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Drone Test Stands for Motor & Propeller Testing, Wind Generators for Free-Flight & Drone Resistance Tests

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Drone Test Stands for Motor & Propeller Testing, Wind Generators for Free-Flight & Drone Resistance Tests
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Tyto Robotics is a leading developer of professional test equipment for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and drones. Our drone motor and propeller test stands, along with our state-of-the-art wind tunnel testing technology, allow unmanned aircraft manufacturers to create highly optimized and efficient drone platforms.

drone test stand

drone motor testing

All our drone test stands are bundled with our advanced RCbenchmark data acquisition software, allowing you to easily and intuitively control the stand, log data, and automate testing.

rotor testing software

The software provides the ability to manually control ECS throttle with a slider, and to change the blade pitches of your propellers. Data can be plotted on-screen in real time, and exported to .CSV files for further processing.

Powerful scripting capabilities allow you to run any kind of automated test, including ramped endurance tests, pass/fail quality control, and RPM data capture.

Series 1585 Drone Test Stand

Professional propulsion testing for small- and medium-sized drones

quadcopter test stand

The Series 1585 is a professional test stand that allows you to measure and characterize anything you need to know about your drone’s propulsion system, including thrust, torque, voltage, current, motor rotation speed, vibration, and efficiency.

With enhanced dynamic response, greater power capacity, and increased electrical noise immunity, it allows you to optimize flight time, payload and reliability for quadcopter, multirotor and fixed-wing drone designs.

drone motor test

The turnkey solution provides everything you need to begin testing right out of the box. It includes a built-in precision ohmmeter for motor winding resistance measurement, and features expansion ports for additional sensors such as temperature, airspeed and optical RPM probes. The included motor mounting plate allows you to test any small- to medium-sized brushless motors.

motor test stand

drone motor test stand


Max Thrust 5 kgf
Max Torque 1.5 Nm
Max Voltage 50V
Max Continuous Current 55A
Max Force Measurement rate Up to 80 Hz

More information: Series 1585 Drone Test Stand

Series 1780 Drone Test Stand

Motor and propeller test stand for large dronespropeller test stand

The Series 1780 is an ideal all-in-one solution for characterizing the propulsion systems large drones, allowing you to find the most efficient motor/propeller combination for your platform.

The stand supports single or coaxial motor testing in several configurations, and comes in three different sizes (25, 40 and 75 kgf) to suit a range of testing needs.

Rotor configurations include:

  • Single-rotor – optimize classic quadcopter and fixed-wing designs
  • Back-to-back coaxial rotors – for coaxial quad-copters, hexacopters and octocopters
  • Face-to-face coaxial rotors – test two propellers simultaneously without distance restrictions
  • Face-to-face offset rotors – compare multiple coaxial designs

brushless motor test stand

The RCbenchmark Series 1780 can be used to test and characterize the efficiency of your propellers, optimizing diameter, pitch, and material. The 75 kgf variant allows you to test propellers up to 70 inches (1.70 meters) in diameter.

rotor testing standThe test stand’s load cell has been specially designed for brushless drone motor and propeller testing, with a mounting plate that supports all varieties of electric motors.

The load cells have been mounted in a tripod configuration to maximize space and optimize aerodynamic properties, and can measure up to 75 kgf of thrust and 48 Nm of torque per propeller.


Max Thrust 25 kgf 40 kgf 75 kgf
Max Torque 12 Nm 18 Nm 48 Nm
Max Voltage 60V 60V 100V
Max Continuous Current 100A 150A 500A
Max Angular Speed 190k RPM 190k RPM 100k RPM

More information: Series 1780 Drone Test Stand

Windshapers – Wind Tunnel Testing for Drones

Wind tunnel models for aircraft and UAV characterization

aircraft wind tunnel testing

Our Windshapers are modular, scalable open air wind generators that are fully customizable to meet your testing needs. Based on blocks of nine fans measuring 10 by 10 inches, Windshapers allow you to easily perform free flight tests in your own lab.

Drone wind resistance test

The included software allows you to control each fan individually, simulating conditions found in the real world. Additional test capabilities can be added including weather effects, a motion capture system, or tilting mechanisms.

Drone wind tunnel modeling

20 x 20 inches

low speed wind tunnel testing For Drones

30 x 60 inches

low speed wind tunnel For Drone Testing

80 x 80 inches

Drone wind tunnel test

120 x 120 inches

Series 1585 Education Kit

Propulsion testing for STEM education and laboratory classes

The RCbenchmark Series 1585 Education Kit provides students with everything they need to get started on learning about propulsion testing and the theory of brushless motors and propellers.rotor testing Education Kit

Ideal for laboratory classes, the kit includes:

  • RCbenchmark Series 1580/1585 test stand
  • Five propellers
  • Two brushless motors
  • One ESC
  • One security cage
  • RCbenchmark software

We have also provided two laboratory coursewares that will guide students through the process of testing different motors and propellers.

More information: Series 1585 Education Kit

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