Low SWaP Remote ID Modules & Remote ID Compliance for UAV Pilots & OEMs

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Low SWaP Remote ID Modules & Remote ID Compliance for UAV Pilots & OEMs
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Dronetag is a leading developer of Remote ID modules for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) pilots and OEMs, with the best battery life and lowest SWaP (size, weight and power) footprints on the market. With solutions for retrofitting existing aircraft as well as for integration into new designs, our products ensure compliant drone operations around the world, helping to pioneer UTM (unmanned traffic management) capabilities for safer airspaces.

professional Remote ID module

We offer more than just Remote ID compliance – our products also include a variety of unique features including data storage, flight synchronization, versatile configuration capabilities, autostart function, and more. In addition to broadcasting, our modules also enable the receiving and visualization of Remote ID data.

Dronetag was the first company to achieve the FAA’s Declaration of Compliance for Remote ID modules, and we are recognised as a trusted supplier by the EASA. We have also been accepted into NATO’s DIANA accelerator program for the development of innovative dual-use commercial and defense technologies.

Dronetag Mini

Smallest and lightest Broadcast/Direct & Network Remote ID solution

Dronetag MiniBroadcast/Direct & Network Remote ID solution is the smallest and lightest professional Remote ID module on the market. Featuring both Broadcast/Direct and Network Remote ID capabilities, it can be attached to any drone via a strong reclosable dual-lock fastener, and offers up to 14 hours of battery life. The versatile solution also includes a built-in multi-constellation GNSS receiver as well as sensors for pressure altitude measurement and motion detection.

The unit can transmit all required Broadcast/Direct Remote ID information via Bluetooth at ranges of up to 3 km. Data can also be transmitted to our cloud service to fulfil Network Remote ID requirements, and flight history is viewable through the Dronetag app.

More information: Dronetag Mini professional Remote ID module

Dronetag Beacon

Basic compliance solution for worldwide Remote ID requirements

Dronetag Beacon Remote ID compliance add-on moduleDronetag Beacon is an add-on module that provides instant compliance with US (Broadcast) and EU (Direct) Remote ID regulations, and is also suitable for use in any countries using ASD-STAN or ASTM standards. Weighing just 17 grams, it can be easily integrated into virtually any drone.

Beacon integrates a multi-constellation GNSS receiver for robust and reliable positioning, as well as a pressure altitude sensor and accelerometer. It offers up to 16 hours of battery life and can also be powered by the drone.

More information: Dronetag Beacon Remote ID compliance add-on module

Dronetag BS

Affordable Remote ID solution for recreational pilots

Dronetag BSAffordable Remote ID solution is an ultraminiature Remote ID solution designed specifically to enable FPV drone pilots, model aircraft hobbyists and other recreational fliers to easily comply with regulations without sacrificing payload. Weighing just 1 gram, the compact board-level device can be fixed in place with double-sided tape or velcro, and requires only power from the drone or additional battery, plus external antennas for Bluetooth and GNSS.

The device features internal flash memory that can store a few hours of flight data for post-flight export. Settings changes and firmware upgrades can be performed via our mobile app without the need to remove Dronetag BS from the aircraft.

More information: Dronetag BS affordable Remote ID solution

Dronetag DRI

Smallest Direct & Broadcast Remote ID solution for OEMs

Direct & Broadcast Remote ID solutionThe Dronetag DRI module allows OEMs of Standard Remote ID (US) and C-class (EU) drones to easily integrate compliant RID technology into their designs. Requiring only a single cable to connect, Dronetag DRI is compatible with all standard Pixhawk controllers running PX4 or Ardupilot out of the box, and we can also customize the board-level module to suit unique requirements and custom firmware.

Dronetag DRI is available with an internal antenna for easy plug-and-play integration, or with a U.FL connector that allows you to add your own selected antenna.

More information: Dronetag DRI Direct & Broadcast Remote ID solution

Dronetag App

Multiplatform app for device setup & flight planning

Dronetag Remote ID appOur optional multiplatform Dronetag web and mobile app provides a wide range of functionality and allows users to get the most out of the Dronetag ecosystem. The easy-to-use software allows you to set up and manage your Dronetag devices, plan flights, store and retrieve flight data, and more. Operators in the European Union can also upload their UAS Operator ID in compliance with the latest EU regulations.

More information: Dronetag App

Drone Scanner remote ID Mobile appDrone Scanner

Mobile app for receiving and displaying Remote ID data

Drone Scanner is an airspace surveillance app that allows users to receive Remote ID information transmitted by drones via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Featuring an intuitive map interface, the app displays available real-time data on nearby drones, including altitude, heading, pilot information, and location history.

The app is available for iOS and Android, and is continually updated to keep pace with the latest European and US drone regulations.

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