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Embedded Computing Design, I/O Electronics & Hardware Engineering for Mission-Critical Control & Communications

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Sealevel Systems
Embedded Computing Design, I/O Electronics & Hardware Engineering for Mission-Critical Control & Communications
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Sealevel Systems is a leading developer of industrial-grade embedded computing design, I/O electronics and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for aerospace, defense and robotics applications. Our hardware and software products are ideal for enabling robust control and mission-critical communications for a wide range of unmanned systems designs, including UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) and UUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles).

Embedded computing design

Our embedded engineering solutions have been provided to and exceeded the expectations of a variety of global industry leaders, defense contractors and government agencies, including Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Raytheon, NAVAIR, SOCOM and more.

COTS Products

Embedded Computing Design & Engineering

We offer a range of highly configurable embedded solutions for I/O-intensive drones and robotics applications, providing unmatched computing power and versatility in SWaP-optimized form factors.embedded computing

Our highly compact COM Express computer-on-modules pack a large amount of functionality into a small footprint, making them ideal for size- and weight-constrained vehicle designs. We provide COM Express Type 6 modules with a choice on Intel CPUs.

industrial computers

The Relio family of industrial computers is designed for drone and robotics OEMs and systems integrators, providing flexible configuration possibilities and excellent levels of reliability in harsh environments. The rugged computers feature fanless solid-state designs with extended temperature and vibration tolerance, and are available with a number of form factor and processor options.

touch panel PCsOur rugged touch panel PCs deliver industrial-grade computing solutions that combine extensive processing and I/O capabilities with highly durable abrasion- and scratch-resistant touchscreens. The tough computers are ATEX and IECEx certified for operation in hazardous environments, and also feature IP64 ingress protection.

More information: Embedded Computing

Serial I/O

Our high-speed asynchronous and synchronous serial interfaces support RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, and RS-530 standards, with PCI, PCIe and USB options available for quick and easy communication with serial devices. All products include up-to-date software drivers and convenient setup tools.

USB Serial Adapters

Ethernet serial servers

PCIe Asynchronous Serial Adapters

PCI Synchronous Serial Adapters

More information: Serial I/O

Analogue & Digital I/O Modules

Our analogue and digital I/O modules and adapters allow you to monitor and control real-world signals using any computer via USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, serial or PCI/PCIe interfaces. I/O engineering capabilities include optically-isolated inputs, TTL-to-solid-state relay outputs, and analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue conversion.

digital input module
digital io module
ethernet io module
input output module

Our products can scale from monitoring just a few inputs up to creating distributed control networks, providing you with a solution for any size of application.

More information: Analogue & Digital I/O Modules

USB Hubs & Isolators

Our industrial-grade USB hubs add four or seven USB ports to a host computer, with up to USB 3.1 speeds. We also provide USB isolators that ensure medical-grade isolation of your connected devices.

USB Hubs

USB isolators

More information: USB Hubs & Isolators

ACC-188 Radio Adapter

synchronous serial radio adapterOur ACC-188 synchronous serial radio adapter is compatible with a wide range of leading tactical radios used in military and defense applications. The adapter works with any radio with a MIL-STD-188-184-compliant synchronous serial communication port, and enables radios to send critical data including GPS maps, images, coordinates, and text communications.

More information: ACC-188 Radio Adapter

Industrial IoT Electronics

iot electronicsOur Industrial IoT edge devices are ideal for robotics, automation and remote data acquisition applications, providing a variety of digital, analog and sensor I/O options as well as Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.

We also provide a secure IIoT cloud software platform that allows you to monitor, track, analyze and control data from our I/O devices, providing convenient real-time actionable information.

More information: Industrial IoT Electronics

Custom Embedded Electronics Design and Development

Sealevel creates custom embedded electronics, engineering solutions, and I/O board designs to solve a wide variety of customer challenges. We are committed to delivering maximum success in every custom project, and can provide you with a bespoke solution that fits your exact requirements, handling every stage from proof of concept through to post-shipment support.

Our capabilities include:

Project Management

We assign you a dedicated program manager, who will work closely with our Engineering, Manufacturing and Master Planning teams throughout each phase of the product development cycle. Work begins by defining product, certification, compliance and software specifications, and we also ensure component availability and define quality control requirements.


IO engineeringOur experienced in-house embedded engineering team includes experts in hardware, software, mechanical, layout, compliance and test departments. Clients benefit from direct access to our engineers throughout the lifetime of their custom projects, and we ensure that electrical, mechanical, environmental and software expectations are met and often exceeded.

Compliance, Test & Certification

We take a “design for certification” approach to engineering and manufacturing, ensuring that our compliance, test and certification engineers are involved from the very beginning. Our pre-certification analysis, validation and test methodology reduces time to market as well as development costs.


Embedded systems engineeringAll product design and assembly takes place at our US-based ISO 9001:2015-registered manufacturing facility. Our capabilities include state-of-the art Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and an in-house team of J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 certified technicians. Our facility also features a dedicated Special Projects area that provides enhanced physical security and is fully configurable to optimize production for OEMs.

Branding, Packaging & Logistics

We deliver custom branding, packaging and fulfillment processes, with an expert marketing department and talented artists who can ensure that your finished product reflects your brand standards and vision. We also evaluate your product to determine the best packaging materials for a secure delivery process, and can provide dedicated warehouse space for custom product storage.

Post-Production Support & Lifecycle Management

io-networkingOur on-site applications engineers have first-hand experience with all Sealevel hardware and software solutions and provide dedicated customer support throughout your relationship with us. Our Procurement team works to ensure ongoing access to components and cultivate vendor relationships for preferred priority.

More information: Custom Development

Unmanned Systems Applications

We have provided custom and COTS Input/Output systems, monitoring and control solutions for a variety of different unmanned systems applications.

Industrial ethernet networking

Military UAVs – our USB serial adapters have been integrated into portable transceiver units that receive intelligence from unmanned aircraft, providing enhanced situational awareness for soldiers on the battlefield.

Autonomous inspection drones – our USB hub, featuring vibration-resistant interconnects, has been utilised by a company that develops AI-powered software for autonomous drone power line inspection and monitoring.

Underwater ROVs – our isolated USB serial adapters have been used for ROV (remotely operated vehicle) communication and control, preventing potential damage from ground loops and surges.

UGVs – a leading UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) developer has incorporated our extended temperature operation-capable DAQ into an autonomous military resupply and medevac vehicle that can be programmed to follow paths or individuals.

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