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Mesh Radio, WiFi Transceivers & Wireless Mesh Network Technology for Drones, UAVs, UGVs & Robotics
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Doodle Labs is a leading developer of state-of-the-art wireless mesh network technology for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles), robotics and Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

Our field-proven long-distance wireless datalink solutions are ideal for OEMs and system integrators of nLOS (near line of sight) and BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) drones, unmanned systems and ground control stations, providing superior reliability and performance with minimal integration effort.

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MIMO Mesh Router

High-performance mesh radio and router for UAV & UGV wireless datalink

Smart Radio - MIMO radio and mesh router

The Smart Radio by Doodle Labs is a state-of-the-art MIMO mesh broadband router that provides an ultra-reliable wireless datalink between a base station and one or more unmanned vehicles.aerial data linksIdeal for nLOS and BVLOS operations, it has been field proven to support links up to 116km and up to 20km for HD video. It features self-forming and self-healing multi-frequency mesh radio capabilities for complex connected systems.

Featuring self-forming and self-healing multi-frequency mesh capabilities, it’s is ideal for creating complex tactical MANETs (mobile ad hoc networks) that seamlessly connect a variety of unmanned systems as well as control stations, cameras and other devices.

complex tactical MANETs

Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC)

The smart radio utilizes proprietary Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) to ensure mission-critical command & control data is never compromised. Higher bandwidth data like 4K video streaming is transmitted concurrently using separate optimizations.

The frequency-agile Smart Radio is available from 100 MHz to 6 GHz to meet a range of end-user or global location requirements. Each frequency module is form-factor compatible, allowing the customer to switch the operating frequency by simply switching the module.

Mesh radio features

The Smart Radio features advanced 128 bit and 256-bit AES encryption and is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliant.

smart radio for mission-critical command and controlIt’s highly compact and lightweight form factor make it ideal for SWaP constrained UAVs, UGVs and other unmanned systems. It is available as embedded modules or external-mounted (IP-67 rated) units. Its robust construction, rated to MIL-Spec standards, provides superior resistance against vibration and extreme temperatures.

The ISM band radios are available in two performance variants: Pro and Xtreme.

The Smart Radio is one of the most affordable high performance RF broadband radio platforms with the aim of supporting a variety of companies and projects, and facilitating implementation at scale.

Pro Xtreme
Max Operating Range 8km >20km
Max Data Throughput 80 Mbps
(20 MHz channel)
100 Mbps
(26 MHz channel)
Encryption 128-bit AES hardware 256-bit AES software
Channel Sizes
(Software Selectable)
5, 10, 20 MHz 3, 5, 10, 20, 26 MHz

Embedded vs External Physical Specs:

Embedded Smart Radio mesh router
External smart radio with broadband mesh router
Dimensions 65 x 57 x 11 mm 120 x 137 x 58 mm (plus mounting brackets)
Weight 60 grams 540 grams
Interfaces 2x Ethernet, USB or UART 2x Ethernet, 2x USB, UART, 2x GPIO

Learn more and see available models: Smart Radio

Wearable Smart Radio

Mesh network connectivity for remote workers

Wearable Smart Radio - Mesh connectivity

The Wearable Smart Radio provides human operators with convenient mesh connectivity to UAV and autonomous vehicle networks. It has been designed to enhance productivity and allow collaboration over networks deployed in a variety of conditions, from airports and construction sides to remote regions.

Wearable Smart Radio for construction

The built-in WiFi hotspot and USB/Ethernet ports allow you to connect any internet-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets and drone and robot ground control stations, to the mesh network. The Wearable Smart Radio allows users to take advantage of a fast, secure private wireless mesh network, handling command & control, concurrent streaming of 4K video, and voice and text communication with latency of less than 10 ms.

Wearable Smart Radio

The lightweight unit is smaller than a smartphone and features integrated antennas, for easy carrying and deployment. The integrated GPS and altimeter provide positioning data that enables greater situational awareness across the mesh network. The Wearable Smart Radio is also available as an OEM version for system integrators.


Dimensions 135 x 70 x 22 mm (5¼ x 2¾ x 7/8”)
Weight 245 grams (8.6 oz)
Range Up to 1.5 Km with embedded antennas
Up to 10 Km with attached antennas
Up to 100 Km with external antennas
Throughput Up to 100 Mbps
Operating Time Up to 10 hours of video with a 50W battery pack
Frequency Range Options License-Free Bands:
902-928 MHz
2400-2482 MHz
3550-3700 MHz
5150-5895 MHzGovernment & Federal Bands:
1350-1390 MHz
1650-2510 MHz
2025-2110 MHz
2200-2510 MHz
4400-4800 MHz
4800-4940 MHz
4940-4990 MHz
5030-5091 MHz
5180-5240 MHz
5745-5825 MHz

Learn more: Wearable Smart Radio

Helix Smart Radio

Hex-band radio for UAVs & unmanned systems

Helix Smart Radio

The Helix Smart Radio is a low-SWaP hex-band radio driven by the needs of UAVs and UGVs, Originally developed for the US Army’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), it covers six Federal and ISM bands in the 1625-2500 MHz range, providing versatility and the ability to use the most suitable band without needing to switch hardware.

Global Frequencies

As with all Smart Radios, Helix is powered by Doodle Labs’ patented Mesh Rider technology, and can be used to stream HD video at distances of over 20 km. Dynamic mesh capabilities enable range extension and swarming, and channels are optimized to carry command & control and video signals for unmanned systems.

The wide frequency range allows a number of dual-band permutations when using two radios on a system. Redundant communication can be configured to ensure connectivity if one band is jammed. Video can be multicast to multiple users and control of the drone can easily be passed from one user to another.

Helix Smart Radios

The Helix Smart Radio consists of two boards (Baseband and RF) that can be mounted in a variety of configurations within the vehicle’s chassis, in order to accommodate different space and thermal management considerations.


Dimensions Baseband Board: 28 x 47 x 5 mm
RF Board: 46 x 51 x 6.5 mm
Weight 26 grams
Range 20+ km with low gain antennas
Throughput Up to 80 Mbps
Frequency Range Hex Bands (M1-M6) within 1625-2500 MHz
Security FIPS 140-3 Level 1
256-bit AES

Learn more: Helix Smart Radio

Industrial WiFi Transceivers

Long-range Wi-Fi transceiver module for drones and robotics

Lightweight long range Wi-Fi transceiverDoodle Labs’ Industrial Wi-Fi Transceivers enable long-range wireless RF communications for a wide range of unmanned systems and robotics applications. Featuring high transmit power, receive sensitivity, and interference immunity in an ultra-low SWaP-C package, these wifi transceivers provide exceptional multipath and nLOS performance even in complex, challenging environments.

It features rugged MIL-Spec construction, resistance to vibration, and operation in an extended temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees C. An industry-standard miniPCIe interface allows easy hardware integration with any CPU board.

A wide variety of Industrial Wi-Fi Transceiver configurations are available, including: 2×2 MIMO streams for drones and robotics and 3×3 MIMO streams for wide-area long-range access points. The modules are ideal for mesh and MANET applications, providing reliable and robust connectivity.


Size 30 x 50 x 4.8mm
Weight 12 grams
RF Power 30 dBm
Frequency Range 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz

Smart Radio Antennas

Multi-polarized antennas for UAVs and mobile robotics

We offer a range of multi-polarized antennas designed to maximise the performance and reliability of our Smart Radios. The rugged IP67-rated antennas meet several military specifications and are ideal for SWaP-limited drones and robotic vehicles.

smart radio antennasOur omnidirectional Smart Radio antennas ensure reliable connectivity even when orientation changes rapidly due to vehicle pitch and roll. A variety of models are available for both license-free and licensed federal bands:

  • 902-928 MHz – ISM Band
  • 2400-2482 MHz – WiFi Band
  • 3550-3700 MHz – CBRS Band
  • 5725-5875 MHz – ISM Band
  • 2200-2300 MHz – S Band
  • 4400-5000 MHz – NATO Band

Learn more: Smart Radio Antennas

Applications & Case Studies

Secure smart radio for drones and UAVUnmanned Aerial Vehicles

Our wireless mesh network solutions are ideal for the challenging requirements of UAVs, providing a variety of benefits for OEMs and system integrators of 4K video streaming drones:

  • Minimal SWaP footprint, optimized to save space and weight and increase UAV flight times
  • Command & control uplink and concurrent streaming sensor data downlink minimizes complexity, with Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) technology ensuring robust communication even in noisy environments
  • Flexible configuration allows optimal balancing of gain, range, operating frequency, and antenna configuration
  • Advanced COFDM and MIMO RF technologies compensate for dynamic orientation issues caused by high-speed flight, pitch and roll of UAVs
  • Form-factor compatible models allow OEMs to easily cater for different licensed, unlicensed and special frequency band needs for international, public safety and defense customers
  • Self-healing, self-forming mobile mesh technology extends operating ranges and supports networks of multiple linked UAVs and UGVs – ideal for tactical MANET applications with no existing infrastructure required
  • Plug-and-play Ethernet and UART interfaces allow easy integration with a variety of UAS and flight controller architectures.

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Robotex Robot with MIMO radio for UGVUnmanned Ground Vehicles

UGVs and ground robots face a variety of unique environmental challenges. Our state-of-the-art wireless datalink solutions leverage advanced COFDM, MIMO and RF technologies to address these challenges, providing reliable high-throughput links between rover vehicles and control stations.

  • MIMO technology mitigates RF link quality issues produced by noisy indoor, industrial and underground environments
  • High receive sensitivity allows wireless MIMO radios to handle interference and operate at long ranges
  • Multiple frequency options allow optimized tradeoff of signal penetration and operating frequency
  • Command & control uplink and concurrent streaming sensor data downlink minimizes complexity, with Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) technology ensuring robust communication even in noisy environments
  • Form-factor compatible models allow OEMs to easily cater for different licensed, unlicensed and special frequency band needs for international, public safety and defense customers
  • Self-healing, self-forming mobile mesh technology extends operating ranges and supports complex use cases with multiple rovers and scattered access points, as well as networks of multiple linked UAVs and UGVs
  • Ideal for MANET creation in challenging NLOS environments, providing versatile connectivity with minimal setup
  • Low-SWaP footprint minimizes weight and power consumption of handheld UGV control stations.

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