Long-Endurance Hybrid-Power Multirotor VTOL Drones

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Skyfront is a leading developer of hybrid power multirotor drones for autonomous aerial data gathering. Our long-endurance gas-electric UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) unlock the true economic potential of unmanned flight, providing enhanced efficiency and ease of use with the same exacting safety standards as manned aviation.

Perimeter 4 Quadcopter Drone

Long-range gas-electric quadcopter drone

Perimeter 4 Quadcopter Hybrid Gas Electric Drone

The Perimeter 4 is a gas-electric hybrid quadcopter built to surpass the flight time and range limitations of traditional drone mapping and surveying missions. Featuring a unique proprietary hybrid gasoline-electric propulsion system with electronic fuel injection and backup battery, the long-range quadcopter can achieve a maximum flight time of over five hours and a distance of 110 miles.

Gas electric endurance quadcopter droneThe Perimeter 4 can carry a wide variety of payloads of up to 8.8 lb (4 kg), making it a versatile platform capable of undertaking long-range, long-endurance missions for mapping, inspection, surveillance, military ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) and more.

Selected compatible state-of-the-art sensor payloads include:

  • Sony visual image and video cameras
  • SLANTRANGE and Micasense RedEdge precision agriculture multispectral sensors
  • Routescene and Phoenix LIDAR mapping systems
  • FLIR visual & thermal imaging sensors
  • Geometrics Magarrow magnetometry sensors.

With custom engine control and Pixhawk-based autopilot electronics, the Perimeter 4 features automatic takeoff and landing, autonomous waypoint navigation and specialised survey flight modes.

Gas electric quadcopter drone
Hybrid quadcopter drone with gimbal
Long range quadcopter drone

Perimeter 4 technical specifications:

Maximum Speed:36 mph (57 km/hr)
Cruise Ground Speed:22 mph (35 km/hr)
Maximum Endurance:5+ hours without payload
2+ hours with 5.5 lb (2.5 kg) payload
1+ hour with 7.7 lb (3.5 kg) payload
Maximum Expected Range:
(at cruise speed)
No Payload – 110 miles (177 km)
5.5 lb (2.5 kg) payload – 70 miles (112 km)
Dimensions:Arms removed: 2 feet x 2.66 feet (0.6 m x 0.81 m)
Ready to fly: 6.5 feet x 6.25 feet (2 m x 1.9 m)
Maximum Takeoff Weight:33 lb (15 kg)

Perimeter 8 Octocopter Drone

Long-endurance hybrid power octocopter drone

Long-endurance hybrid power octocopter drone

The Perimeter 8 is a hybrid power octocopter drone with the same long-range, long-endurance capabilities and intuitive operation as the Perimeter 4 but with a heavy-lift payload capacity of 12 lbs (5.5 kg). It also features full propeller, motor, and ESC redundancy, ensuring the safety of your high-value payloads and sensors.

Octocopter gas electric droneThe easy-to-assemble system can be deployed and airborne within five minutes, with fully automated engine operation and professional-grade GNSS navigation.

The engine can be started and stopped via the ground station, which also continuously monitors engine health information and fuel levels in real-time.

With the ability to quickly and easily field a broad range of leading professional payloads and sensors, the Perimeter 8 is an ideal choice for achieving industry-leading drone data and intelligence gathering in a single flight.

Quick assembly Octocopter Drone
Heavy-Lift Endurance Octocopter Drone