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Chassis Enclosures & Backplanes: COTS & Custom Rackmount, ATR & VPX Chassis Designs

Atrenne Computing Solutions
Chassis Enclosures & Backplanes: COTS & Custom Rackmount, ATR & VPX Chassis Designs

rugged chassis enclosures and backplanesAtrenne Computing is a leading developer of mission-critical embedded computing solutions for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and unmanned systems. With over 50 years of experience, we design our rugged chassis enclosures and backplanes to the most rigorous environmental and performance standards.

In addition to our COTS products, we specialize in ruggedized high-performance embedded computing, meeting the needs of UAV and drone applications, such as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR). Our experienced engineers have designed, developed, and deployed entire embedded systems and components that solve unique challenges such as size, weight, and power (SWaP) optimization, thermal management, and extreme environmental operations. To find out how we can do the same for you, please get in touch with your requirements.

Custom Chassis Design
Drone Chassis Design

Electronics Chassis Enclosures

ATR Chassis – Air Transport Rack Enclosures

Our ATR (Air Transport Rack) enclosures are ideal for a variety of airborne applications, including ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), electronic warfare, SIGINT, and UAV radar.

A variety of architectures and form factors are supported, including SOSA, VPX, OpenVPX, CompactPCI and VME. Cooling options include forced-air conduction, liquid conduction, convection and heat exchange.

714 SERIES ATR Chassis

714 Series – Modular convection-cooled ATR enclosure

716 SERIES Air Transport Rack

716 Series – Conduction-cooled 3U & 6U ATR chassis

717-SM Rugged ATR

717-SM Series – ATR chassis for high-level processing & throughput

Rugged ATR Chassis

58-170 – Specialized ATR chassis for rotary-wing UAV radar

Ruggedized Chassis

26-151 – 3U & 6U OpenVPX chassis for airborne ISR

Custom Chassis Design

61-174 – Military-grade chassis with unique heat exchanger cooling

Rackmount Enclosures

We provide rackmounted chassis in a wide range of form factors for a variety of deployment as well as development applications. Supported platforms include VPX, OpenVPX, CompactPCI and VME.

Options are available for hot-swappable modules and power supplies, hot-pluggable fans, and application-specific I/O.

508:528 Modular rackmount enclosure

508/528 Series – Modular rackmount enclosure with power & airflow monitoring

555 SERIES Rackmount Chassis

555 Series – High-powered rackmounted enclosure with front-removable cooling

582 SERIES 1U or 2U rackmount enclosure

582 Series – Ultra-thin 1U or 2U rackmount enclosure


709/729 Series – Rugged rackmount enclosure for computing in extreme applications

710 SERIES Ruggedized Chassis

710 Series – Versatile rackmount system with ruggedized welded construction

794 SERIES 2U Rugged rackmount chassis

794 Series – Rugged rackmount chassis with integrated video controller & Ethernet

Small Form Factor Enclosures

Our small form factor (SFF) chassis are designed for SWaP-limited UAVs and unmanned systems, and are engineered to provide high performance under challenging environmental conditions such as extremes of temperature and high levels of shock and vibration.

Options are available for supporting SOSA, OpenVPX, VPX-REDI, CompactPCI and COM Express architectures, as well as for enabling the use of commercial Mini-ITX systems in harsh environments.

SFF-4 OpenVPX chassis

SFF-4 – Lightweight and compact conduction-cooled OpenVPX/VPX REDI/CompactPCI chassis

SFF-6 Rugged VPX Chassis

SFF-6 – Small form factor conduction-cooled enclosure for rugged applications

881-331 - 3U OpenVPX chassis

881-331 – High-powered 3U OpenVPX chassis for specialized ISR

Promethean - rugged COM Express enclosure

Promethean Series – Highly configurable rugged COM Express enclosures

760-91 - SWaP-optimized rugged chassis

760-91 – SWaP-optimized rugged chassis for commercial Mini-ITX & PCIe cards

760-92 - ruggedized enclosure

760-92 – High-altitude ruggedized enclosure for commercial Mini-ITX & PCIe cards

Lab Development Chassis

Our electronics chassis enclosures for laboratory, development and demonstration environments feature flexible designs that can be easily reconfigured to suit different phases of the development lifecycle.

Designs include open-frame, portable, desktop and rackmount configurations. Options are available that support 3U and 6U module form factors, air and forced-air conduction cooling, and the industry’s widest selection of backplane topologies.

522 Series - Open-frame 3U or 6U development chassis

522 Series – Open-frame 3U or 6U development chassis for VPX & VME64

524 Series - OpenVPX development chassis

524 Series – CMOSS & SOSA-aligned OpenVPX development chassis

585 Series - 6U Compact PCI development chassis

585 Series – Portable benchtop 6U CompactPCI development chassis

COOL-CC3 - portable tower chassis

COOL-CC3 – High-powered portable tower chassis with conduction cooling

COOL-XC6 - 6U VPX tower chassis

COOL-XC6 – 6U VPX tower chassis with advanced cooling

DT-CC - Rackmount development chassis

DT-CC – Rackmount & desktop development chassis with conduction cooling

Computing Backplanes

Our backplanes provide solutions to meet the needs of virtually any mission-critical computing requirements, supporting a wide variety of system architectures including SOSA, VPX, OpenVPX, VME64x, VXS and CompactPCI.

Our highest-performing backplanes, the Gen-4/5 OpenVPX Series, feature 100 Gb Ethernet compatibility and are ideal for high-throughput UAV applications such as C4ISR, SIGINT and electronic warfare.


Gen-4/5 OpenVPX Series – High-performance backplanes compatible with 100 GbE & PCI Express


VME64x VITA 1.7 Series – High-power & low-noise backplanes designed to meet ANSI/VITA 1.1


6U VXS VITA 41.x Series – Switch fabric backplanes with excellent signal integrity


3U VPX Series – High-bandwidth backplanes for aerospace & defense applications

3U OpenVPX backplane for UAV radar

97/98-176 – 3U OpenVPX backplane for UAV radar

3U/6U OpenVPX backplane for UAV ISR

95-179 – Hybrid 3U/6U OpenVPX backplane for UAV ISR

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