Stabilizing Gimbals & Stabilized Camera Mounts for Drones & UAVs

Stabilizing Gimbals & Stabilized Camera Mounts for Drones & UAVs
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Gremsy is a leading manufacturer of camera gimbal stabilizers for drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Gremsy gimbals

Our gimbals, designed for professional aerial filmmakers, mappers and surveyors, support a variety of drones and payloads, and provide the smoothest footage and highest quality results for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

Lightweight Drone Camera Gimbals

Pixy S Drone Camera Gimbal

Industrial gimbal for Sony α7R IV camera & multiple drone platforms

Pixy S Drone Camera Gimbal

The Pixy S is an industrial drone gimbal designed specifically to carry the full-frame 61MP Sony α7R IV camera.

Industrial Drone Camera GimbalIdeal for mapping and inspection operations, the versatile gimbal is compatible with a wide variety of drone platforms using the Pixhawk, CubePilot and Skynode autopilots.

The camera is secured within the cage using a unique “slide and lock” mechanism, simplifying setup and requiring balancing only during first installation.

The Pixy S features a new Hotshoe signal connector that allows high-precision image geotagging.

Pixy SM Drone Mapping Gimbal

Precision mapping gimbal for the M300 RTK UAV

Pixy SM Drone Mapping Gimbal

Pixy SM is a professional mapping gimbal for geospatial experts, designed to integrate with the DJI M300 RTK drone and the full-frame mirrorless Sony α7R IV camera.

The gimbal can be connected to the camera and integrated with the M300 RTK within seconds. The powerful, quick-to-deploy combination enables a wide range of high-grade precision aerial mapping missions.

Pixy SM enables capture of live streaming video as well as high-resolution photos, and includes automatic geotagging of images with GPS coordinates.

Mio Drone Camera Gimbal

Ultra-lightweight and compact drone gimbal

Mio Drone Camera Gimbal

Ultra-lightweight and compact drone gimbal

Mio is our next-generation 3-axis drone camera stabilizer, designed for professional UAV systems and commercial & industrial applications.

Weighing just 250g, the small form factor gimbal features a simplified design with two points of contact, resulting in easier setup while still providing excellent stability and vibration resistance.

Mio Camera GimbalMio is compatible with a wide range of cameras weighing up to 400g, including Sony mapping sensors, FLIR infrared sensors and Micasense Rededge multispectral cameras. The versatile system can be mounted on the top, bottom or front of the drone.

The quick release gimbal features a single 20 pin connector for AUX, COM, CAN, SBUS and PPM connections. The AUX port provides up to 8 signals, such as camera triggers or AV signals, for connecting to other external devices.

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Two-Axis Mio Drone Camera Gimbal

Front-mountable gimbal solution for drone developers

mio two axis drone camera gimbal

The Two-Axis Mio is an industrial-grade drone gimbal that has been optimized for use with small cameras and sensors. Weighing less than 30% of the original three-axis Mio, it supports front- and top-mounting configurations, making it ideal for applications such as bridge inspection and wind turbine maintenance.mio 2 axis drone camera gimbal

The versatile gimbal is designed with OEMs and developers in mind, featuring an adapter board that provides easy integration into a wide range of drone platforms. The Two-Axis Mio can be equipped with a standard damping accessory that is tailored for seamless front-mounting, ensuring smooth and stable footage during flights. Gremsy can also provide custom damping systems for users with specific requirements.

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Pixy U Universal Drone Camera Gimbal

Universal gimbal stabilizer for drones

Pixy U Universal Drone Camera Gimbal banner

The Pixy U is a compact, ultra-lightweight universal drone gimbal supporting a wide variety of camera mountings for flexible aerial mission capabilities. It features a Hyper-Quick Release system for intuitive and quick connection.

Tilt angle is easily adjustable via Bluetooth, allowing users to quickly switch between different mission requirements.  An inverted mode allows cameras to be mounted on top of the drone to facilitate safe inspection work, while still capturing every accurate detail.

Universal Drone Camera Gimbal

Universal Drone Camera Gimbal Workswell

Universal Drone Camera Gimbal Sony

Pixy U Universal Drone Camera Gimbal

Gremsy’s intuitive gTune software allows pilots to define different profiles for different cameras and easily switch between them, optimizing payload parameters for specific mission objectives. The Pixy U is compatible with Pixhawk UAV autopilots as well as the DJI Matrice 600 flight controller.

Gremsy is currently developing an open Software Development kit that will allow users to develop flexible solutions for commercial and industrial drone aerial imaging applications.

Pixy WE Drone Camera Gimbal

Lightweight drone gimbal for the Wiris Enterprise multispectral camera

Pixy WE Drone Camera Gimbal

The Pixy WE is a compact and lightweight drone gimbal designed and optimized specially for the Workswell Wiris Enterprise multi-sensor camera. It can be integrated with the DJI M300 via gPort, as well as with other drone platforms using the Pixhawk or CubePilot flight controllers.

drone gimbal for Wiris EnterpriseRequiring no balancing, the gimbal can be set up and deployed within seconds. The versatile unit provides a variety of I/O capabilities, including Micro USB, CAN, UART, PPM, Sbus, Spektrum, Bluetooth, and Micro HDMI.

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Pixy WP Drone Camera Gimbal

Fully integrated drone gimbal for Wiris camera payloads

The Pixy WP is a compact drone gimbal specially designed for use with the Wiris Pro and Wiris Agro R camera payloads. Easily integrated with the DJI M300 RTK, the versatile gimbal also features Pixhawk support for compatibility with a variety of other UAV platforms.

With no balancing or tuning required, the Pixy WP provides fast plug-and-play installation with a setup time of just seconds. The connection interface features a built-in HDMI quick-release functionality, and supports up to 6 AUX signals as well as USB, CAN, and UART.

Wiris drone camera gimbal

Pixy LR Drone Camera Gimbal

Compact gimbal supporting the Sony ILX-LR1 61 MP camera

Pixy LR Camera Gimbal

The Pixy LR is a lightweight gimbal that has been purpose-built to support the Sony ILX-LR1, a full-frame 61 MP mirrorless camera designed for industrial drone imaging applications requiring superior quality. Featuring powerful stabilization capabilities, it weighs less than 500 grams and is the first Gremsy gimbal to take advantage of USB 3.0.drone gimbal for SONY ILX-LR1 camera

The compact gimbal supports a range of lens options, and allows lenses to be easily switched out without removing the unit from the aircraft. Pixy LR is compatible with Pixhawk, CubePilot, Skynode, Airpeak and the DJI M600, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into a wide variety of UAV platforms.

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G-Hadron Drone Gimbal

Gimbal optimized for Teledyne FLIR Hadron 640R visible & thermal camera

G-Hadron Drone Gimbal

The G-Hadron is a compact and lightweight gimbal that provides drone operators and systems integrators with a solution for seamlessly integrating the Teledyne FLIR Hadron 640R dual-camera module into their platforms.Drone gimbal for Hadron 640R visible & thermal camera

The gimbal provides plug-and-play compatibility and exceptional stability for the thermal and visible imaging module, and supports Pixhawk, CubePilot and Skynode flight controllers. It can be provided with a standard damping system, or we can custom-engineer a tailored solution to meet your precise requirements.

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Mid-size Drone Camera Gimbals

Gremsy PE Drone Camera Gimbal

Auterion & MAVlink compliant drone gimbal

Auterion and MAVlink compliant drone camera gimbals

The Gremsy PE family has been specially designed for effortless integration with Auterion and MAVlink-compliant drones, featuring seamless compatibility with the Skynode drone ecosystem. Adhering to the Pixhawk Payload Bus standard, the quick-release gimbals also allow plug-and-play operation with most Pixhawk-based platforms.

The PE hub provides an intuitive I/O interface with a variety of ports including power, CAN, serial, Ethernet and USB-C, allowing easy connection with your flight controller system, companion computer and other peripherals.

Gremsy T3 PE drone camera gimbal

Pixy PE drone camera gimbal

Gremsy PE is now available in two models: T3 PE and Pixy PE. Both gimbals support similar cameras to their standard versions, offering a variety of payload options to suit a wide range of requirements.

Gremsy T7 Heavy-Lift Drone Gimbal

Multi-camera gimbal for industrial drones

T7 robust gimbal for heavy-lift industrial drones

The Gremsy T7 is a robust gimbal designed for heavy-lift industrial drones. Featuring a carrying capacity of 7 lbs, the T7 can be fitted with an optional extra camera slide for versatile multi-sensor operation. Built-in HDMI Hyper Quick Release functionality enables connection with just a push and twist-lock movement, allowing hot-swapping within seconds as well as the ability to withstand thousands of mating cycles.

T7 Heavy-Lift Drone GimbalWith a large camera cage, the T7 is compatible with a wide range of cameras and payloads from leading manufacturers such as Phase One, Workswell and Senop. The powerful motor enables high-performance handling of even large and heavy cameras.

I/O capabilities, all located on the Hyper Quick Release mechanism for quick and intuitive connection, include USB, serial, CAN, SBUS and a 9-signal auxiliary port for functions such as camera trigger, PWM control and AV signals. Integrated Bluetooth functionality allows convenient control of the T7 gimbal via smartphone, tablet or other suitable device.

Gremsy T3 Lightweight Drone Gimbal

Lightweight drone camera stabilizing gimbal with rapid setup

Gremsy T3 drone camera gimbal stabilizer

The Gremsy T3 (V3) is a lightweight 3-axis camera stabilizing gimbal, featuring HDMI Hyper Quick Release functionality that enables connection with just a push and twist-lock movement. Tool-free balancing and easy plug-and-play installation allow operators to set up cameras and be ready to fly within seconds.

The T3 can receive power directly from the drone battery, and the gimbal’s integrated 14.5V regulator allows you to power other auxiliary systems such as third party flight controllers, remote control systems and other accessories.

Gremsy T3 Lightweight Drone Camera Gimbal

I/O capabilities, all located on the Hyper Quick Release mechanism for quick and intuitive connection, include USB, serial, CAN, SBUS and a 9-signal auxiliary port for functions such as camera trigger, PWM control and AV signals. Integrated Bluetooth functionality allows convenient control of the T3 gimbal via smartphone, tablet or other suitable device.

An integrated temperature-controlled and heated IMU, inside an aluminium housing, provides high-accuracy operation even in extreme temperature conditions. Gremsy’s gMotion controller provides professional-level stabilization with 32-bit resolution and correction updates at up to 2000 Hz, resulting in smoother, superior-quality footage.

Heavy-lift Camera Gimbals

Gremsy Aevo Drone Camera Gimbal

Heavy-lift gimbal for industrial UAV applications

Aevo is a next-generation heavy-lift camera gimbal for industrial drone applications such as mapping, surveying, and hyperspectral imaging. With a carrying capacity of up to 9 kg and a robust carbon fiber construction, it provides an excellent payload-to-weight ratio.

The highly versatile and portable gimbal incorporates a 16-bit high-resolution encoder for enhanced image stabilization. With a 360-degree panning capability, the camera can easily capture every possible angle.

Gremsy Aevo Heavy-lift Camera Gimbal for industrial drones

Aevo features an advanced quick-release system that provides convenient passage of power and control signals for both gimbal and camera, with interfaces including USB 2.0, CAN, UART, S-bus, Spektrum, PPM, and Bluetooth 4.0.

Integrated Payloads

Zio Gimballed 4k Camera Payload

High-resolution stabilized camera payload for survey & inspection

gremzy zio

The Gremsy Zio is a high-resolution stabilized camera payload for commercial, industrial and public safety missions.

Featuring a Sony 4k imaging sensor and optimized for up to 30x zoom, Zio captures and streams high-quality images and video for demanding applications such as roof surveys, powerline and infrastructure inspections, construction site monitoring and more.

Gremsy Zio 360 payload

The lightweight payload features MAVLink support and can be seamlessly integrated with PX4 and Ardupilot-powered drones. Video can be streamed to your ground control station via HDMI and Ethernet.

Vio EO/IR Payload

Lightweight visible & thermal imaging payload with laser rangefinder

The Gremsy Vio is a lightweight drone visible and thermal imaging payload featuring a 4K 8.51 MP camera with up to 240x zoom, a 640×512 radiometric thermal camera, and an integrated laser rangefinder with a range of up to 2400 metres.

Providing plug-and-play compatibility via MAVLink with a wide range of UAV platforms, Vio is ideal for industrial inspection, search and rescue, disaster relief, firefighting, and more.

EO IR Payload

Vio integrates a suite of powerful AI-enhanced capabilities, including identification of objects such as cars and humans. The Auto-Zoom feature allows the system to automatically zoom in on specific objects to maintain the optimal view, adjusting the zoom level as the object moves.

Vio series is available in two variants with different thermal cores, providing temperature range and lens options to suit a range of requirements.

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Custom Gimbal Solutions

As a world-leading manufacturer of camera stabilizers, we offer flexible custom gimbal solutions to accommodate your specific requirements. With more than 10 years of experience in the gimbal and drone industry, and our in-house capabilities from designing to manufacturing, we can create your custom solution from scratch or redesign it based on our existing gimbal platforms. Our customized drone gimbals are highly adaptable for demanding cinematic and industrial applications.

We are proud to develop custom drone gimbals with world-leading camera and drone manufacturers, including Sony, Phase One, and Acecore.

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Gremsy Exhibitions Tour 2024: Gremsy will be at the following Exhibitions found around the world from Asia to the US. At these exhibitions, Gremsy will show new products, which are planned for release in 2024 and early 2025.

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