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Radar & ADS-B Surveillance Data Fusion, Integration & Display | UAV Tracking & ATC Integration
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Sunhillo is a global leader in surveillance data distribution and conversion systems for manned and unmanned aircraft (UAS, UAV).

For over 30 years Sunhillo has deployed radar data distribution systems to the FAA, DoD, and ANSP’s around the world. Sunhillo’s SureLine Software Suite (SureLine®) provides the capability to ingest multiple forms of surveillance data (radar, ADS-B, UAS location) to provide a common, fused situational picture which can be displayed on our Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS) or integrated into a UTM or Operations Center.


  • Fused tracking of crewed and uncrewed aircraft
  • Ground-based ADS-B receivers
  • Surveillance monitoring and display
  • Radar protocol conversions
  • Surveillance data aggregation and fusion for UTMs
  • UAV tracking & integration
  • BVLOS Solution
  • Data diode for secure data
  • UTM to ATC bridge

Surveillance Data Integration & Fusion

Enabling UTM systems to ensure safe and secure drone operations

Surveillance Data Fusion for Unmanned Traffic Management

Sunhillo’s Multi-Track Fuser capability facilitates UTM systems in managing multiple data streams from various sources like radars and ADS-B, amalgamating them into a unified track. This advancement ensures precise tracking for each unmanned aircraft within the airspace, streamlining UAV surveillance data acquisition significantly, and mitigating clutter on displays caused by multiple tracks.

The Multi-Track Fuser accommodates connection to as many as 32 sensors simultaneously, with each sensor capable of handling up to 800 tracks continuously. Collectively, it permits the output of up to 5000 fused tracks, effectively supporting high volumes of unmanned aircraft traffic. This adaptable system can process input data and deliver output tracks in various formats, including ASTERIX, CD2, and ASR9. Furthermore, the output data can be formatted in diverse frames such as SGF and ECGP.

How multiple UAS-C units can be linked to provide a comprehensive surveillance data solution

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UAS-Connector – UAV Tracking & Surveillance

Secure ATC integration for BVLOS UAV operations

UAS-C UAV monitoring

UAS Connector UAV Tracking & Surveillance

The UAS-Connector (UAS-C) is a tracking and surveillance system for BVLOS UAS flying through controlled airspace.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing air traffic control (ATC) systems, it connects to the UAV ground control station (GCS) to provide positional information to a centralized UAS-C Gateway. Supporting one to many UAS-C connections, the UAS-C Gateway provides a secure link to the connected UAS-C endpoints and acts as the gate keeper for any communication to or from an ATC system or other command center.UAS-C track UAS airspace integration

With Sunhillo’s long history of ATC communication products, the UAS-C Gateway can transparently provide ATC systems with UAV surveillance in compatible, standardized data formats.

With no additional equipment required on the UAV, the UAS-C is ideal for all platforms regardless of size or altitude. Providing critical situational awareness for pilots, a sense-and-avoid display tracks all aircraft in the area and sends messages to ATCs or local command centers.

UAS-C track UAS

The UAS-C is linked to the UAS-C Gateway either remotely using an internal LTE modem or directly connected via Ethernet. The UAS-C PIC interfaces include a tablet display and USB headset for optional voice communication.uas-c uav surveillance

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Margate II ADS-B Receiver

Versatile receiver for UAV Detect-and-AvoidMargate II - ADS-B system

The versatile, small form factor Margate II ADS-B Receiver accepts and decodes both 978MHz UAT and 1090MHz ADS-B transmissions, and has been deployed extensively on FAA UAS test sites and by the U.S. Department of Defense for applications such as detect-and-avoid.

The receiver features a direct RF antenna connection on the front panel of the device, as well as an integrated GPS receiver. Outputs can be sent over Ethernet in a variety of message formats including CAT 21 & 23 ASTERIX.

The Margate II ADS-B Receiver has been designed to exceed DO-260B and DO-282 standards.

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UAV Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS)

ADS-B and Radar Display for UAV Tracking

ADS-B Flight Tracker Surveillance Monitoring system

The Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS) is a UAV tracking and monitoring data display solution. It is designed to allow users to monitor UAS-C, radar and ADS-B feeds on a single display.

The SMS provides a variety of useful features including instant target information display, filtering based on geographic location, and GIS import for map overlays and does not require an internet connection.

ADS-B Tracker Surveillance Monitoring system

The SMS hardware package includes a 30” high definition monitor, a state-of-the-art high-powered PC, and our Brigantine Surveillance Gateway Processor (SGP) for data formatting and conversion.

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Brigantine Surveillance Gateway Processor

LAN-to-LAN UAV surveillance sensor data formatting and conversion

Brigantine Surveillance Gateway ProcessorThe Brigantine Surveillance Gateway Processor (SGP) is a dedicated 1U communications platform that provides LAN-to-LAN surveillance sensor data formatting, content filtering, and protocol conversions to bridge the gaps between dissimilar ATM systems.

The system features our SureLine software suite with an intuitive web-based graphical interface that provides content filtering based on geographical volume selection, protocol-specific refinements and a variety of other tools. Hardware interfaces include twelve 1Gb Ethernet ports and two Enhanced Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP+) ports that provide up to 10Gb Ethernet over copper or single/multi-mode fiber modules. A COM Express Single Board Computer (SBC) module can also be interfaced with the system for additional expansion capabilities.

The Brigantine SGP security features are modelled after the Common Criteria (ISO/IEC 15408) Network Device Protection Profile (NDPP). The system also includes an integrated encryption processor for streamlined mission-critical performance.

Learn more: Brigantine Surveillance Gateway Processor

2U RAMS Tactical UAV Tracking Kit

Radar and ADS-B flight tracker & UAV monitoring system

The 2U Radar & ADS-B Monitoring System (RAMS) combines our proven Margate II ADS-B Receiver and Antenna, RICI 5000 data formatting and conversion unit, and Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS) all in one portable tactical kit.2U RAMS - Radar & ADS-B flight tracker

Using primary and secondary radar information as well as ADS-B, it provides real-time tracking and situational awareness of UAVs and other aircraft, all displayed on a powerful laptop computer.

The system features four radar input ports, as well as Ethernet connectivity allowing network distribution across multiple operation centers, and compatibility with NASA UTM (unmanned traffic management).

All components of the ADS-B flight tracker kit can be securely transported in a compact, waterproof 2U locking case with convenient telescoping handle and wheels.

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UAS Situational Awareness Tactical Kit

Enhanced awareness of both manned and unmanned aircraft

The UAS Situational Awareness Tactical Kit increases the safety of drone operations by providing enhanced situational awareness of both manned and unmanned aircraft. Combining our UAS-Connector, UAS-C Gateway, Margate II ADS-B Receiver and GPS Antenna, it accepts and decodes both 1090MHz ADS-B and 978MHz UAT signals, and also allows your drone to be tracked by ATC operators.

UAS Situational Awareness Tactical Kit

The combined system connects to the UAV’s GCS and converts positional data sent from the aircraft into a radar or ADS-B message. This can then be shared with ATC or a local command centre. The system also tracks all cooperative UAS and manned aircraft equipped with ADS-B.

The included laptop-based Surveillance Monitoring System allows you to display multiple radar, ADS-B and UAS targets, and features a fully customizable display and geofencing capabilities.

The complete UAS Situational Awareness Tactical Kit can be transported in a rugged secure waterproof carry-on luggage-sized case.

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