenna.

drone uav tracking ground antenna
uav tracking antenna

Technical Specifications:

Data rates > 10 Mbps
Frequencies 433 MHz, 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz
(software selectable)
Azimuth rotation 360° continuous
Elevation rotation -30° to +90°
(spread out telescopic mast with antenna tracker)
3800 x 3800 x 5800 mm
(mast with antenna tracker)
200 kg
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