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Brushless Servo Motor Actuator Systems for Uncrewed Aircraft/Drones & Marine Robotics

MKS Servos
Brushless Servo Motor Actuator Systems for Uncrewed Aircraft/Drones & Marine Robotics
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MKS Servos (MARK STAR Servo-tech) is a leading developer of brushless servo actuators for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), drones and unmanned systems. Our drone servo motors are designed to deliver maximum torque, speed and efficiency in a low-SWaP package, and are manufactured to strict ISO9001:2016 quality standards.

brushless servo actuators

Zeus Servo ActuatorsZeus Servos

Waterproof servos for drone, aerospace & robotics applications

Our Zeus servo motors are the actuator of choice for a wide variety of unmanned systems, from large high-altitude uncrewed aircraft through to miniature robotic submarines.  The heavy-duty servos can be customized for any output angle range up to 360 degrees, with a choice of PWM, RS-485, CAN 2.0 or DroneCAN communications protocols.

drone actuator

Drone servo motor

Waterproof servo

Our aerospace actuators are equipped with advanced over-temperature protection to prevent overloading, and also feature feedback mechanisms for position, temperature, current, voltage, speed and torque. All units undergo a thorough test regime to MIL-STD-810G environmental and MIL-STD-461G EMI military standards.

waterproof actuator

Z900 Series (9mm)
Lightweight servo motor for small drones & UUVs

Weighing in at just 9 grams, the Z900 Series servos are ideal for ailerons and flight control surfaces of small UAVs. The compact and waterproof actuators are also highly suited to small unmanned and autonomous underwater marine vehicles.

high speed actuator

Z1100 Series (10mm)
High-speed actuator for glider UAVs

The Z1100 Series features a lightweight and thin construction for space-constrained vehicles. With high torque of up to 10kg-cm, it is ideal for high-speed unmanned gliders. This servo was selected for a record-breaking remote-control aircraft that reached speeds of 870km/hr.

servo actuator for industrial applications

Z1500 Series (15mm)
Heavy duty servo actuator for industrial applications

The high-reliability Z1500 Series has been designed for ultra-long lifespan applications, surviving operational tests of over 2000 hours with a rated load of 3kg-cm. It is the ideal heavy-duty actuator industrial robotics and drone applications.

drone servo motor with DualCAN

Z1538 Series (15mm)
Ultra-long lifespan servo motor with DualCAN

The Z1538 Series is ideal for hard-wearing applications, tested for over 2000 hours with a load of 3kg-cm. The miniature servo actuator incorporates a dual CAN bus communications interface, enabling flexible switching of command and feedback channels.

Rugged aircraft flight control actuator

Z2300 Series (23mm)
Rugged aircraft flight control actuator

The Z2300 Series features a rugged design with a hardened gearbox and high-performance multi-pole brushless motors. It is ideal for applications requiring load application over extended periods of time, such as in long-endurance fixed-wing drones.

high speed servo

P500 Series (25mm)
High-speed servo motor for unmanned helicopters

The P500 Series of servo actuators delivers fast reaction times and instantaneous high levels of torque. It is ideal for applications such as unmanned helicopters that require rapid response for high-speed steering.

aerospace actuators

P1000 Series (38mm)
UAV & aerospace actuator with “black box” recording

The P1000 Series incorporates sophisticated self-protection mechanisms that prevent damage to the internal workings of the actuator, ensuring maximum safety and reliability for UAVs in flight. The servos also feature patented “black box” technology that records voltage, current, temperature and the state of the integrated three-axis gyroscope, enabling more detailed investigations in the event of an accident.

high torque servo

Z4200 Series (42mm)
High-torque servo actuator for landing gears and throttles

The Z4200 Series provides high torque output in a robust impact-resistant housing. It is designed for low-speed yet high-power applications such as UAV landing gears and throttles.

Comparison Table:

Z900 Z1100 Z1500 Z1538 Z2300 P500 P1000 Z4200
Size 9mm 11mm 15mm 15mm 23mm 25mm 38mm 42mm
Torque 0.3 Nm 0.9 Nm 2 Nm 2 Nm 10 Nm 7 Nm 70 Nm 30 Nm
Input Voltage 3.7-6 VDC 4.5-8.4 VDC 7-15 VDC 7-15 VDC 16-30 VDC 9-15 VDC 16-30 VDC 16-30 VDC

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