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Auterion Releases Updates for Inspection Operations & ISR Missions

Auterion seeks to reinforce its position as the leading platform for autonomous robots in diverse industries with updates to its Auterion Mission Control By Abi Wylie / 09 Nov 2023
Auterion Releases Updates for Inspection Operations & ISR Missions
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With its latest software release, Auterion has introduced updates that further enhance its capabilities in survey and inspection operations, as well as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) scenarios. 

Survey and Inspection Missions with Auterion Mission Control (AMC):

  • Loading KML areas for survey missions: Auterion Mission Control offers an intuitive feature that allows users to load KML files directly in the survey tool menu. Once loaded, AMC automatically generates the flight path for the area of interest. Users can fine-tune survey parameters to ensure efficient data collection tailored to their needs.
  • Leverage onboard LTE connectivity for RTK precision: Auterion is set to release an NTRIP app that uses LTE connectivity on the drone to enable real-time kinematic (RTK) precision for surveyors. This app will soon be available for purchase via the Auterion Suite.
  • Optimized asset inspection with payload integration: Auterion supports asset inspection use cases with thermal cameras like the Workswell WIRIS Pro. Automatic picture upload functionality ensures real-time synchronization of the collected imagery with the Auterion Suite. Further improvements have been rolled out to better control the thermal features and thresholds of the WIRIS Pro camera directly from AMC. This ensures operators have full control and interoperability.
  • New Quick Menu to better navigate vehicle functionalities: The latest AMC version introduces a quick menu where operators can easily control pre-flight checks, safety, cloud features and other functionalities. An Active Task page offers insights into tasks running on the Skynode onboard computer. This provides valuable visibility during operations, for example users can monitor the synchronization status of their imagery to the Auterion Suite.

Watch the full video here:

The latest updates for streamlined Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations:

  • Enhanced markers: In the latest AMC release, Auterion has improved markers. Users can now input markers by coordinates, making it easier to mark areas of interest as communicated by command & control.
  • Expanded marker information: When placing a marker on the map, users can expand it to read its location, facilitating communication over separate communication links. Markers can also be shared via ATAK.
  • Point of Interest (POI) and Follow Mode: A significant update is the introduction of Follow Mode, where the aircraft repositions itself around the POI and tracked objects. This aids situational awareness, particularly in dynamic scenarios, crucial for ISR missions.
  • Multiple Ground Control Stations (GCS): Auterion now allows multiple ground control stations to connect to the same vehicle. Observers can receive video and telemetry data, but have no control over the vehicle and payload. A user-friendly workflow allows for deliberate transfer of control from the pilot to the requesting observer. This feature enhances data sharing and analysis capabilities, leading to quicker decision-making and a more comprehensive understanding of the situation in mesh datalinks configurations.

Watch the full video here:

These improvements empower users with greater control, efficiency, and collaboration capabilities, reinforcing Auterion’s position as the leading platform for autonomous robots in diverse industries.

To learn more about the app and how to enable Multi GCS, get in touch with the Auterion team.

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