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Micro Infrared Thermal Drone Cameras for High Resolution Thermographic Imaging

iRay Technology
Micro Infrared Thermal Drone Cameras for High Resolution Thermographic Imaging
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InfiRay (iRay) is a leading developer of professional infrared and thermal imaging solutions for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), unmanned systems and robotics.

Based on unique cutting-edge temperature measurement and compensation algorithms, our infrared thermal imaging cameras and technologies are used widely around the world and have been sold to over 80 countries.

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Micro III Thermal Camera Module

High-resolution infrared imaging camera for drones and robotics

The Micro III is an advanced thermographic camera module that delivers high-accuracy temperature data in a small, compact package. Weighing approximately 20 grams and with a volume of 26 x 26 x 22 mm, it is ideal for SWaP (size, weight and power)-constrained UAV and robotics platforms.

Micro Drone Camera

HD Drone Camera

Drone Thermal Camera

High Resolution Thermal Camera

With five different communications interfaces, the micro drone camera makes R&D, prototyping and production as easy as possible for systems integrators and OEMs. The low power consumption of less than 900 mW means that heat dissipation is not a problem.

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Smooth HD thermal imaging capabilities

Our proprietary Matrix III intelligent image algorithm ensures that the Micro III delivers high-quality HD output with extremely accurate temperature data. The module’s high sensitivity allows it to distinguish more details and detect targets at greater ranges.

Delivering high frames rates of up to 50 Hz, the HD drone camera provides smooth, low-latency video that keeps pace with high-speed moving targets and rapid temperature changes, in turn improving detection efficiency and data reliability.

drone thermal imaging cameraThe Micro III provides six different temperature measurement modes, allowing users to carry out professional and comprehensive temperature analysis for a variety of different applications without missing any abnormal data points.

The Micro III is available with three different image resolutions to suit a variety of thermal imaging requirements.

High-Resolution Thermal Camera for a Range of Drone-Based Applications

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Security & Surveillance
Drones and robotic vehicles equipped with thermal imaging cameras are ideal for night-time surveillance, perimeter patrol, protecting critical sites and assets, and finding missing persons in the dark.

Building Inspection
Thermal imaging drones provide an efficient way of scanning buildings to detect leaks, energy inefficiencies and other faults and issues.

Solar Panel Inspection
Solar cell defects are quickly and easily detected with infrared imaging cameras, providing significant savings in costs and manpower compared to traditional methods.

Oil & Gas
Aerial thermal imaging provides a number of essential services for oil and gas facilities, including tank monitoring and pipeline inspection.

Drone IR cameras are an indispensable asset for firefighting crews, with the ability to see through smoke and haze, detecting hotspots and providing critical situational awareness.

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