Cutting-Edge Operating System For Autonomous Computing & All-In-One Autonomy Solution For Drones
Auterion Suite The centerpiece of your drone operations
Auterion Suite

The centerpiece of your drone operations

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Auterion Suite

Auterion Suite is a cloud-based platform that enables scalable management and monitoring of your entire drone fleet from a single location. Real-time data is automatically transferred during each mission, and all flight logs are uploaded for every vehicle and pilot, with advanced analysis and reporting tools available for further insights.

Automated end-to-end workflows streamline your operations, providing efficient management of complete enterprise drone and robotics programs. Key functionalities include:

Asset management – track payloads, vehicle parts and peripherals, and view vital data on lifecycle state and predictive maintenance

Operations – view real-time video feeds and telemetry data, as well as flight logs and mission details

Fleet management – remotely monitor vehicle status, manage over-the-air software and app deployment, and create detailed logs for transparency and more effective collaboration

Flight analytics – thorough status checks for all vehicles, proactive notifications, detailed log analysis, and easy data export for compliance