Cutting-Edge Operating System For Autonomous Computing & All-In-One Autonomy Solution For Drones

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Cutting-Edge Operating System For Autonomous Computing & All-In-One Autonomy Solution For Drones
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Auterion’s operating system for autonomous computing empowers a diverse range of robots to perform high-risk and mundane tasks, deliver goods, and aid in life-saving missions. Its industry-leading software drives the adoption of robotic fleets for a variety of commercial and public sector industries.

Auterion Drone operating system

Auterion unifies a workforce of autonomous systems that are connected to the same network and work together seamlessly. Benefit from the same end-to-end experience and workflows with any robotics system, whether it is a multirotor, fixed-wing, VTOL or unmanned ground vehicle.

Auterion drone software platform

Drone OEMs can benefit from an end-to-end solution that allows you to focus more resources on developing your products and getting to market faster without maintaining a complex development environment.

The Complete Drone Autonomy Solution


Vendor-independent operating system for connected robotics fleets

AuterionOSauterion software is a complete software platform for autonomous vehicles and robotics that is designed to work with systems and payloads from any vendor, creating a seamless interconnected experience. Consisting of a flight controller and an operating system that runs on the onboard computer, it enables the execution of advanced missions with the utmost of safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

AuterionOS provides a range of features that are crucial for safe robotic fleet deployment, including automated pre-flight checks, over-the-air updates and automated flight analysis for predictive maintenance. With LTE connectivity for real-time remote data transfer to the cloud, the powerful solution is ideal for ensuring remote collaboration, enhanced situational awareness, and more effective decision-making.

drone operating system

Both Auterion-created and third-party apps can be deployed on AuterionOS platforms, allowing users and developers to enhance the functionality of their drone and robotics platforms even further.

AuterionOS runs on multiple drone models and supports different payloads

Complete Drone Autonomy SolutionAuterionOS is currently powering drone and autonomous vehicle fleets around the world in a variety of different industries, including:

  • Cargo delivery
  • Energy and utilities inspection
  • Oil and gas
  • Public safety
  • Precision agriculture
  • Construction

Auterion Suite

Cloud-based fleet monitoring and management

Auterion Suite drone softwareAuterion Suite is a cloud-based platform that enables scalable management and monitoring of your entire drone fleet from a single location. Real-time data and flight logs are transferred automatically, and up-to-the-minute information is available instantly.

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Auterion Mission Control

Standardized control for every Auterion-powered autonomous vehicle

Auterion Mission ControlAuterion Mission Control software allows users to plan and execute autonomous missions for any Auterion-powered drone or robotic vehicle from a single app. With an intuitive interface, the mobile software is tightly integrated with flight control systems and payload and gimbal controls.

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Drone Hardware Solutions

Skynode X

Integrated autopilot and mission computer hardware

drone autopilot and mission computerSkynode X is an all-in-one hardware solution that provides everything you need for easy deployment of the Auterion software stack on a wide variety of drones and robotic vehicles. The low-SWaP NDAA-compliant system is built on secure open source technology and enables users to run advanced AI, machine learning and computer vision algorithms onboard.

Learn more: Skynode X

Skynode S

Compact autopilot & mission computer with AI capabilities

auterion skynode sSkynode S is a compact chip-down flight controller and mission computing solution that equips any sUAS with the power of the Auterion software stack. With support for two MIPI cameras, it is ideal for deploying AI and computer vision capabilities on small drone platforms.

Learn more: Skynode S

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