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Ukrainian Armed Forces Select UKRSPECSYSTEMS Camera Gimbals for UAVs

By Caroline Rees / 24 Jan 2017
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USG UAV GimbalsUKRSPECSYSTEMS, a supplier of unmanned aerial systems and stabilized UAV camera payloads, has confirmed that its family of stabilized camera payloads has been selected by Ukrainian Armed Forces for use on both fixed-wing and multirotor VTOL drones.

The drones have been used for reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition and enemy location monitoring. Equipped with both day-view and thermal cameras, the drones provide real-time video feedback to people on the ground.

“For the past few years we’ve been working closely with many commercial companies and government agencies around the world. Our gimbals are highly rated for their quality, features and affordable price” stated Jacob Cereteli from UKRSPECSYSTEMS.

He continued, “We’ve been working constantly to offer our clients a high quality product at an affordable price. Other similar solutions on the market are overpriced and do not offer features that customers expect from such products.”

The USG-212 is a dual-sensor gimbal designed for fixed-wing UAV and small manned aircrafts. It features both Full HD day-view camera with 30x optical zoom and high-performance (30 hz/640 by 512 resolution) thermal camera with 40 mm lens.

An optional on-board digital processing module provides additional features, such as digital video stabilization, target tracking, scene (coordinates) tracking, movement detection and much more. The durable chassis and sealed dome housing ensures the gimbal can be used on any UAV in all weather conditions.

The USG-211 is a single sensor 2-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal equipped with either a Full HD day-view camera or thermal camera with 35-40 mm lens. Its smaller size makes it suitable for applications where SWaP are critical factors – it can be installed either on fixed-wing or multi-rotor drones.

The USG-301 and USG-302 are 3-axis industrial-grade gimbals with a Full HD camera or dual-sensor Full HD and thermal cameras respectively. Specifically designed for commercial or industrial applications, such as VTOL drone inspections; both solutions are compatible with popular COTS data links and flight controllers.

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