Aegis Power Systems Develop Power Supplies and Converters for Unmanned Systems

Published: 21 Mar 2016

Aegis Power Systems, a leading manufacturer rugged power supplies and converters for unmanned systems, are showcasing their extensive range of products on the Unmanned Systems Technology (“UST”) website.

The ‘Silver’ profile highlights Aegis’ mission-critical power equipment that is particularly suitable for harsh environment industrial, commercial and military applications:

Single Phase AC-DC Power Supplies – suitable for a variety of applications and mil-spec requirements
1PH60A Single Phase AC-DC Power Supply

  • The 1PH60A is a single-output AC-DC power supply converter card provides 400W, 600W or 650W of power depending on the output voltage
  • The CS7061A is a quad-output AC-DC power supply that converts 115V AC power into four DC outputs (+5Vdc, -12Vdc, +12Vdc, +24Vdc)
  • The HR2303-01 is a multiple output power supply that converts 120V AC power into three DC outputs, with a total of 810W output power.

NRA301 Three Phase AC-DC Power Supply

Three Phase AC-DC Power Supplies – designed for higher load applications

  • The NRA301 is a multiple output AC-DC power supply with a total output capacity of 4505W
  • The CWA401 is a chassis pluggable multiple output AC-DC power converter that takes in a three phase AC input and delivers three DC outputs

DC-DC Power Supplies and Converters – designed to meet a variety of input and output specifications
LMA501 DC-DC Power Converter Card

  • The LMA501 is a DC-DC power converter card that can provide continuous operation with an input of 270Vdc, as per the MIL-STD-704E/F specification
  • The 300E is a DC-DC power converter that takes a high voltage input of 300Vdc and provides a single 28Vdc output with maximum power of 3700W
  • The HY2714A is a DC-DC converter power supply that takes a 28Vdc input and provides five outputs for customer use.

VME Power Cards – highly configurable power solutions
VME550 DC-DC VME Power Converter Card

  • The VME550 series is a range of DC-DC VME power converter cards, each of which provides four different DC output voltages

Aegis also develop custom power supplies to meet unique and demanding power conversion needs.


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