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Drone Camera Gimbals, Mounts & Stabilizers - Custom and COTS Gimbals

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Drone Camera Gimbals, Mounts & Stabilizers - Custom and COTS Gimbals
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HD Air Studio is a leading developer and manufacturer of custom drone gimbal stabilizers, designed to meet the unique requirements of aerial cinematography, inspections, and other commercial and industrial applications.Custom drone camera gimbal for aerial filming

In addition to single prototype units, we provide a complete design, testing and production service, including small-scale production of gimbals. We also offer a range of off-the-shelf camera gimbal stabilizers and a foldable octocopter UAS. All our solutions are designed, assembled and supported from our headquarters in Poland, EU.

Custom Gimbals for UAS

Gimbal camera mounts for unmanned aerial systems

We create perfectly matched UAV gimbal camera solutions for unique applications and mission requirements.

With extensive experience in developing for the broadcast, energy & utilities, mining, logistics, and surveying industries, we can provide you with a bespoke solution when nothing else on the market suits your needs.

Drone camera stabilizer

Enhanced capabilities with Serial API

All HD Air Studio gimbals fully support Serial API, which allows the controller to communicate with the gimbal’s on-board computer and perform commands defined by the gimbal operator. With Serial API, sophisticated functionality such as active object tracking can be performed, during both remotely-piloted and automated drone missions.

Custom multi-sensor gimbal development

Gimbal for radar

Gimbal for radar

We can design custom gimbals that house two or three different sensor types, such as thermal cameras, LiDAR scanners, FPV cameras, lasers, or radars, allowing users to capture more data in a single flight.

All multi-sensor gimbals are designed to achieve an optimal lift-to-weight ratio, allowing you to enhance data collection efficiency which impacting flight time as little as possible. Gimbal enclosures can also be seamlessly fitted with IP65-rated protection against low-pressure water jets, condensation and spray.

Custom drone gimbal for thermal sensor

Customization Options

Our expert engineering team is highly skilled in a range of production technologies, including CNC machining, FDM and 3D printing. We can design and manufacture any gimbal camera stabilizer according to your specifications, with adjustable parameters including:

  • Size: the gimbal size can be adjusted to suit the sensor and the drone platforms
  • Materials: we can suggest a variety of materials according to particular applications
  • Motors: we select high quality motors that will carry any payload
  • Sliprings: motor sliprings can be customized with number and diameter of wires
  • Weatherproofing: we can design your gimbal to be resistant to water, dust and humidity
  • Anti-vibration: we can ensure that your gimbal will be unaffected by even the smallest of vibrations

Drone camera mount

Step-by-Step Custom Gimbal Development

We undergo a comprehensive development process to create your custom drone camera mount and gimbal solutions, with every step carried out according to the strictest of quality requirements.Custom drone gimbal camera stabilizer for QX30

  1. Project Analysis – we gather your requirements and the specifics of your drone platform and application, and create a precise product specification
  2. Prototyping – we undertake all electrical, mechanical and software engineering under one roof, rigorously test the prototype, and adjust as necessary
  3. Final Production – we work with you to ensure that the final product meets and even exceeds your needs in terms of functionality and appearance
  4. Onboarding & Evaluation – we provide you with all required information and documentation, and continue to evaluate the solution in the field and suggest improvements

Custom Gimbal Applications

custom gimbal for inspectionsAutonomous Inspection

We have developed high-performance custom gimbals that allow users to gather vibration-free video footage for autonomous inspections of critical infrastructure, wind turbines, offshore oil & gas platforms, and more.

Opting for a custom gimbal stabilizer, ensures compatibility with an existing drone platform and allows different sensors to be selected depending on the project requirements and environmental factors.

Our gimbals are fully compatible with third-party software, allowing you to easily perform tasks such as real-time data retrieval, live object tracking, and parameter adjustment.

Learn more about the custom Canon 5D gimbal developed for wind turbine inspections >>

custom gimbal aerial filmmakingAerial Broadcasting & Film-Making

Our custom gimbals for aerial film and video production allow you to capture undisturbed 4K footage even with long lenses, with excellent resistance to electromagnetic radio interferences often present in TV & film studios.

We developed a heavy-lift gimbal for a Sony P50 box camera, with wireless zoom-focus control, for a filming agency. Designed to work seamlessly on a 3D cable system, the gimbal was designed with a long operation time on a single battery allowing it to work smoothly throughout the duration of the shoot.

Custom multi-sensor gimbal development

Robotics and R&D Projects

We can deliver unique stabilizing gimbal solutions designed from the ground up for innovative projects such as robotic eyes. Gimbals are programmable via SimpleBGC and ROS (Robot Operating System) software.

Learn more about the custom gimbal developed for maritime search and rescue teams >>

Find out more about our custom UAV gimbal camera solutions for unique applications and mission requirements

COTS Drone Gimbal Stabilizers

Infinity MR-Pro

Lightweight DSLR drone gimbal with 360-degree pan

DSLR drone gimbal

The Infinity MR-Pro is a lightweight UAV gimbal camera stabilizer with powerful motors that is ideal for carrying a wide range of DSLR cameras. Featuring unlimited 360-degree pan rotation, the DSLR drone gimbal can be attached to either the top or underside of the drone.

More information: Infinity MR-Pro – DSLR Stabilizer >

Infinity MR-S2

Ultra-precise gimbal for mirrorless cameras

mirrorless gimbal camera mount

The Infinity MR-S2 is a robust, lightweight gimbal camera mount with an impressive weight-to-carry ratio. The unit weighs just 600g and can carry cameras weighing up to 800g.

Designed with reinforced materials, encoders on all axes, and high-torque motors the gimbal provides precise camera stabilization.

More information: Infinity MR-S2 >

Foldable Octocopter Drone

Sonda X8 UAS

Foldable multi-mission X8 octocopter

Sonda Coaxial X8 Multirotor with aerial gimbal underslung

Sonda Multipurpose Coaxial X8 Multirotor folded

The Sonda X8 is a versatile octocopter UAS with coaxial rotors and a convenient folding design. With the ability to carry a variety of different cameras and other payloads, the multirotor UAV is ideal for a range of missions, including BVLOS flights.

More information: Sonda X8 Octocopter >

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