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High Accuracy AHRS, Tracking and Orientation Sensor Modules for GPS-Denied Navigation

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PNI Sensor
High Accuracy AHRS, Tracking and Orientation Sensor Modules for GPS-Denied Navigation
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PNI Sensor is the major navigation product and technology company that specializes in providing highly accurate, precise position and navigation data to guide unmanned systems. By fusing of proprietary sensor data with proven proprietary algorithms and Edge AI, PNI’s family of products deliver stunningly reliable navigation data for use in unmanned vehicles in the air, on the ground, in and under water and, importantly, in GPS-denied environments.

Many of today’s leading companies are using PNI modules in their marquee products and across a wide spectrum of applications, including UAVs robotics, targeting, surveying and oceanography.

PNI Sensor clients

Compare our inertial sensors below to see which best meets your needs. And if you need something custom-made, please let us know how we can best help you. When you need unparalleled accuracy for mission critical performance across a wide range of demanding conditions and environment, you’ll find your answer at PNI.

Digital Magnetic Compass and Orientation Modules

Digital Compass & AHRS Modules

Prime Pro Digital Magnetic Compass

Low power, high accuracy and cost-effective digital compass

Prime Pro Digital Magnetic CompassPrime Pro is a low-SWaP digital magnetic compass that provides accurate heading, pitch, and roll data, enabling precise navigation even in GPS- and GNSS-denied environments. With heading accuracy of 1º and tilt accuracy of 0.5º, it is ideal for applications such as laser rangefinders and ADCPs (acoustic Doppler current profilers).

The miniature compass is half the size of the standard Prime, and features an extremely low typical current draw of just 9.5mA. It can be easily integrated into larger systems via the serial UART communications interface.

NaviGuider Sensor Module

Inertial guidance module for UAVs, UUVs and robotics

NaviGuider inertial guidance sensor moduleNaviGuider is an inertial sensor-based orientation system that combines a tightly-fused magnetic sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope together with an advanced edge AI sensor coprocessor. The extremely low-power system enables computational work to be offloaded from the host processor, freeing it up for other tasks.

The modules are ready right out of the box, preprogrammed with a suite of cutting-edge military-grade algorithms including continuous hard and soft-iron magnetic auto-calibration, magnetic anomaly compensation, and sensor fusion.

With a small form factor, convenient UART interface and ASCII-based communication protocol, NaviGuiders are easily integrated into a variety of systems including UAVs and underwater gliders. The system is also available with an I²C interface on a surface-mountable PCBA.

TRAX2 AHRS and Digital Compass Module

Unparalleled heading accuracy even in GPS-denied environments

PNI Sensor TRAX2 AHRS and Digital Compass ModuleTRAX2 is a high-accuracy AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System) and digital compass sensor that provides superior heading and orientation under a wide range of demanding conditions – indoors or outdoors, static or dynamic, in canyons or under dense canopy, or in GPS-denied environments.

Combining PNI’s high-sensitivity magneto-inductive sensors with high-stability 3-axis MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers, TRAX2 provides accurate heading, pitch and roll information under dynamic motion – even when GPS in unavailable or compromised.

The module can be operated in two modes – AHRS or digital compass.

Magnetic Sensors

RM3100 Geomagnetic Sensor

Precise geomagnetic field sensor

The RM3100 geomagnetic sensor provides precise compass heading and magnetic field measurements for drones, robotics, manned and unmanned vehicles.

RM3100 geomagnetic sensorBased on our proprietary magneto-inductive sensor technology, which provides high resolution, low power consumption, no hysteresis, large dynamic range, and high sampling rates, the RM3100 is ideal for applications requiring precise compass heading and precise magnetic field measurements. It delivers over 10 times better resolution and over 20 times lower noise than leading Hall Effect sensors and measurements are highly stable over both temperature free of offset drift.

The RM3100’s high sensor sample rate and precise magnetic field measurements enable accurate sensor fusion algorithm development for any application.

Targeting & Tracking Modules

Headway Targeting Module

High-accuracy heading with no in-field calibration

Headway Targeting ModuleHeadway is a cost-effective low-SWaP inertial module that delivers heading data down to 1-degree accuracy in both static and dynamic conditions. Featuring state-of-the-art MEMS inertial sensors and AI-based sensor fusion algorithms, it needs no in-field calibration.

The ultra-compact sensor module is extremely low-power and is highly resistant to shock and fluctuations in temperature. It can be easily integrated into targeting systems and unmanned vehicle and robotic platforms.


Low-SWaP targeting compass with 0.25º north-finding accuracy

TargetPoint3 Low-SWaP targeting compassTargetPoint3 is a self-contained targeting compass module that delivers consistent and accurate heading data, with a north-finding accuracy as low as 0.25º. The system provides alerts of heading accuracy by degree, enabling users to gain more functionality before recalibration is required.

The compact and shockproof compass module features an extremely low current draw, and is ideal for military drone and unmanned systems applications, including target location and laser rangefinding.



Our SWaP-optimized attitude and heading and sensor fusion technologies are ideal for the high accuracy and precision requirements of UAVs and drones, providing orientation and navigation capabilities even in GPS-denied environments.


UGVs & Land Robotics

Our precision orientation sensors and motion tracking products have been integrated into several advanced UGV designs, including Qinetiq’s Talon bomb disposal robot and the iRobot Packbot tactical multi-mission platform.

Surface Vessels

Our sensors provide heading, pitch, roll and motion tracking for unmanned surface vessels operating in rough waters, enabling applications such as submarine detection and environmental monitoring.

Underwater Robotics

We provide underwater navigation solutions for ROVs, UUVs and AUVs used for critical naval defense applications such as mine detection and disposal, reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare (ASW).

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