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Custom Sapphire Optical Windows, Domes & Lenses for Drones, ROVs & Gimbal Imaging Systems

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Meller Optics
Custom Sapphire Optical Windows, Domes & Lenses for Drones, ROVs & Gimbal Imaging Systems
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Meller Optics is a leading manufacturer of high-precision custom optical windows, domes and lenses for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), ROVs (remotely operated vehicles), AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles) and robotic systems.

With over 100 years of experience, we are at the forefront of custom optical fabrication, providing high-quality and precisely-machined sapphire optics and rugged lenses for critical applications and extreme environments.

custom optical components

Custom & OEM Capabilities

Customized sapphire optics fabrication

We provide custom-fabricated precision optics for drone, unmanned systems and robotics OEMs, tailoring components to your unique requirements. We manufacture rugged lenses and optical components from sapphire, as well as high-strength optical ceramics such as Spinel and Alon.

Our in-house capabilities and expertise includes:

  • 5-axis CNC machining
  • Surface grinding
  • Double and single side polishing
  • X-ray crystal analysis
  • Interferometric measurement
  • Surface roughness analysis

precision optics

Meller Optics is ISO 2001:2015 certified and ITAR & DFARS compliant.

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Sapphire Windows

Custom sapphire optical windows for ROV & drones

sapphire optical windowsOur sapphire optical windows rank 9 on the Mohs scale, giving them a hardness that is second only to diamond. Providing robust protection against fast moving dirt, sand, and saltwater, they can be enhanced with multi-spectral anti-reflective coatings that meet salt fog requirements.

The custom optical windows are available in three quality grades – Standard, Superior and High-Precision – to suit a variety of needs. Diameter, thickness and orientation can be customized to your specifications.

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Sapphire Domes

Optical domes for drone gimbals, ROVs & underwater cameras

sapphire domesOur tough high-precision sapphire domes can be provided with diameters of up to 100 mm and included viewing angles of up to 180 degrees. Manufactured on a highly repeatable 5-axis spherical machining center, they feature wall thickness variation of less than 25 microns and other dimensional tolerances of down to +/-10 microns.

Domes can also be manufactured from other materials upon request, including quartz, optical glass, silicon, zinc sulfide, germanium, Spinel and Alon.

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Sapphire Lenses

Rugged lenses for drone cameras, gimbals, thermal imaging & deep water applications

sapphire lensesOur optical-grade monocrystalline sapphire lenses are ideal for imaging and focusing, IR laser beamsteering and chemical and erosion-resistant applications. They feature diameter tolerances of +/- 0.25 mm and thickness tolerances of +/- 0.20 mm.

Available in positive and negative configurations, the ruggedized lenses can be manufactured to custom diameter and focal length requirements, and can be provided with anti-reflection and other thin film coatings.

More information: Sapphire Lenses >


Drone lenses

Rugged Lenses & Optics for Drones & UAVs

Our precision sapphire optics are ideal for front surface optics in both commercial and military drone and UAV platforms.

They can provide visual and thermal imaging sensors, gimbals and other payloads with robust protection against harsh environmental conditions including chemicals, erosion, dirt and sand, and extremes of temperature and pressure.

Deep Water Lenses and ROV Windows

Custom Optical Windows, Lenses & Domes for ROV, UUV, AUV

Our rugged lenses, windows and domes are ideal for underwater cameras and sensors, and provide the resilience required by UUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles), ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) and AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles) working in challenging deepwater environments. Able to withstand fast-moving particles and sand as well as pressures up to 10,000 psi, they are also highly algae-resistant thanks to their extremely smooth surfaces.

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