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High Performance FOG, RLG, and Quartz MEMS Inertial Sensors - Gyros, IRU, IMU, INS
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EMCORE Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of the world’s highest-performance Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG), Ring Laser Gyro (RLG), and MEMS-based inertial sensors and systems for the Aerospace, Defense and Commercial markets.

As one of the largest independent inertial navigation providers in the industry, we offer a full product suite serving a broad range of requirements across the tactical, navigational, and strategic-grade segments of the unmanned market. Our gyroscopes, IMUs, and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) provide precise, reliable stabilization, geolocation, guidance, navigation, and control in critical SWaP-conscious applications.

FOG & MEMS Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)

TAC-450-360 Photonic IMU (Non-ITAR)

High-performance IMU for demanding UAV & autonomous vehicle applications

TAC-450 Photonic IMUThe TAC-450-360 is one of EMCORE’s premier tactical-grade IMUs, featuring proprietary photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology that replaces individual fiber optic components with a single precision-manufactured chip.

Delivering reduced drift and improved stability, the robust IMU is ideal for highly dynamic unmanned systems applications and environments with high acceleration, vibration, or shock.

The low-SWaP unit is easily integrated into higher-level inertial systems, and functions as a drop-in replacement for a range of commercially available IMUs. It is available with a choice of 10g, 16g, 30g, and 100g high-grade MEMS accelerometers.

More information: TAC-450-360 Photonic IMU

EN-300 Precision Fiber Optic IMU (Non-ITAR)

Precision Three-Axis FOG IMU for UAVs

EN-300 Precision Fiber Optic IMUThe EN-300 is a higher-accuracy Fiber Optic Gyro-based IMU that is a form, fit and function compatible with a legacy equivalent, but with better performance needed for GPS denied navigation, precise targeting and line-of-sight stabilization.

Applications include in inertial navigation for UAVs, dismounted soldiers, civilian unmanned aviation, and oil and gas exploration.

The low-noise, high-stability FOG IMU provides up to five-times better performance than competing systems. It features internal signal processing that provides full stand-alone or aided navigation, with optional standard IMU delta velocity and delta theta outputs. With state-of-the-art FPGA electronics and sophisticated Kalman filtering, the unit is able to statically find North to less than one degree through gyro-compassing.

The EN-300 is available in three performance variants to suit a range of application requirements.

SDC500 MEMS IMU (License Free)

Quartz MEMS IMU for commercial & industrial applications

EMCORE SDC500 MEMS IMUThe SDC500 quartz MEMS IMU is designed for commercial, industrial and marine robotics and drone applications.

The non-ITAR-controlled unit features a low SWaP footprint as well as high sensitivity and linearity, greatly improved noise immunity and high-speed signal processing.

It is available in a variety of performance-cost variants, ranging in accuracy from precision 1°/hr gyro and 1 mg accelerometer to 20°/hr gyro and 5 mg accelerometer bias over temperature, shock, and vibration environments.

More information: SDC500 MEMS IMU

TAC-440 Quartz MEMS Tactical IMU

World’s smallest 1°/hour IMU with rugged construction

TAC-440 Quartz MEMS Tactical IMUThe TAC-440 is the world’s smallest 1°/hour IMU, with an ultra-compact package of less than 5 cubic inches. Designed as a drop-in replacement for the Honeywell 1930 and 4930, the quartz MEMS IMU is ideal for mission-critical drone and robotics applications in challenging environments.

The rugged IMU features solid-state quartz sensors, electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection and hermetically-sealed construction, ensuring superior longevity and reliability under highly demanding conditions.

The TAC-440 supports four data message synchronization methods, and the user can select whether the synchronization pulse is internally generated and output as a Time of Validity (TOV) of the output data, or whether the internal software will identify the pulse input and synchronize the output data.

SDI500 Tactical Grade MEMS IMU (Non-ITAR)


SDI500 Tactical Grade IMU Inertial Measurement UnitSDI500 is the first MEMS-based Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to demonstrate true tactical grade performance with 1°/hr bias stability and very low 0.02°/√hr angle random walk.

SDI500 is rated for rugged military environments, with continuous Built-in Test (BIT), configurable communications protocols, electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection, flexible input power requirements and multiple output data formats.

More information: SDI500 MEMS IMU

SDI170 Tactical Grade MEMS IMU (Non-ITAR)

Compact non-ITAR IMU

SDI170 Tactical Grade MEMS IMUThe SDI170 is a tactical-grade MEMS IMU designed as a form, fit, and function compatible alternative to legacy RLG IMUs but with superior performance and a significantly higher MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) rating in ruggedized environments.

Based on proven quartz MEMS inertial technology, the ITAR-free SDI170 is ideal for high-precision commercial and defense unmanned systems applications.

The IMU contains no wear-out components, making it ideal for continuous use in demanding and mission-critical applications. The versatile unit features Continuous Built-in Test (BIT), configurable communications protocols, electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection and flexible input power compatibility.

More information: SDI170 Tactical Grade MEMS IMU

Specifications Comparison:

EN-300-3 SDI500 TAC-450-360
Dimensions (D x H) 89 x 85 mm
(3.5 x 3.35″)
73.7 x 73.7 mm
(2.9 x 2.9”)
88.9 x 63.5 mm
(3.5 x 2.5”)
Weight <816 g (<1.8 lbs) 590 g (1.3 lbs) 0.7 kg (1.54 lbs)
Gyro Bias 0.2°/hr 1 – 10°/hr ≤0.05°/hr, 1σ (typical)
≤0.1°/hr, 1σ (max)
ARW/Gyro Noise 0.015°/√ hr 0.02 °/√ hr ≤0.012°/√hr
Accelerometer Bias 300 µg 1.0 – 2.0 mg 15 μg (10g range)
24 μg (16g range)
45 μg (30g range)
150 μg (100g range)
Accelerometer Range 30g (70g by request) 50g 10, 16, 30, 100g

Strategic-Grade FOG IMU & IRU

CIRUS Strategic-Grade FOG Systems

Inertial reference and measurement for space & defense

CIRUS Strategic-Grade FOG SystemsOur CIRUS (Compact Inertial Reference Unit for Space) products deliver cutting-edge strategic-grade inertial navigation, guidance, pointing and stabilization for space, defense, and unmanned systems.

The CIRUS and CIRUS-EX systems integrate four FOG sensors with full redundancy for strategic-grade spacecraft attitude control, and have been used to support DoD, NASA and commercial missions.

The CIRUS-A is a high-performance FOG IMU designed to provide state-of-the-art inertial navigation, guidance, pointing and stabilization, with a simplified optical circuit design that delivers significant performance improvement in military environments.

Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)


Rugged FOG-based INS with embedded GNSS

The GEO-FOG 3D inertial navigation system is a high-performance system based around the EMCORE P-1750 FOG IMU with an embedded triple-frequency RTK GNSS receiver.

Available in single- or dual-antenna configurations, the unit uses powerful sensor fusion to deliver reliable, high-accuracy navigation and control for a wide variety of unmanned and autonomous aerial, ground and marine applications.

The rugged INS features performance monitoring and instability protections to ensure stable and reliable output, and is protected from reverse polarity, overvoltage, surges, static and short circuits on all external surfaces. The embedded GNSS receiver incorporates Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) to assess the integrity of satellite signals, providing positioning accuracy down to 8mm.

More Information: GEO-FOG 3D INS


Tactical Grade Inertial Navigation System

SDN500 MEMS INS/GPSThe SDN500 GPS/INS tactical grade navigation system combines latest generation quartz gyros, quartz accelerometers, high speed signal processing and a 48-channel Coarse/Acquisition (C/A) Code GPS receiver.

This powerful, tightly coupled Guidance and Navigation System delivers a reliable 3.9 meter Spherical Error Probable (SEP) GPS-aided accuracy, and EMCORE’s Systron Donner Inertial proprietary Quartz MEMS Inertial Sensors maintain precision accuracy in the event of loss of GPS tracking.

SDN500 GPS/INS is ideal for a navigation, guidance and control of unmanned air and ground vehicles, for precision targeting and positioning.

More Information: SDN500 GPS/INS

Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) Sensors

EMCORE-Hawkeye™ EG-120 FOG (Non-ITAR)

Ultra-compact, closed-loop gyroscope for demanding applications

EMCORE EG-120 Compact FOG for UAVsThe EG-120 FOG module is our smallest closed-loop FOG and the smallest, most affordable closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope available on the market today. It features industry-leading SWaP characteristics and incorporates next-generation Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) electronics that deliver increased performance and reliability.

The EG-120 is an ideal solution for medium accuracy platform stabilization applications such as UAV weapons and camera systems. It is also available in a low power variant. Jump to specifications >

EMCORE-Hawkeye™ EG-200 FOG (Non-ITAR)

Precision solid-state fiber optic gyroscope for tactical grade applications

EMCORE EG-200 Tactical Solid-State FOGThe EG-200 is a tactical-grade FOG designed for high-accuracy navigation and low-noise line-of-sight stabilization applications. It features fully-integrated optics and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) electronics, resulting in improved optical drift stability, higher linearity and greater environmental flexibility.

EG-200 units can be calibrated internally for better thermal effect, and have both digital and analog outputs, accommodating a wide variety of installation and interfacing parameters. Jump to specifications >

EMCORE-Hawkeye™ EG-1300 FOG

Low-noise fiber optic gyroscope for navigational grade applicationsEMCORE EG-1300 Navigational Grade FOG

The EG-1300 is our lowest-noise FOG, ideal for precision navigation in GPS-denied environments – such as UUVs – as well as platform stabilization. Featuring advanced integrated optics and closed-loop FPGA design, it delivers higher accuracy, lower noise and greater efficiency in a low-SWaP package.

The EG-1300 can be calibrated internally for better thermal effect. In addition to providing both digital and analog outputs, the unit features separation of the electronics from the fiber optic gyroscope’s sensing coil assembly, allowing for the most flexible installation and integration capabilities.

Comparison & Specifications:

EG-120 EG-200 EG-1300
Dimensions 2.36” D x 0.83”
(60mm x 21mm)
3.3” D x 0.8”
(81.2mm x 20.3mm)
Sensor: 3.6” D x 1.3”
(91.44mm x 33.02mm)
Electronics: 3.3” D x 0.8”
(81.2mm x 20.3mm)
Weight 0.17 lbs (80g) 0.28 lbs (127g) 0.83 lbs (38g)
In-Run Stability
≤1.0°/hr ≤1.0°/hr ≤0.01°/hr
ARW/Noise ≤0.04°/√ hr 0.04°/√ hr 0.002°/√ hr
Bandwidth 250 Hz 300 Hz 500 Hz

TAC-450 Fiber Optic Gyro

Single- & multi-axis FOGs with housed & OEM options

TAC-450 Fiber Optic GyroThe TAC-450 series of fiber optic gyros offers nine different configurations to solve even the most challenging UAV and unmanned systems design issues, with options for one, two or three axes and standard, low-profile and unhoused OEM form factors.

Employing EMCORE’s cutting-edge photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology and delivering exceptional bias stability, scale factor, and angle random walk performance, the high-accuracy TAC-450 FOGs are ideal for stabilization and pointing applications, as well as integration into navigation, guidance, and control systems.

More information: TAC-450 Fiber Optic Gyro

DSP-3000 Fiber Optic Gyro

Versatile low-cost FOG sensor

DSP-3000 Fiber Optic GyroThe DSP-3000 is a single-axis non-ITAR fiber optic gyro (FOG) with a compact and robust design, featuring cutting-edge digital signal processing (DSP) electronics that practically eliminate temperature-sensitive drift and rotation errors.

The low-noise unit provides significant performance improvements in critical areas such as scale factor and bias stability and scale factor linearity.

The versatile sensor features a choice of analog, digital, and digital RS-232 outputs, and is ideal for a range of applications including inertial measurement units, integrated GPS/INS, AHRS, and antenna and gimbal stabilization and pointing.

More information: DSP-3000 Fiber Optic Gyro

DSP-1750 Fiber Optic Gyro

Ultra-compact single- & dual-axis FOG sensors

DSP-1750 Fiber Optic GyroThe DSP-1750 is the world’s smallest high-accuracy fiber optic gyro, delivering ultra-low noise, high bandwidth, and typical bias stability of ≤0.05°/hr in a compact footprint.

Available in single- or dual-axis configurations and with analog or digital output, the DSP-1750 features advanced electronics that overcome the limitations of analog signal processing, eliminating temperature-sensitive drift and rotation errors. It can also be equipped with optional magnetic shielding.

The DSP-1750 is ideal for applications requiring low noise and high performance across the entire operating temperature range, including UAV payloads, antenna and platform stabilization, and integration into IMUs and GPS-aided INS.

More information: DSP-1750 Fiber Optic Gyro

DSP-1760 Fiber Optic Gyro

Tactical-grade FOG sensor with flexible integration options

DSP-1760 Fiber Optic GyroThe DSP-1760 Fiber Optic Gyro is a versatile tactical-grade gyro that is based around EMCORE’s cutting-edge photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology and is available in 1, 2 or 3 axes, with a choice of 15-pin Micro-D connector or 13-pin circular connector for integration flexibility.

The high-bandwidth, low-noise FOG sensor is highly suitable for a wide range of challenging military and commercial applications, including weapons platform stabilization for land, sea, and aerial manned and unmanned systems, as well as navigation, guidance and control systems.

More information: DSP-1760 Fiber Optic Gyro

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ITAR-Free Single-Axis MEMS Gyroscopes

SDD3000 Tactical Grade Digital Gyroscope (Non-ITAR)

High Performance Single-Axis Quartz MEMS Gyro

SDD3000 Single-Axis Tactical Grade Digital GyroscopeThe SDD3000 is a high performance, digital, single-axis gyroscope that meets state-of-the-art systems requirements for precision accuracy, low noise angular rate sensing.

The unit incorporates an advanced Quartz MEMS sensing element and is optimized for applications that require low noise and excellent stability over changes in temperature and through vibration.

EMCORE’s Systron Donner Inertial SDD3000 provides a temperature compensated output with unprecedented bias stability and durability. Ideal for rugged ground vehicle and aerospace applications, the SDD3000 is an extremely versatile navigation grade gyro that requires very little configuration and integration time into new or retrofit applications. Boasting a small size, light weight and very low power consumption, the SDD3000 is truly a leader in its performance class.

More Information: SDD3000 Tactical Grade Digital Gyroscope

QRS116 Tactical Grade Analog Gyroscope (Non-ITAR)

High-accuracy, Low-noise Single-Axis Quartz MEMS Gyro

QRS116 Single-Axis Tactical Grade Analog GyroscopeEMCORE’s Systron Donner Inertial QRS116 meets state-of-the-art systems requirements for very high accuracy, very low noise angular rate sensing. The QRS116 is a form, fit and function-enhanced alternative to the popular, highly-reliable QRS11.

Using a next generation version of EMCORE’s Systron Donner Inertial unique quartz micro-machined sensing element, the QRS116 delivers excellent bias stability, signal to noise ratio and vibration performance characteristics in a small, lightweight package.

With no moving parts and no scheduled maintenance, the QRS116 provides reliable service and low total cost of ownership.

More Information: QRS116 Tactical Grade Analog Gyroscope

QRS11 Single-Axis Analog Gyroscope (Non-ITAR)

Solid-state Quartz MEMS Gyro

QRS11 Single-Axis Analog GyroscopeEMCORE’s Systron Donner Inertial QRS11 is a compact, lightweight, solid-state gyro providing reliable, extremely accurate angular rate measurements. With no moving parts, the quartz sensing element has a virtually unlimited life while providing outstanding signal to noise performance. The QRS11 is exceptionally small and consumes very little power.

With a hermetically sealed sensing element, the unit is suitable for aircraft, missile and space systems across many demanding application environments.

More Information: QRS11 Single-Axis Analog Gyroscope

SDG1400 Single-Axis Analog Gyroscope (Non-ITAR)

Low Noise, Rugged Quartz MEMS Gyro

SDG1400 Single-Axis Analog GyroscopeEMCORE’s Systron Donner Inertial SDG1400 is a single-axis angular rate sensor that provides exceptional performance within demanding commercial and aerospace applications. Utilizing an advanced Quartz MEMS inertial sensing element, it provides superior bias stability and repeatability, with a small, rugged package and fully self-contained electronics.

The SDG1400 is a commercial, off the shelf product with no moving parts, providing fast start-up, very low noise and high bandwidth with exceptional MTBF performance.

More Information: SDG1400 Non-ITAR Analog Gyroscope

SDG500 Single-Axis Analog Gyroscope (Non-ITAR)

Compact, Rugged Quartz MEMS Gyro

SDG500 Single-Axis Analog GyroscopeEMCORE’s Systron Donner Inertial SDG500 single-axis angular rate sensor provides exceptional performance versus similar sensors in its class, with a lower noise capability superior to silicon-based gyros.

The SDG500 single axis gyroscope utilizes EMCORE’s Systron Donner Inertial proven Quartz MEMS sensing technology housed in a compact, rugged enclosure, providing virtually unlimited life.

The SDG500 has an on-board temperature sensor which allows the user to enhance performance via thermal modeling and correction, and with a simple DC input and high level DC output, the SDG500 will integrate quickly and simply into most systems.

More Information: SDG500 Non-ITAR Analog Gyroscope

QRS14 Single-Axis Analog Gyroscope (Non-ITAR)

Solid-state, Rugged Quartz MEMS Gyro

QRS14 Single-Axis Analog GyroscopeEMCORE’s Systron Donner Inertial QRS14 is a compact, rugged, solid-state mirco inertial sensor used to measure angular rotation rates. It features a monolithic quartz sensing element, combining excellent vibration, noise, and virtually unlimited life.

The QRS14 has internal power regulation and DC input/high-level DC output operation, and is available in two different model variations suitable for either a positive or dual-power supply.

More Information: QRS14 Single-Axis Analog Gyroscope

Multi-Axis Inertial Sensing Systems

QRS28 Multi-Axis Gyroscope (Non-ITAR)

High performance Quartz MEMS Gyro

EMCORE’s Systron Donner Inertial QRS28 Multi-Axis GyroscopeQRS28 is a small, lightweight, two-axis MEMS rate sensor offering exceptional performance at a very attractive price. The sensor provides a simple DC-DC operation using two of EMCORE’s Systron Donner Inertial quartz rate sensors. The instrument provides reliable performance in demanding applications, such as missile seeker gimbal stabilization, and contained within a hermetically sealed stainless steel cylinder.

More Information: QRS28 Multi-Axis Gyroscope

Pointing & Positioning Systems

High-precision pointing, positioning and navigation for military applications

Pointing & Positioning SystemsCombat-proven on U.S. Army rocket and artillery systems, our high-performance pointing and position location systems are also ideal for unmanned systems, and are easily adapted to any current or future weapon system or sensor requiring precision pointing and positioning.

More Information: Pointing & Positioning Systems

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Battlefield Inertial Surveying Systems

IPADS Improved Position and Azimuth Determining System

Inertial surveying system for demanding military requirements

Battlefield Inertial Surveying SystemsThe Improved Position and Azimuth Determining System (IPADS) is an inertial surveying system designed for demanding military requirements. The lightweight solution is housed in a robust frame, is two-person portable and is ideal for artillery and weapons initialization and alignment.

An international version (IPADS-I) is available to suit the needs of military forces around the world.

More Information: IPADS Improved Position & Azimuth Determining System

Tactical Navigation Solutions

Battle-proven solutions for assured positioning, navigation and timing

EMCORE’s tactical navigation solutions provide vital assured PNT (positioning, navigation and timing) for military platforms operating in challenging battlefield conditions. When GNSS signals have been disrupted or jammed, our resilient and high-accuracy inertial-based navigation systems enable vehicles to continue operating without putting the mission at risk.


FOG-based tactical INS for 3D navigation in all terrains

FOG-based tactical INSTACNAV 3D is a FOG-based tactical inertial navigation system (INS) with embedded GNSS receiver that provides assured position, navigation, and timing (A-PNT) for superior situational awareness even in GNSS-denied environments. The modular design allows the unit to function as a standalone inertial navigation solution, as well as the core of an A-PNT-capable multi-functional battlefield management system.

More information:  Tactical Navigation Solutions

FOG-based IMU and INS for Navigation and Stabilization

EMCORE Aerospace Defense Navigation Applications

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