Fixed Wing UAS & Gyro Stabilized Gimbals for Surveillance & Inspections
PD-2 UAS VTOL Fixed-Wing UAS One stop solution for military and civil applications
PD-2 UAS VTOL Fixed-Wing UAS

One stop solution for military and civil applications

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PD-2 UAS VTOL Fixed-Wing UAS

The PD-2 unmanned aerial system is a successor of the combat-proven PD-1 UAS.

PD-2 UAS – a ready-to-fly versatile modular solution designed for the execution of various missions in a wide geographic range and approved by militaries for militaries.

It is a trouble-free aggregate with a 5000 m service ceiling, and 10 hours average endurance. LiDAR, IMSI catcher, SAR radar, radio repeater, – these and more different payloads are compatible with PD-2 UAS.

Extended maximum payload weight: 500 W onboard generator and considerable payload compartment give the opportunity to use up to 19 kg payloads.

Versatility is a key. The PD-2 UAV is capable of changing airframe configuration on-the-go wherever you are within 15 minutes with no tools required.


Vertical takeoff and landing configuration (8+ hour endurance, takeoff & land from any location)

PD-2 Fixed-Wing UAS

Fixed-wing with landing gear (10+ hour endurance, takeoff and land using a runway)

Charge batteries during the flight: onboard generator automatically recharges all the batteries of the UAV during the flight (both onboard and VTOL).

The new ground control station supports two datalinks: main and backup with a 220+ km communication range.

The PD-2 UAS is capable of operating in harsh weather conditions from -25 °C to +50 °C, despite the rain, fog, wind, or mist.

PD-2 VTOLVTOL PD-2 Fixed WingFixed-wing with landing gear
Datalink connection 180+ km 180+ km
Wingspan 5m 4m
MTOW 55 kg 45 kg
Payload Capacity 11 kg 19 kg
Endurance 8+ hrs 10+ hrs
Max Altitude 4500 m 4700 m
Takeoff & Landing From any location With runway