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Rugged Power Supplies and Power Converters for Unmanned Systems & UAVs

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Aegis Power Systems Inc.
Rugged Power Supplies and Power Converters for Unmanned Systems & UAVs
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Aegis Power Systems is an experienced USA-based manufacturer of power electronics for aircraft, military, embedded computing, and other heavy-duty applications. We provide high-quality integrated power conversion solutions to keep customer’s projects moving forward efficiently and effectively, including VME, Single Phase and Three Phase power supply systems.

We specialize in rugged power electronics solutions designed for harsh environment, high reliability, power density, EMI compliance, and compact size.

The products below represent just a sample of our capabilities. Get in touch today to see how our team can provide an innovative solution for your power conversion needs.

DC-DC Power Supplies and Converters

Our DC-DC power conversion products have been designed to meet a variety of input and output specifications, as well as UL and mil-spec requirements. Examples of our DC-DC products:


Rugged DC-DC Power Converter Card designed to MIL-STD specifications

LMA501 DC-DC Power Converter CardThe LMA501 is a DC-DC power converter card that can provide continuous operation with an input of 270Vdc, as per the MIL-STD-704E/F specification. It provides a single 28Vdc output with a maximum power output of 750W.

The LMA501 is also designed to meet portions of the MIL-STD-810F vibration and shock and MIL-STD-461E EMI requirements.


BG2802 DC-DC Mil-spec Enclosed Power ConverterMil-spec Enclosed Power Converter

The BG2802 is an enclosed-case conduction-cooled DC-DC power converter that takes a single 20 to 36VDC input and provides a single output with power of up to 238W.

Designed to meet MIL-STD-704A/E/F input requirements, MIL-STD-810F vibration and shock requirements, and MIL-STD-461E EMI requirements, the unit is ideal for UAVs and airborne platforms operating at altitudes of up to 50,000 ft.

AC-DC Single Phase Power Supplies

Our single phase power supplies are suitable for a variety of applications and design to meet a wide range of rugged and military requirements.


Rugged Power Supply with Output Power Sequencing

NCA903 Single Phase AC-DC Power SupplyThe NCA903 is a rugged single-phase AC-DC power supply that takes a 85 – 264VAC 60Hz input and provides up to three DC outputs with a maximum power output of 75W.
Featuring power-on sequencing, the NCA903 is ideal for specialized embedded computing applications in UAVs, UGVs and other unmanned systems.


Rugged and Reliable Single Phase Power Supply Converter Card

1PH60A Single Phase AC-DC Power SupplyThe 1PH60A is a single-output AC-DC power supply converter card that can be factory-configured to provide one of five possible outputs (+5Vdc, +12Vdc, +24Vdc, +28Vdc, or +48Vdc), with 400W, 600W or 650W of power available depending on the output voltage.

The 1PH60A is designed to meet portions of the MIL-STD-810F Environmental and MIL-STD-461E EMI standards, making it a rugged and reliable power solution.


Low-Noise Single Phase Power Supply Solution

Single Phase AC-DC Power SupplyThe GTA401-B is a compact low-noise AC-DC power supply that converts 95/250VAC power to two DC outputs (5.6Vdc, 3.8Vdc) for a total of 200W.

Enclosed in a metallic case with heatsink fins, the GTA401-B is designed for systems where forced air cooling is available. This product is highly ruggedized and designed to emit very low EMI per MIL-STD-461F.

AC-DC Three Phase Power Supplies

Our three phase power supplies are designed for higher load applications, providing high reliability, continuous power, and rugged features.


Three Phase Rugged Power Supply Units Designed for Extreme Performance 

HP3APFC6K400 AC-DC Rugged Three Phase Power Supply UnitThe HP3-series power supplies provide three-phase 200Vac power input and convert to 28Vdc output. The HP3APFC3K400 provides 3kW of power, while the HP3APFC6K400 provides 6kW of power.

Both options offer high performance fans for cooling, military circular connectors, inhibit/enable options, and low EMI.

These rugged power electronic solutions are designed for C4ISR command stations, avionics, and other needs requiring extreme performance.


Multiple Output Three Phase Power SupplyNRA301 Three Phase AC-DC Power Supply

The NRA301 is a multiple output AC-DC power supply that takes in 208Vac and provides one +29Vdc output, two +28Vdc outputs and one +5Vdc output, with a total output capacity of 4505W.

The NRA301 is ideal for rugged military applications and has been designed to meet portions of the MIL-STD -810F environmental and MIL-STD -461F EMI specifications.

VPX and VME Power Cards

Our converter cards for VPX and VME embedded computing systems offer high-performance rugged power solutions that are efficient, reliable, and standardized.


SOSA-Aligned AC-DC Power Card

VPX1PH3UC310-SA SOSA-Compliant AC-DC Power CardThe VPX1PH3UC310-SA is a single-phase VPX 3U form factor AC-DC power supply that takes a 85-264 VAC input and provides +12V and +3.3V (Aux) outputs. It has been designed in accordance with the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) technical standard for use in modular open systems architectures for sensor management.

The high-efficiency, SWaP-optimized power supply is ideal for powering C5ISR payloads such as radar, communications, electronic warfare, and electro-optical defense equipment.

DC-DC VPX Power Converter Cards

VPX Converter Cards for Embedded SystemsVPX DC-DC Power Converter Cards

Currently available in either 270Vdc or 28Vdc input, these DC-DC converter cards are design for VPX chassis computing systems.

Available in several temperature range options (including -55C to +85C for military), these VPX power converters are designed per VITA62 standards and provide high efficiency, low weight, and high power density for embedded systems employing the VPX backplane. IPMI communications are available for monitoring voltage, current, and temperature.

DC-DC VME Power Converter Cards

Military specification VME PSU

VME550 DC-DC VME Power Converter Card

The VME550 series is a range of DC-DC VME power converter cards, each of which provides four different DC output voltages (variations are -12Vdc, +3.3Vdc, +5Vdc, +12Vdc, +15Vdc and +19Vdc) from a 28Vdc input, with a maximum combined power output of 550W.

The VME550 series of power cards is an ideal military power solution, designed to meet portions of the MIL-STD-810F vibration and shock requirements and MIL-STD-461E EMI requirements.

Custom Power Supplies

Our knowledgeable team of engineers can custom-build a rugged power supply for your unique and demanding power conversion needs. Our highly reliable custom power supply units have been used in a wide array of mission-critical applications and harsh environments, including telecommunications, military and defense systems, unmanned vehicles, mobile satellite communications and more.

Please get in touch with your requirements!

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