Tactical-Grade FOG-Based IMU for UAVs, Autonomous Vehicles & Pipelines

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Tactical-Grade FOG-Based IMU for UAVs, Autonomous Vehicles & Pipelines
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FIBERPRO is a leading developer of fiber optic-based inertial measurement solutions for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), drones and unmanned systems.

We strive to continually develop highly innovative technologies that solve our customers’ problems and meet the ever-changing demands of the fiber optic sensor market.

Fiber optic IMU

We are ISO 9001 qualified and pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art R&D capabilities and our extensive experience with in-house systems integration and manufacturing.

Our closed-loop FOG (fiber optic gyro) technology provides significantly enhanced performance over not only open-loop solutions but also other closed-loop FOG IMUs. With one of the best cost-to-performance ratios on the market, it features improved linearity, reduced bias drift and cancelling of phase shift.

FI 200C FOG-Based IMU

Tactical-grade IMU for UAVs and autonomous vehicles

The FI 200C is a tactical-grade fiber optic gyro IMU (inertial measurement unit) that provides high-accuracy velocity and angular rate data via a digital output.

3 axis imu autonomous vehicle

FI-200C FOG IMUIncorporating three axes of fiber optic gyros and three axes of MEMS accelerometers, our closed-loop FOG IMU features a bias repeatability of less than 0.5 degrees/hour over the full temperature range.

  • Bias Stability: 0.5 º/hr
  • Angle Random Walk: 0.03º/√hr
  • Weight: 790g

The environmentally-sealed unit contains no moving parts, ensuring low noise and a long operating lifecycle. Weighing less than 800g, operating on 5V, and consuming just 5W of power, it is ideal for the low SWaP (size, weight and power) requirements of drones and autonomous vehicles.

The ITAR-free FI 200C provides industry-leading levels of accuracy and reliability at an extremely competitive cost, giving it a highly advantageous price-to-performance ratio compared to other tactical-grade IMUs currently available on the market.


Dimensions (diameter x height) 88.9 × 84.5mm
Weight 790g
Power Consumption 5.5W
Gyro Bias Stability 0.5 deg/hr
Gyro Scale Factor Accuracy < 100 ppm
Gyro ARW 0.025 deg/√hr
Accelerometer Bias Repeatability 1 mg
Accelerometer Scale Factor Accuracy < 300 ppm
Acceleration Range 10g
Sampling Rate 400 Hz (2 kHz available upon request)

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FI 200P FOG-Based IMU

Highest-accuracy IMU for UAVs

FI-200C FOG IMUThe FI 200P is an advanced version of our FI 200C fiber optic gyro IMU, featuring enhanced accelerometer capabilities for extreme high-accuracy stabilization and control.

The ITAR-controlled FOG IMU is ideal for tactical UAVs, camera and payload stabilization, motion compensation, and incorporation into AHRS (attitude and heading reference systems).


Dimensions (diameter x height) 88.9 × 84.5mm
Weight 900g
Power Consumption 5W
Gyro Bias Stability 0.5 deg/hr
Gyro Scale Factor Accuracy < 100 ppm
Gyro ARW 0.025 deg/√hr
Accelerometer Bias Repeatability 300 μg
Accelerometer Scale Factor Accuracy 200 ppm
Acceleration Range 10g
Sampling Rate 400 Hz (1 kHz available upon request)

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FG 150 Fiber Optic Gyroscope

Single-axis FOG gyro for stabilization and positioning

FG 150 Fiber Optic GyroscopeThe FG 150 is a high-performance single-axis FOG gyro designed for accurate stabilization and positioning applications.

Weighing just 160 grams and measuring 60 x 60 x 25 mm, the compact gyro is ideal for SWaP-limited drone platforms and robotic vehicles.


Dimensions (diameter x height) 60 x 60 x 25 mm
Weight 160g
Power Consumption 3.5W
Bias Repeatability <1 deg/hr
Scale Factor Accuracy < 1000 ppm
ARW 0.05 deg/√hr
Measurement Range Up to 1000 deg/sec
Data Rate Up to 2 kHz



The FI200C is a low power IMU ideal for a range of critical UAV applications, including flight control, antenna stabilization, and navigation, and is also an essential component for inertial navigation systems (INS). 

uav imu

FOG based IMU

Underwater ROVs

The FI 200C is a high performance, low power IMU that provides accurate positioning and attitude data that aids navigation, stability and control for ROVs operating in challenging marine and maritime environments.

Mapping & Surveying

Our 3-axis IMUs provide critical stabilization for UAV and mobile mapping platforms, enabling high-precision data to be captured that can be used to create accurate deliverables.

Low power IMU

high performance imu

Autonomous Vehicles

The FI 200C’s high-accuracy data can be used by an INS to calculate position and velocity data that allows autonomous vehicles to navigate precisely, even during satellite outages or in GNSS-denied environments such as tunnels and urban canyons.


Our high-accuracy fiber optic IMU can be used for precision pipeline position estimation, enabling easy maintenance and analysis operations such as identification of unwanted movement and bending strain.



Able to withstand the rigours of space, the FI200C is a tactical-grade FOG IMU that has been incorporated into orbital satellites, providing precise data that enables platform positioning and orientation.

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