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UAS Type Certification: Connection Confidence as an Essential Component

Elsight discusses the use of the FAA’s Type Certification process as a method of facilitating growth in the drone industry, approving UAV design similarly to aircraft in manned aviation Feature Article by Elsight
UAS Type Certification: Connection Confidence as an Essential Component
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Elsight recognises that the current shift happening in the commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry means that prior regulations put in place to ensure public safety are too limiting. Read more >>

The continuous expansion of the industry means that operators have reached the limits of what is possible under these regulations.

A need for additional or expanded capabilities, for example beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) automated operations and flights to be made legal, is growing fast pace.

To facilitate growth in the drone industry, the FAA has introduced a Type Certification process. This is an approval of an aircraft’s design, including all components, based upon a set of airworthiness criteria.

It has been used for many years in manned aviation, but has only recently been adopted by the FAA to create a version applicable to the needs of UAS.

In the full article, Elsight goes on to discuss:

  • The FAA waiver process – a first step towards advanced drone operations
  • Type certification – a more suitable process for scaling up
  • Airobotics’ fully automated drone-in-a-box system
  • Cellular communications for safe BVLOS and urban drone operations
  • How Halo helped Airobotics achieve its unprecedented milestone

Elsight’s Halo is a lightweight and compact cellular connectivity solution that can be easily integrated into almost any drone platform.

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