Drone Control Software & Hardware for Integrated Drone Mission Planning & Drone Fleet Management

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Drone Control Software & Hardware for Integrated Drone Mission Planning & Drone Fleet Management
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Auterion Enterprise PX4 Drone operating systemAuterion is a state-of-the-art drone software platform designed to enable simple, safe and fully integrated large-scale operations for enterprise drone fleets, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) manufacturers, and government agencies.

Our cloud-enabled solution allows you to manage an entire fleet of enterprise drones with a single platform, smoothly integrating data captured into your existing workflows. Auterion provides a future-proof ecosystem of interoperable vehicles and payloads for a wide variety of drone operations, including energy and utilities inspection, search and rescue and first responders, cargo delivery and logistics, and precision agriculture.

Integrated drone operations

Drone OEMs can benefit from an end-to-end solution that allows you to focus more resources on developing your products and getting to market faster without maintaining a complex development environment.

Control & Fleet Management Software

Auterion Enterprise PX4

Operating System and Drone Control Software

Auterion Enterprise PX4 - Drone operating system and control software

Auterion Enterprise PX4 is an enterprise-class drone operating system for commercial UAV, based around the world’s most widely used open-source UAV flight control system.

Delivering advanced autonomy for multirotor, fixed-wing and VTOL UAVs, it features a fully-managed and supported distribution of the PX4 autopilot, as well as a variety of sophisticated features including autonomy capabilities, payload control, communications and system management.

Enterprise PX4 is constantly updated with the latest in functionality, reliability and cybersecurity.

Auterion Enterprise PX4 software features a powerful Autonomy Engine that allows the mission computer to use machine vision and AI for sophisticated collision prevention, obstacle avoidance, and accurate positioning in GPS-denied environments. Proprietary or third party applications can be easily deployed on Auterion-powered drones to leverage deep learning algorithms.

Drone operating system and control software

Our APIs allow you to simplify your workflows by integrating the Auterion platform with your existing software and systems. Our engineers offer full support to make your end-to-end experience as smooth as possible.

Other features of the all-in-one Auterion Enterprise PX4 drone control software package include:

  • Easy pairing with ground control station – pair any Auterion-powered drone with a simple tap in Mission Control
  • Software Update Manager – remotely update software on a single drone or the entire fleet
  • Auterion Link Manager – ensures secure communication over 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or satellite
  • Auterion Payload Manager – enables full control of cameras and gimbals from the ground via Auterion Mission Control or the SDK, with live video streaming
  • Predictive maintenance – issues are automatically flagged and escalated via the Auterion Suite, ensuring that you maintain the highest reliability.

Auterion Mission Control

Drone Mission Planning & Drone Flight Path Software

Drone flight control and planning software

Auterion Mission Control allows you to plan and execute missions and analyze real-time imagery and data for multiple UAVs using one app that runs on any laptop, tablet, or ground controller. Providing full control of any drone powered by Auterion, the powerful, intuitive mission planning software is constantly synchronized with Auterion Enterprise PX4 on the drone and Auterion Suite in the cloud.

Auterion Mission Control gives you everything you need to plan and operate UAV flights, including waypoints, surveying areas, scanning corridors, and Airmap services integration for airspace and UTM information. Onboard 4G LTE connectivity provides a live video stream overlaid with flight instruments, allowing you to operate drone cameras for inspections or surveys from anywhere.

Drone flight planning
Mission planning
Live Drone Video Streaming
Mission execution

Other key features of Auterion Mission Control include:

  • Planning for autonomous missions – rally points for automatic emergency landing, regions of interest for inspection flights, dynamic VTOL trajectories for accurate flight path prediction
  • Enhanced flight planning and safety – moveable takeoff and go-to locations, return-to-launch capability, alternate safe landing locations
  • Efficient flight preparations – pilot login for compliance, prepared mission loading, vehicle pairing for connection of one or multiple drones, pre-flight checklists.

Auterion Suite

Drone Fleet Management Software

Drone fleet management software

Auterion Suite is a cloud-based web application that allows you to easily manage and monitor your entire fleet from anywhere, giving you a complete real-time data picture of your drones, flights and pilots.

Maintaining constant synchronisation with Auterion Enterprise PX4 on your UAVs and Auterion Mission Control on the ground, Auterion Suite provides intuitive dashboard widgets and insightful visualizations, as well as easy integration with your existing workflows via our powerful APIs.

Drones upload flight logs and sensor data automatically to Auterion Suite, allowing you near real-time data access and analytics for individual vehicles or the entire fleet, and providing the ability to monitor fleet performance, pilot compliance and efficiency. Automatic drone fleet management software updates are also managed remotely, ensuring every UAV is always fully up to date.

Learn more: Auterion Suite

Auterion Insights

Central Hub for Drone Development and Device Testing

Auterion Insights drone development hub
Insights Drone Fleet Management Software

Auterion Insights is a  fleet development and real-time monitoring app for both prototype and production vehicles. Providing a central hub for product development, testing, deployment, and support, Auterion Insights allows you to manage everything with a single intuitive dashboard.

QA and test engineers can update drone software on any prototype, and accelerate development and test cycles with instant access to the most recent flight logs. Product managers can gain valuable insights into user experience and real-life usage and performance to create better UAVs. Issues can be immediately escalated to a support team over email, text, or Zendesk.

Log files are automatically captured and run through advanced deep learning algorithms to identify anomalies and issue proactive warnings, with immediate reports providing visibility on flights completed, average flight time, unusual drone behaviour and a wide range of other metrics.

Learn more: Auterion Insights

Drone Hardware Solutions

Skynode Advanced Avionics Module

Unified UAV Flight Control Solution for Fast-Tracked Development

UAV flight control system
Skynode-Gov drone operating control system

Skynode is a unified UAV flight controller, mission computer and connectivity solution that powers multirotor, fixed-wing and VTOL UAVs with the Auterion software platform. Providing a fast-track to enterprise-ready drones, it significantly reduces the time and costs of proprietary hardware and software design and maintenance, allowing UAS developers to focus on delivering quality products.

Skynode avionics drone control systemConnecting your drones to the Auterion platform with Skynode provides enterprise workflow integration, advanced UAV flight control and autonomy capabilities, and cloud-based analytics and predictive maintenance.

Easy, flexible plug-and-play allows you to connect, remotely control and live-stream a wide variety of payloads, including depth camera for collision avoidance, FPV cameras for situational awareness, and more.

Skynode is ideal for quick integration into prototypes, or as part of a final product. With off-the-shelf OEM units and licensed reference designs, both low and high-volume production can be catered for. The Auterion SDK allows you and your customers to deploy proprietary apps and algorithms on board the Skynode mission computer.

Auterion Skynode drone avionics modules

Skynode is available in one of four off-the-shelf variants:

Skynode Enterprise – allows manufacturers to power their drones with enterprise software, payloads and workflow integrations

Skynode Government – government radio link options and full compliance with 2020 National Defense Authorization Act Sec 848

Skynode RTA – Run-Time Assurance (RTA) for UAV operations that go beyond FAA Part 107 and require special waivers

Skynode Core board – integrate Skynode’s core components into your airframe however you choose.

Skynav Gov – Handheld UAV Ground Control

Rugged, Military and Government-Ready UAV Ground Control

Skynav Gov – Handheld UAV Ground Controller

Powered by Auterion Mission Control, Skynav Gov is a handheld drone ground controller that controls all UAS running Auterion Enterprise PX4 or communicating over MAVLink. The UAV ground control unit provides scalable control for Group 1 and Group 2 UAS, working with multirotor, fixed-wing and VTOL platforms as well as UGVs.

Drone ground controllerThe rugged, lightweight, IP65-rated system is designed to reduce cognitive overload for operators and allows autonomous flight planning, live video streaming, and data collection management all in one, making it ideal for any mission.

Skynav Gov features built-in LTE connectivity for wireless drone communication and supports three different radio transceivers (Microhard, Silvus, and Persistent Systems).

Skynav Gov is fully compliant with the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, Sec 848.


Dimensions 11 x 5.5 x 2 in
Weight 2.31 lb (1.05 kg)
Battery life 4 hours (8 hour option)
Hardware FZ-M1 Panasonic Toughpad
256 GB component SSD

Learn more: Skynav Gov

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