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Further Auterion-Powered sUAS Provided for Customs & Border Protection

Auterion will provide systems to support ISR missions with sUAS powered by AuterionOS, a user interface that simplifies mission planning & execution, reducing operator cognitive load By Abi Wylie / 31 Jan 2024
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The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has exercised an option under the existing Commercial Solutions Opening Pilot Program (CSOP) to procure further Auterion-powered systems from Auterion Government Solutions.

The systems the company provides will support Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions with small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS) powered by AuterionOS, the vendor-independent operating system for robotics and autonomous systems.

Auterion enables the rapid innovation, deployment, and evolution of robotics capabilities through the power, flexibility, and interoperability of open architecture software

Auterion initially delivered several unmanned vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) ISR systems for an operational evaluation and field assessment under the CBP’s SUAS CSOP program in early 2023. Auterion Mission Control, the ground control app to plan and execute autonomous missions for any AuterionOS-powered vehicle, was also provided as part of the system. 

These complete systems provided CBP with state of the art ISR VTOL capabilities and an intuitive user interface that simplified mission planning and execution and reduced the cognitive load for CBP operators.

In addition to the purchase of the systems, Auterion provided basic operator training and partnered with CBP to customize the unit’s software to ensure the ISR functionality would enable successful missions. CBP exercised the option to order additional units after successful pilot testing of the systems.

Auterion-powered systems have been in use in commercial markets since 2017 and the expansion of its work into DoD and national security agencies validates the company’s strategy to focus on open architecture and scalable platforms for the government market.

Errol Farr, President of Auterion Government Solutions, said; “Empowering our valued customers at CBP is at the heart of Auterion’s mission and we are delighted to enhance their operational efficiency through these systems. 

“Our commitment to providing innovative solutions reaffirms that open architecture is the key for CBP and other government entities to swiftly expand their robotics fleets with new and enhanced capabilities.”

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