Anti-Jamming GPS/GNSS Protection Technology for Drones & Autonomous Vehicles

Anti-Jamming GPS/GNSS Protection Technology for Drones & Autonomous Vehicles
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infiniDome is a leading developer of GNSS (GPS) protection and resilient navigation solutions tailored to defending UAVs and ground vehicles from jamming attacks.

infiniDome develops GNSS protection solutions that ensure the integrity and reliability of unmanned platforms during jamming attacks, for both ommercial and defense applications. With a foundation built on innovative research and development, infiniDome has introduced a range of innovative products that have set new standards in GNSS protection.

The company’s commitment to excellence and innovation has not only earned the trust of customers worldwide, but has also positioned infiniDome as a key player in the global effort to secure critical technologies against the growing spectrum of cyber-physical threats.

GPS and GNSS protection solutions for drones

GNSS/GPS Protection for Drones & Autonomous Vehicles

GPS is the weakest signal used today, jamming attacks have become the most prevalent method of RF assault interference used by criminals and terrorists. The defense world is changing, government customers no longer want a few large, expensive, and powerful platforms but prefer smaller, less expensive, or expendable unmanned vehicles. Traditional military GPS protection products may have been a great solution for these large platforms, but they are no longer viable for the smaller, unmanned ones used today. infiniDome’s solutions are a perfect fit for this ever-growing void. We provide proportionate protection for these unmanned platforms in the constantly changing rules of modern warfare.

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Whitepaper: How GPS Jamming Works & Methods of Prevention
In this white paper we explore the vulnerability of GPS (GNSS) systems to jamming and delve into the mechanics of GPS jamming, including various attack techniques and modulations, while learning about the different approaches of mitigation and protection measures.

Our Solution

The industry’s most disruptive C-SWaP GPS Anti-Jammer tailored for UAVs


GNSS 2-Element Anti JammerGNSS Anti Jamming Device

GPSdome is a small-sized (tailored for class 1-3 drones), retrofit module (compatible with any GNSS based receivers) that provides protection against GPS jamming, ensuring the continuity of autonomous navigation and operation under GPS challenged conditions.

OEM GNSS Anti Jamming ModuleGPSdome protects GPS L1, and at its minimal size, weight, and power consumption, there is no other solution that offers such protection that is as small, light, affordable, or as easily installed as GPSdome. It is also available in an OEM version that weighs just 35g.

More information: GPSdome GNSS Anti Jamming Device

GPSdome 2

GNSS Multi-Band 4-Element Anti Jammer

Multi-band GNSS Anti Jamming SolutionGPSdome 2 is the industry’s first high-end anti-jamming and fully retrofit solution tailored for defending drones, small-med UAVs, and manned and unmanned ground vehicles from jamming attacks. It is compatible with almost any GNSS off the shelf receiver. Using up to 4 off-the-shelf active antennas, it offers dual-band protection (GPS L1 & L2 or GPS L1 & Glonass G1) from up to 3 simultaneous jamming attacks in each band. With optional mil-spec compliance, it is the only anti-jamming solution relevant for smaller and lighter platforms.

More information: GPSdome 2 Multi-band GNSS Anti Jamming Solution

Resilient Navigation System – infiniDome & Honeywell solution

Safe and secure navigation for UAV in GNSS denied environments

An end-to-end holistic navigation solution with 3 integrated layers of resiliency to complete your critical mission both in GPS challenged and even fully denied environments.

Resilient Navigation for UAVs in GNSS denied environmentsThis joint solution by Honeywell and infiniDome provides the best-in-class resilient navigation solution tailored to defend UAVs from GNSS jamming attacks. By tightly integrating Honeywell’s Compact Inertial Navigation System (HCINS) with infiniDome’s GNSS anti-jamming technology (GPSdome or GPSdome2) and Honeywell’s Radar-based Velocity System (HRVS), we created a solution that could be installed on almost any UAV, providing it with continuous, accurate navigation data in GNSS challenged or fully denied environments.

The Resilient Navigation Solution leverages Honeywell’s profound knowledge and experience in world-leading inertial navigation hardware and radar-based alternative navigation capabilities, along with infiniDome’s disruptive C-SWaP anti-jamming to bring the world’s most resilient navigation solution for UAVs.

More information: Resilient Navigation System


The most disruptive GNSS Anti-Jammer for commercial assetsOtoSphere GNSS Anti-jamming system

OtoSphere is a small-sized add-on module for commercial GPS receivers operating in fleet, maritime and commercial network applications. OtoSphere provides protection against GPS jamming, ensuring continuity of APNT (assurance position navigation timing) under GPS challenged conditions.

OtoSphere provides CSWaP (Cost, Size, Weight, and Power) optimized protection at just 74x47x25mm, weighing only 150g, and with a power consumption of <1W, protects GPS L1 from attacks, no other solution that offers such protection is as small, light, affordable or as easily installed as OtoSphere.

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