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Linear Servo Actuators - Servo Cylinder Actuators for Drones, USVs and Subsea Underwater Vehicles

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Linear Servo Actuators - Servo Cylinder Actuators for Drones, USVs and Subsea Underwater Vehicles
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Ultra Motion designs and manufactures high-precision electro-mechanical linear and rotary servo actuators equipped with integrated brushless DC motor control electronics and contactless absolute position feedback.

Our products are designed to meet the dynamic motion requirements of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles), USVs (uncrewed surface vessels) and UUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles), and are engineered to withstand harsh environments and conditions involving high shock and vibration, liquid exposure, saltwater submergence, and EMI/EMC interference.Electromechanical Servo Actuators

With over 30 years of experience in designing actuators for extreme applications such as aerodynamic/hydrodynamic control surfaces, swashplate and tail-rotor control, and rocket engine thrust vector control, we offer a diverse selection of robust commercial-off-the-shelf solutions for the aerospace, defense, and maritime industries.

A-Series – Versatile linear actuator solutions for drones & robotics

Industrial Linear Servo ActuatorOur Servo Cylinder family of linear actuators are designed for high performance even under extremely challenging conditions. Featuring IP-rated water and dust protection and rugged interconnects, Servo Cylinders incorporate on-board temperature, current, voltage, and humidity sensors, providing constant health monitoring data. Communication protocols include CAN 2.0B, RS-422/RS-485 serial, and RC PWM.

Ultra Motion’s cutting-edge Phase Index non-contact position sensing technology has been seamlessly integrated into each Servo Cylinder, providing absolute digital position feedback throughout the entire stroke as well as Field-Oriented Control (FOC) of the motor. No other sensors or limit switches are required for absolute position feedback, which means improved reliability and longevity and reduced noise.

The cylinders are easy to use and integrate, with intuitive setup performed via serial commands or USB. After setup, only power and signal connections are required.

The actuators provide:

  • Peak force of up to 530 lbf (2.36kN)
  • Continuous force of up to 270 lbf (1.20kN)
  • Speeds of up to 14in/s (356mm/s)
  • Stroke length of up to 7.75in (197mm)

All Servo Cylinder series feature a range of customizable options, including screw, BLDC motor size, stroke length, and a choice of three controllers.

AM Series – Ruggedized Servo Cylinders for UAVs & UGVs

Rugged Linear ActuatorThe AM Series is our most heavily ruggedized Servo Cylinder, featuring enhanced resistance against shock and vibration, a conformal coated controller PCB, MIL-spec connectors, and a hardcoat anodized aluminum enclosure for EMI/EMC protection.

The rugged linear actuator is rated to IP67 while static and to IP65 under dynamic conditions, and is ideal for hard-wearing unmanned systems applications such as fixed-wing UAV flight control surfaces and UGV brakes and transmission.

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AU Series – Marine & Subsea Servo Cylinders for USVs & UUVs

Subsea Linear ActuatorThe AU Series is a subsea linear actuator designed for harsh marine and maritime environments both above and below the waterline. Featuring Wet-Mate electrical connectors and a fully sealed pressure-balanced and oil-filled enclosure, it can reliably operate at depths of down to 6000 metres.

The actuator is ideal for a wide range of ROV, AUV and USV systems, and low-cost shallow-water versions are also available.

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A2 Series – Industrial Servo Cylinders for RoboticsIndustrial Linear Actuator

The A2 Series is an industrial-grade linear actuator designed for reliable performance in dirty, debris-filled or outdoor environments. It is IP65-rated and features metal shell connectors.

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A1 Series – Standard Servo Cylinders for RoboticsStandard Servo Cylinder Actuator

The A1 Series is our standard low-cost actuator model, and is ideal for robotic vehicles operating in cleaner indoor environments. It is IP50-rated and features Molex Micro-fit connectors.

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U-Series – Subsea Linear Servos for USVs & UUVs

U-Series – Subsea Linear Servos for USVs & UUVsThe U-Series of pressure-compensated oil-filled linear actuators has been designed to deliver highly reliable performance for critical surface and subsea applications, and is able to withstand depths of over 6000 metres.

The product range offers a wide variety of options to suit specific requirements, including stepper motors or brushless DC motors, self-locking Acme leadscrews or high-efficiency ballscrews, and stroke lengths from 1 to 16 inches.

All U-series actuators feature an internal linear potentiometer for absolute position feedback, and are equipped with SubConn Wet-Mate connectors as standard.

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L-Series – Linear Servo Actuators for UAVs & Robotics

L-Series – Linear Servo Actuators for UAVs & RoboticsThe L-Series of linear servo actuators utilizes robust mechanical elements and state-of-the-art materials and components to deliver excellent performance and high torque in a compact package. Featuring integrated brushless DC control electronics, CAN 2.0B and RS-485 serial communication protocols, and contactless absolute position feedback, they are highly reliable even under the most demanding of conditions.

The versatile actuators are ideal for dual redundant UAV system designs, incorporating redundant motors, control electronics, and a triplicated absolute position sensor with 100% electrical isolation.

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T-Series – Rotary Servo Actuators for Drones & Robotics

T-Series – Rotary Servo Actuators for Drones & RoboticsThe T-Series of rotary servo actuators combines a high-power density BLDC motor with integrated control electronics and contactless absolute position feedback to generate high torque in a lightweight and compact package. The unique gearing design allows the actuator to withstand high transient loads with much lower susceptibility to structural failure.

The robust IP67-rated actuators are ideal for a wide variety of UAV control and actuation applications, and pressure compensated oil-filled options are available for subsea vehicles.

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