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Alien-X VTOL drone for ISR & armed roles

VTOL drone for ISR & armed roles

Introducing AlienX, the colossal VTOL drone, featuring a 50kg MTOW and an endurance of up to 8 hours. It stands out among the other VTOL drones and features payload delivery at an astonishing cruise speed of 150 km/hr. The AlienX can also carry two MX-150 Xpear Loitering Munitions under the wings. Visit Website Contact

AlienX is Woot Tech’s largest hybrid VTOL drone. With a 10 kilogram payload capacity, it is ideal for drone delivery operations or for hosting advanced payloads for ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance).

The versatile UAV can operate in challenging wind conditions and highly confined spaces, and can even perform landings on the deck of a ship. It is capable of travelling long ranges of up to 1000 kilometers, at speeds of up to 150 km/hour.

The AlienX UAS is available in two versions – all-electric, or a hybrid powertrain with piston propeller.


Max Flight Endurance Up to 8 hours
Max Speed 150 km/h
Max Payload Capacity 10 kg
Max Flight Range 500 km
Max Altitude 3000 m
Communications Link Range 150 km
Video Transmission Range 100 km
Wind Speed Conditions 50 km/hr max