Anti-Jamming GPS/GNSS Protection Technology for Drones & Autonomous Vehicles

Anti-Jamming GPS/GNSS Protection Technology for Drones & Autonomous Vehicles
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infiniDome is a leading developer of GPS and GNSS anti-jamming protection technology for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and autonomous vehicles. Our GPSDome products provide continuous security against a wide range of jamming threats, ensuring PNT (position, navigation and timing) persistence for critical systems.

We are holders of ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensuring the highest consistency, quality and customer service in delivering our GNSS security products.

Protection for Drones & UAS

Anti-jamming system for GNSS/GPS protection

gnss anti-jamming protectionGPS and GNSS jamming is a growing threat to not only military UAS, but civil and commercial unmanned aviation around the world too. GNSS is still essential for BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) and autonomous drone platforms, and the rise of easily-available jamming systems means that UAVs undertaking security, monitoring, reconnaissance, delivery and more are at risk.

Our field-proven anti-jamming systems use sophisticated spatial signal processing techniques to shield critical GNSS signals, filter out the rogue interference, and alert the UAS operator that the drone is under attack.

An optional CommModule can be added to our GPSdome units, allowing drone attack data to be sent to our SaaS data warehouse.

A private dashboard allows users to access real-time notifications and statistical reports, and make it easier to provide authorities with actionable intelligence for threat response and attacker location.

Drone protection

Our Solution

GPSdome 1

GPS jamming protection for drones and UAVs

GPS Anti jamming deviceGPSdome 1 is an ITAR-free compact anti-jamming device that provides drones  with protection against a wide range of jamming threats. Weighing just 150 grams, the unit is ideal for SWAP (size, weight and power)-constrained systems.

GPSdome 1 is compatible with all off-the-shelf GNSS receivers and antennas, and is easily retrofitted into existing systems.

GPSdome 2

Dual-band GNSS anti-jamming for drones and UAVs

GPSdome 2GPSdome2 anti-jamming solution is a high-performance anti-jamming solution that utilizes up to four off-the-shelf active antennas to provide robust protection for UAVs as well as UGVs.

Featuring dual-band protection (GPS L1+L2 or GPS L1+Glonass G1), GPSdome 2 protects from up to three jamming directions simultaneously in each band. It can be provided with optional military-grade hardening and is compatible with almost any COTS GNSS receiver.

Protection for Autonomous Ground Vehicles

GPS anti-jamming technology for UGVs

GPS jamming of autonomous vehicle telematics systems can pose a serious threat to the safety of passengers, pedestrians and other bystanders. Cheap and readily available GPS jammers have been shown to be a serious safety concern, and risk undermining public trust in the autonomous vehicle industry.

Our anti-jamming modules protect autonomous vehicle telematics systems from GPS jamming, making them resilient to interference and ensuring continued operation and navigation during attacks.

Watch this video demonstration of protecting a moving vehicle from a dynamic GPS jamming attack:

Autonomous vehicle developers can also take advantage of our CommModule, which works with our infiniCloud data store to provide cloud-based actionable intelligence on jamming attacks.

Our Solution: OtoSphere

Anti-jamming device for commercial autonomous vehicles

OtoSphere Anti-jamming systemOtoSphere is an ITAR-free anti-jamming solution for commercial autonomous vehicles. Protecting critical PNT signals and ensuring normal operation under attack, the innovative device is compact and lightweight, with a small form factor and a power draw of less than 0.8W.

The easily-installed OtoSphere is compatible with all off-the-shelf GNSS receivers and antennas, and can be provided with both as required.

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