Secure Wireless UAV/Drone Data Links for BVLOS Communications

Secure Wireless UAV/Drone Data Links for BVLOS Communications
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Elsight is a leading developer of state-of-the-art drone connectivity solutions that provide seamless, always-on secure data transmission in challenging environments.

Secure wireless drone communications

The Halo platform provides dynamic, adaptable BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) communications for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) and other robotic platforms, serving both civil and defense applications.

Halo OEM drone communication module

Halo OEM drone communication module

The secure wireless data transmission technology has been proven with over 4000 hours of operations (aerial and ground) across a broad range of applications, supporting hundreds of drones and unmanned systems, and is FCC and CE compliant and certified. Halo has been selected as the solution of choice by a variety of industrial robotics companies, first responder organisations, and government and military entities.

The Communication Technology

BVLOS communication modules

Halo is based on Elsight’s unique, state-of-the-art connectivity technology that ensures near-real-time high-bandwidth transmission from anywhere, to anywhere.

Taking advantage of multiple data links and existing network infrastructure, it maximizes the efficiency of available resources, seamlessly adapting to your requirements and providing low-latency transmission of any data.

UAV Communications Diagram

Secure Wireless Data Transmission

Elsight’s powerful bi-directional algorithm splits any kind of data (video, audio, telemetry and more) into encrypted packets, using secure VPN tunnelling to transmit via multiple cellular and RF IP links, and decrypting and recombining at the destination. The algorithm automatically detects any failed channels, seamlessly switching to the most suitable available transmission method.

Halo UAV Communication System

Always-on drone connectivity for beyond line of sight communications

Stand-alone UAV Communications System

Stand-alone UAV Communications System

Halo provides reliable connectivity in dynamic conditions for even the smallest drones and robots.

The highly compact system has been designed with an extremely low power consumption and heat index, and allows you to save space and weight, fly further, and undertake challenging missions beyond the line of sight while maintaining secure communications.

The platform’s unique, adaptive bonding technology and secure communications provide a range of essential advantages for UAV and autonomous vehicle data links:

High bandwidth

High bandwidth communicationsHalo maximises available bandwidth by multiplexing multiple communication links into one secure network tunnel, providing the ability to seamlessly transmit large quantities of video, audio, and data.

Low Latency

Low latency communicationsBy utilizing all available cellular network infrastructure, latency is kept ultra-low, allowing near-real time data transmission for drones and robotics.

Cybersecure high-integrity data transmission

Cybersecure high-integrity data transmissionMalicious interception of data streams is a major threat to drones and robotic systems that transmit critical data and intelligence over standard mobile technologies.

Halo keeps your UAV communications safe and private at all times, securing transmissions by splitting and encrypting data, and sending it via multiple cellular links simultaneously. Built in authentication also enables you to know instantly who is using your platform.

Redundant capabilities for enhanced reliability

Redundant capabilities for enhanced reliabilityMany traditional UAV data links do not guarantee reliable and always-on connectivity, making seamless control and data transmission impossible.

Multilayer hybrid connectivity

Multilayer hybrid connectivityHalo safeguards against system failure by utilising multiple cellular pathways, with automatic detection of malfunctions and transmission to a different channel to ensure continuous uptime.

Multiple system configuration options

Multiple system configuration optionsHalo’s flexible communications capabilities allow drones and robots to be connected via multiple options, with the ability to control multiple vehicles from one control centre.

Drones and autonomous vehicles equipped with Halo can send and receive data via secure VPN tunelling to Elsight’s Cloud platform or an on-premise server, utilising multiple cellular links to ensure the best possible transmission conditions.

Halo can also provide P2P connectivity that takes advantage of low-latency, low-cost RF links when in proximity, and switches to cellular bonding to establish a BVLOS data link.

Encrypted IP data links
RF and cellular UAV data links
BLOS UAV data links
Drone BLOS communication
Drone BLOS data link 
UAV data link
Data communication link

Halo is available in two convenient form factors – an OEM module for easy integration into any platform, and a standalone connectivity solution.

Beyond line of sight (BLOS) communication
UAV wireless connectivity

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