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Unmanned Systems Source
The Source for Unmanned Parts, Components, Systems and Accessories
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Unmanned Systems Source is an online supplier of UAV parts, components, systems, and more. We are a single source of supply and information that serves commercial, governmental, and public sectors, alike.

Built on more than 25 years of industry experience, Unmanned Systems Source is an innovative site. Buyers can shop top-tier products from industry-recognized manufacturers as well as find extensive product descriptions, technical data, specifications, and drawings.

An internal team of engineers is available to answer questions and help customers select the right products for their application.

Unmanned Systems and Components

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Unmanned Systems Source represents a number of UAV, sUAS, and multi-rotor manufacturers. Visitors can shop complete vehicles or customize one. We have the product to fit various budgets and applications.

We offer long-endurance fixed-wings with configurable payloads to heavy-lift multirotors for agricultural and cinematic applications. We also carry multi-functional drones for use in commercial and hobbyist applications.

Shop our complete line of vehicles: UAVs

RS-16 Unmanned Aircraft System

RS-16 Unmanned Aircraft System

Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Extended flight endurance | Heavy payload capacity | Configurable payloads | BLOS capabilities

Multi-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Medium flight endurance | Heavy lift capacity | Configurable payloads | LOS capabilities


30+ minute flight endurance | Ready-to-fly | Smaller payload capacity | LOS capabilities


Unmanned Systems Source offers a number of INS sensors from top-tier manufacturers. Shop our complete line of sensors – AHRS, INS, GPS, RTK, and more – to find the right one for your application.

These sensors are small, lightweight and with low power consumption. We also offer sensors for applications that demand Cm-level (RTK) and dm-level (PPP) position accuracy.

Shop more Sensors: Sensors

Unmanned Systems Source Sensor Range

RF Communications

We supply data-links, RF Filters, RF Frequency Converters, RF Power Amplifiers, RF Bi-Directional, RF Low-Noise Amplifiers, ATOM BUC Amplifiers, and more.

Engineers are available to help address each customer’s system specific RF Communication needs.

Shop our complete line of RF Communications: RF Communications

RF Communications for Unmanned Systems


Unmanned Systems Source provides a wide-selection of high performance antennas for your specific application. Shop everything from antennas for base station communications to aerodynamic omni antennas for UAV platforms.

We also offer inexpensive directional and tracking antenna solutions that have the capability to scale according to need. Plus, find magnetic and non-magnetic mount options, plus, mounting hardware.

Shop our complete line of Antennas: Antennas

Unmanned System Antennas

Ground Equipment

Remote operations are standard fair for anyone working within the unmanned industry. We offer UAV components, parts and systems needed to successfully complete your operations.

From Hand-held monitors and video receivers to portable ground control stations and customizable iMOCS, we have the products you need to work your particular environment.

Shop more Ground Equipment options: Ground Equipment

Ground Control Stations


Shop the products you need to outfit your mission with the exact cameras, filters and optics you need.

From complete hyperspectral imaging systems for both desktop and airborne applications to lightweight cameras with small footprints — we have what you need to complete your mission successfully. Unmanned Systems Source also carries lines of Bandpass Filters, Sapphire windows and more.

Shop more categories in Aerial Imaging: Imaging

UAV Imaging Systems


Engines, motors, LiPo batteries, propellers…. let us help you put your project in motion.

We offer heavy fuel and fuel injected engines for fixed-wing air vehicles; T-motors for VTOL and multi-rotor vehicles as well as a broad selection of LiPo batteries and propellers.

Find the propulsion solution right for your application.

UAV Engines

Shop more categories in Propulsion: UAV Engines | Motors | BatteriesUAV Propellers


We also sell a host of UAV components and peripherals to support your mission.

From laser altimeters and servos to radio controllers and rugged cases, we truly are a one-stop-shop for all things related to unmanned tech.

Payment options are easy and convenient, including: Net 30, major credit cards, Paypal, money transfers, wires, and more.

Shop one-stop convenience at Unmanned Systems Source…

Unmanned Systems Accessories

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