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Cognitive Wireless MANET Radio & Mesh Technology for Tactical, Mission-Critical Datalinks

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Cognitive Wireless MANET Radio & Mesh Technology for Tactical, Mission-Critical Datalinks
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Intelligent MANET Communication Solutions

Creomagic develops and manufactures innovative communication solutions that form intelligent Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANET), specifically designed for mission critical and tactical operations. Our radio technology provides users with reliable, secure and anti-jamming resilient connectivity, for any mission.

At the core of our offerings is CreoNet, a technological hub that leverages world-leading capabilities, including software-defined cognitive radio, machine learning, and networking technologies. Our solutions are meticulously engineered and fine-tuned by a highly experienced team, dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of innovation across our products and services.

Mesh Technology

Our intelligent mesh technology allows secure, stable and reliable transmission of real-time video, voice and data over constantly changing cognitive MANETs and wireless mesh network topologies. Using a powerful combination of routing, distributed spectrum sensing for cognitive radio and decentralized fog computing, our solution provides scalable peer-to-peer connectivity via multiple hops for high-speed communications even in challenging, interference-filled, dense urban environments.

MANET Technology

The state-of-the-art features of our technology include:

Self-Forming and Self-Healing Capabilities – a continually adapting mesh network allows nodes to join or leave at any time, with a unique decentralized architecture that provides continuity even when one or more nodes are lost

Link Adaptation – sophisticated software-defined radio (SDR) technology defines adaptive transmission parameters for each node, in order to maximize link data rate, robustness and improve user experience

Transparent IP Networking – our network appears as a single Layer 2 networking switch, allowing other IP-based devices such as cameras and computers to be connected to MANET radios with seamless wireless mobility

Adaptive Scalable Routing – proprietary routing algorithms select the optimal communication path, minimizing wireless consumption and maximizing end-end throughput during spectrum sensing

Multicast Traffic – adaptive algorithms maximize network bandwidth efficiency and end-to-end throughput without global network overhead, continuously shifting the routing path to provide multicast transmission to only those devices that need a particular stream.

Creomagic Solutions

Intelligent MANET solution for cross-domain operations

Creomagic provides an extensive range of communication solutions tailored for multi-domain operations. CreoAir is a cutting-edge communication solution for airborne networks; CreoLand is designed to establish ground and maritime networks; and CreoHub provides personal tactical communication networks. Our solutions excel in challenging environments, including electronic warfare and congested spectrum areas, enhancing operational effectiveness at the tactical edge.

Creomagic SDR Solutions

CreoHub: Personal Tactical Communication Networks

Scalable, self-healing radio for surveillance and intelligent applications


CreoHub is a cutting-edge personal MANET (Mobile Ad-Hoc Network) radio, essential for tactical communication within security agencies and armed forces, for applications including search and rescue, law enforcement, disaster management and battlefield deployment.

CreoHub enables seamless sharing of voice, data, and video among numerous devices in buildings, ships, forests, challenging subterrains, and beyond line-of-sight operations. Utilizing advanced cognitive software-defined radio and MANET technology, CreoHub radios establish secure, self-healing networks that maintain connectivity with data rates up to 100 Mbps, even in the most demanding scenarios.

The technology excels in immunity to interference, ensuring clear, continuous communication even in complex electronic warfare environments and high-interference zones. With Low Probability of Interception and Detection (LPID) features, CreoHub ensures maximum performance and minimal exposure in hostile settings. It is designed to support multidomain operations and extensive networks, accommodating hundreds of users. CreoHub is available in two configurations: a lightweight model for various missions and a high-power version for the most demanding tactical operations.

CNT-M2 Transceiver Module

Wireless mesh connectivity for mission-critical applications

CNT-M2 wireless connectivity Radio ModuleThe CNT-M2 is an advanced intelligent MANET SDR module that enables the creation of robust, self-forming and self-healing wireless mesh networks. Based on our state-of-the-art technology, it provides secure, highly reliable connectivity for a range of demanding applications, including real-time video transmission for mobile surveillance, NLOS (non-line-of-sight) communications, and command and control of drones and robotics.

Providing secure IP networking with end-to-end encryption and seamless Layer 2 connectivity, the CNT-M2 module can be easily integrated into almost any platform or application. Up to 64 nodes can be operated on a single channel, with an unlimited number of hops and no master node required, and the entire network can be remotely controlled and monitored.

CNT-M2 MANET Radio ModuleThe lightweight, compact units are ideal for SWaP-C (Size, Weight,Power and Cost)-conscious UAVs and unmanned vehicles, and are available today inUHF, S-Band and C-Band frequency variants, but  can also be modified upon customer request.

Learn more: CNT-M2 

CreoEdge MANET Radios

Intelligent wireless connectivity for on-the-move applications

CreoEdge MANET radios

Our state-of-the-art CreoEdge wireless communication solutions provide secure connectivity for a wide range of unmanned and autonomous vehicle requirements, with products for both mobile systems and fixed sites such as control stations.

The cognitive high-capacity radios provide both LOS and NLOS capabilities, with the ability to create highly versatile and adaptive self-forming and self-healing mesh networks.

Delivering low latency and wide area coverage of up to 10 km, the radios are easy to install and can support dozens on units simultaneously on the same channel.

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Combined radio & cellular communications for autonomous applications

HybridEdge communications technologyOur HybridEdge technology combines the proven functionality of our CNT-M2 wireless transceiver with the versatility of LTE cellular communications, ensuring the utmost in reliability for mission-critical applications.

Intelligently bonding multiple communications channels for failure-proof connectivity, HybridEdge is ideal for a range of autonomous applications, including precision agriculture and last-mile drone delivery.

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Wireless MANET connectivity for UAVs UGVs

UAS & Loitering Munitions OEMs

Our solutions are ideal for embedding into new designs for mission-critical military and defense systems such as unmanned aircraft and loitering munitions, providing a lightweight and easily-integrated wireless communications capability.

UAS & Unmanned Systems Operators 

Creomagic wireless radios are ideal for a wide variety of long-range UAV and robotics missions such as ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) and search and rescue, delivering the speed and response required for superiority on the battlefield.


Unmanned ground vehicles operating in urban, cluttered and NLOS non-line-of-sight) environments utilise Creomagic’s mesh networking capabilities to maintain connectivity even under highly challenging conditions.

Unmanned Mining Operations

Creomagic MANET technology is ideal for establishing communications networks for mining operations and enabling unmanned trucks and vehicles to carry out their tasks even when deep underground.

Civilian UAS & UAM

Our scalable wireless mesh solutions power a wide range of civilian applications, providing lossless real-time communication for public safety, inspection, drone delivery, urban air mobility and more.

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