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NATO Selects Dronetag for DIANA Program

Dronetag is set to receive funding from the Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) to advance its cutting-edge technologies, specifically designed for enhancing safety and efficiency in the European airspace By William Mackenzie / 13 Dec 2023
NATO Selects Dronetag for DIANA Program
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Dronetag, a leading developer of Remote ID modules for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) pilots and OEMs, has been accepted for the Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA). 

Spearheaded by NATO, DIANA utilizes its acceleration program and network of test centers to facilitate collaboration between startups, operational end users, scientists, and systems integrators.

Dronetag say that while DIANA operates under the auspices of NATO, it is committed to ensuring widespread and positive impacts of its advancements in both military and civilian spheres.

Companies accepted into the DIANA accelerator program receive:

  1. Grants to support technology development and demonstration, along with participation in the DIANA accelerator program.
  2. Access to 10+ accelerators across the Alliance, with additional ones planned for the future.
  3. Utilization of 90+ test centers (with more in the pipeline) across the Alliance, allowing entrepreneurs to de-risk, demonstrate, and validate their proposed dual-use technological solutions.
  4. Mentoring from a diverse group, including scientists, engineers, industry partners, end users, and government procurement experts.
  5. Connection to an investor network associated with the Allied Capital Community for reliable third-party funding.
  6. Opportunities to showcase technology in operational environments.
  7. Pathways to enter the market within the NATO enterprise and 31 Allied markets.

The collaboration aims to advance impactful deep tech solutions with dual-use applications for the Alliance. 

Dronetag add that it is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, and look forward to leveraging the DIANA platform to propel its innovations to new heights, contributing to a safer and more technologically advanced future.

Dronetag say that the upcoming workshops in Tallinn, Estonia provide a unique platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the exploration of groundbreaking ideas which will define the trajectory of unmanned aircraft technology. 

Emerging Disruptive Technologies:

The evolving landscape of emerging and disruptive technologies is transforming how the Alliance operates during periods of peace, crisis, and conflict. To enhance NATO’s technological capabilities, Allied nations are collaborating with the private sector to adopt and integrate new technologies while shaping standards.

Within various technology domains, DIANA will concentrate on big data, artificial intelligence (AI), autonomy, quantum, biotechnologies and human enhancement, energy and propulsion, novel materials, advanced manufacturing, and space. The focus is specifically on technologies that are dual-use (civilian and defense) and deep tech in nature, with the potential to address complex defense and security challenges.

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