Chassis Enclosures & Backplanes: COTS & Custom Rackmount, ATR & VPX Chassis Designs
716 Series Conduction-cooled 3U & 6U ATR chassis
716 Series

Conduction-cooled 3U & 6U ATR chassis

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716 Series

The 716 Series of lightweight ATR (Air Transport Rack) enclosures provides a range of rugged solutions for UAV and drone avionics and computing requirements for applications such as ISR, electronic warfare, SIGINT, and radar.

Available in 3U or 6U form factors, the conduction-cooled chassis support a wide range of architectures, including VPX, VME, VME64x, VXS, and CompactPCI. The modular power supply can be configured with AC or DC filtered inputs.

ATR Size Max 6U Slots
1/2 Short 5
1/2 Long 5
3/4 Short 8
3/4 Long 8
1 Short 12
1 Long 12
1-1/2 Long 18
Input Power: 28VDC
115VAC/ 400Hz. 1Ø
115VAC/ 400Hz. 3Ø
IP Rating: IP66
Max Altitude: 50,000 ft
Max Acceleration: 13.5 g
Vibration: 15 - 2000Hz at 0.1g2/Hz (RMS~12g)
Shock: 20g for 11 ms