Communications for UAVs & GCS: Voice Communication & Recording System, Airborne Radio Gateways

Communications for UAVs & GCS: Voice Communication & Recording System, Airborne Radio Gateways
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ONUR is a leading developer of mission-critical recording solutions & voice communication for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), RPAS (remoted piloted aircraft systems) and drones.

uav communications

With unique engineering expertise and over 40 years of experience, we have delivered hundreds of air-to-ground and ground-to-ground voice communication systems around the world. Our products have flown for over 60,000 hours on board tactical-class UAS and MALE (medium altitude high endurance) satellite-controlled UAS.

Voice Communication and Recording Systems

OCS-NG4000-RPS : VOIP communications for UAVs & GCS

aircraft voice communication system

The OCS-NG4000-RPS is a specially designed voice communication and recording system for integration into UAS ground control stations (GCS). Designed to meet and exceed ATM (air traffic management) industry standards, the IP based system provides seamless interoperability between legacy and next-generation voice communication systems.

VCS systems for UAV communicationsBased on standard Voice Over IP (VOIP) communication technologies, the versatile system allows operators to integrate a wide variety of third-party systems such as digital and analogue HF/VHF/UHF radios, all types of telephony interfaces, SATCOM, GSM, intercom systems, and legacy audio distribution systems.

This flexible design allows the creation of integrated ATM/UTM (air traffic management/unmanned traffic management) solutions and fills the voice gap between ATM&UTM.

VCS Voice communication system

Optimized for RPS applications with low rack space requirements, the VOIP system can be outfitted with a variety of CWP (controller working position) options including 7”, 8”, 9,6” or customer-specific screens. A range of redundancy levels can be provided, from low-footprint non-redundancy to highly fault-tolerant systems.

Other features include:

  • Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Fully compliant with EUROCAE ED 137 and forthcoming updates
  • Built-in support for our RIG-200R airborne radio gateway, with the ability to relay voice and data over the UAS
  • Comprehensive voice codec support
  • Can be used for both military and civilian applications – military version supports crypto integration
  • Supports optional features such as messaging, ambient recording and aural warning

More information: Voice Communication & Recording System for UAVs & GCS

Airborne Radio Gateway for UAVs & GCS

RIG-200R : Rugged RIG for IP communications

The RIG-200R is a rugged radio gateway that provides transparent and IP based access to remote audio and radio assets on board UAVs. The system is designed to provide advanced capabilities, such as uninterrupted voice communication and access to airborne COMINT/SIGINT/ELINT sensors, to ground control stations and ATM/UTM operators via line-of-sight or SATCOM datalinks.

Airborne radio over ip gateway

The UAV radio gateway uses standard voice and remote-control radio interfaces and converts all necessary signals to IP based protocols. Due to its software based architecture, no modification of user-supplied equipment is necessary, greatly simplifying integration.

UTM Radio Gateway for UAS Applications (RIG-200R)The RIG-200R also supports transparent integration of digital waveforms, enabling narrowband digital data transfer, wideband voice encryption, support for PLS interrogators, and more. It is compatible with NATO-standard KY58 and KY100 voice crypto equipment and natively supports remote control of these devices from the GCS.

The rugged system has been designed to meet the following standards:

  • STANAG 4586 Standard Interfaces of UAS Control System (UCS) for NATO UAS Interoperability
  • STANAG 7023 AIR Reconnaissance Primary Imagery Data Standard
  • STANAG 4671 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Airworthiness Requirements (USAR)
  • DO-178 DAL-D for hardware
  • DO-254 DAL-D for software for safety requirements

More information: Airborne Radio Gateway for UAVs

OSR-IP1000: Tactical Mesh Networking System

The OSR-IP1000 Tactical Mesh Networking System provides highly reliable and efficient IP-based infrastructure for aerial, naval and ground-based unmanned systems, allowing secure exchange of voice, data and video.

Tactical Mesh Networking System

The system aggregates all available communications, including radios, SATCOM and wideband wireless communication modules, providing seamless and integrated management of systems running on a number of different wireless protocols. Advanced rugged hardware includes intelligent hybrid sub-net routers and software-based tactical modems.

Using versatile ad-hoc and mesh networking technologies, the OSR-IP1000 enables both point-to-point and multi-point communications. Advanced features include hybrid performance analysis, dynamic bandwidth allocation, and military-grade encryption.

More information: Tactical Mesh Networking System

OSV-IP1000 : Tactical Networking System for USVs

The OSV-IP1000 is a comprehensive networking solution for USVs that provides tactical voice, data, and video exchange. Designed to surpass the shortcomings of traditional data exchange and satellite-based networking, the flexible system provides full compatibility between multiple USVs and the rest of the naval task force.

Tactical Networking System for USVs

Able to handle any range and bandwidth requirements, the OSV-IP1000 uses intelligent IP-based routing to aggregate a variety of different wireless communication methods, including UHF and HF radios, satellite, and wideband communication systems.

OSV-IP1000 – Tactical Networking System for USVsThe OSV-IP1000 consists of a software-defined modem, a wireless communication module, and an intelligent router. The scalable system uses mesh networking and redundant topology to provide robust communications even when network nodes are partially lost or a communications channel frequency has been jammed or otherwise disabled.

Key features of the OSV-IP1000 include:

  • Self-forming and self-healing networking with no single point of failure
  • Compatibility with NATO STANAG 5066 and 4691 radios
  • Compatibility with military and industry standard encryption methods
  • Built-in redundancy
  • Ability to extend USV network range

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