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Brushless Servo Actuators & Linear Actuators for UAV, Robotics & Unmanned Systems

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Hitec Commercial Solutions
Brushless Servo Actuators & Linear Actuators for UAV, Robotics & Unmanned Systems
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Hitec is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality servo actuators for unmanned systems and robotics. Our mission-critical actuation technologies are used in UAVs, UGVs, AUVs and ROVs worldwide.

High Performance Servo Actuators

Servo Actuators for ROVs UAVs roboticsOur precision motion control solutions deliver unrivalled reliability, power, speed, and durability. Our off-the-shelf and custom actuators are designed for challenging and demanding industrial and commercial applications, such as military retrieval ROVs, UAVs/RPAS, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics.

Precision Linear Actuators

Servo linear actuators for UAVs, robotics and unmanned vehicles

The HLS12 series of precision linear actuators features accurate repeatability and a range of versatile programmable functions in three different stroke lengths.

30mm linear actuator

50mm linear actuator

100mm linear actuator

SG Series Brushless Actuators

Brushless actuators with high performance DC motors

The SG actuator series features high-performance brushless DC motors with hardened steel gears, and titanium gear options for the SG29 and SG33.

Hitec Brushless actuators

Magnetic Encoder Brushless Series

Encased with a rugged, IP67/IP68 rated anodized aluminium alloy casing, these actuators are capable of 360 degree proportional rotation and are ideal for a wide range of rotary applications within UAVs and robotic platforms.

The SG50BL also provides connectivity via CAN and UAVCAN protocols.

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DB Series Brushless Actuators

Brushless servo actuators for industrial-grade applications

The DB Series of brushless servo actuators features high-quality construction with hardened steel gears and aluminium IP-67 rated waterproof enclosures for demanding commercial and industrial applications.

The servos feature PWM and PWM/TTL command protocols and a wide range of programmable parameters, including end points, direction, speed and dead bands.

DB777WP Brushless Actuator

DB778WP Brushless Actuator

Brushless Actuator Series

20mm high performance actuators with titanium gears

Advanced Brushless Drone ActuatorsThe Brushless Series of high-performance 20mm actuators for robotics and unmanned systems features programmable 12-bit PWM Digital Circuitry, low power consumption for energy efficiency, and constant torque output across the entire voltage range.

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MD Series Actuators

Heavy-duty and UAVCAN servo actuators for robotics and unmanned systems

The MD Series of IP65-rated heavy-duty actuators for robotics and unmanned systems features high-resolution programmable 32-bit digital circuitry, magnetic encoder position sensors, and a wide variety of protocol capabilities including CAN Bus (2.0A or 2.0B), UAVCAN, RS-485, PWM & TTL.

MD-Series IP65-rated heavy-duty actuators

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MD Series Waterproof Actuators

Rugged IP67-rated waterproof actuators

The MD Series of waterproof actuators additionally features IP67 rated casings:

MD-Series Waterproof IP67-Rated Actuators

Continuous Rotation Actuator Series

The Continuous Rotation Actuator Series features 360 degree proportional rotation for robotic applications.

Continuous Rotation Actuators

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