UAV Autopilot Flight Controllers, Ground Stations, ESC Controllers & Tracking Antennas

UAV Autopilot Flight Controllers, Ground Stations, ESC Controllers & Tracking Antennas
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Embention is a leading developer of autopilots and high-performance components for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and unmanned systems. Our aviation-grade solutions are designed for the most challenging of professional applications, including UAM (urban air mobility) and eVTOL platforms.

Autopilot & Vehicle Control Systems

Autopilots for flight control systems & UAV flight control

Drone autopilot system

Veronte Autopilot 1x

Veronte UAV autopilot

Veronte Autopilot 4x

We provide miniature aviation standards-compliant autopilots for unmanned and autonomous vehicle platforms, such as UAVs, UGVs, USVs and eVTOLs.

In addition, we have developed hardware- and software-in-the loop simulators for efficient testing and development.

UAV autopilot system

Ground Control Stations (GCS)

Rugged ground stations for UAVs and drones

Rugged ground control stations (GCS) for Veronte autopilot-enabled UAVs and unmanned vehicles are available in tablet or laptop versions. Cross-platform software provides intuitive mission planning and flight monitoring.

UAV Ground Control Station

MCS Ground Control Station

UAV ground station system

PCS Telescopic Mast

Drone Gimbal Cameras

Gyro-stabilized, dual-camera gimbals

Our gyro-stabilized drone camera gimbals feature dual visible and thermal capabilities, with HD and FLIR IR cameras. Providing a high degree of accuracy and superior image quality, our gimbals incorporate integrated encoder sensors.

drone gimbal camera gimbal 10Z

Veronte Gimbal 10Z

drone gimbal camera gimbal 30Z

Veronte Gimbal 30Z

Product comparison:

Veronte Gimbal 10Z Veronte Gimbal 30Z
Zoom 10x Optical (EO) 30x Optical (EO)
Horizontal field of view 6.9º to 58.2º (EO) / 16º (IR) 2.3º to 63.7º (EO) | 18º (IR)
Elevation -80º to 260º 360° continuous
Image size 720p – 30 FPS (EO) /320 x 256 9Hz (IR) 1920x1080p (EO) | 640×512 (IR)
Weight 980g 1700g
Dimensions 131x120x110mm 207x148x148mm

eVTOL Electronic Speed Controllers

ESC motor controllers for large drones and UAM

Drone motor controller - esc controllersOur electronic speed controllers (ESCs) have been specifically designed for eVTOL and UAM applications and have been developed according to DO178C and DO254 certification standards for the utmost in safety and reliability.

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Tracking Antenna Systems

Long-range UAV and drone tracking antennas

Our high-performance drone tracking antenna system provides long-range telemetry and video communications for moving vehicles (UAVs, UGVs, USVs). Embedded sensors and encoders ensure precision pan & tilt positioning accuracy.Uav tracking antennaThe Veronte Tracker T28 features integrated directional and omnidirectional antennas, and can be equipped with a wide range of directional antennas, including yagi, parabolic grid and patch antennas.

The modular system can also be fitted with custom radio modules and amplifiers, making it compatible with all possible operating frequencies.

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Veronte Autopilot Expander ModulesDrone Autopilot Expander Modules

We provide expansion modules for the Veronte drone autopilot system that allow USB sticks and additional I/O capabilities to be installed within the ecosystem.

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Veronte MEX

Three-axis magnetometer for drones & autonomous vehicles

Veronte MEX3 axis magnetometer is a three-axis magnetometer designed to provide highly stable orientation references for drones and unmanned systems.

Featuring high resolution and dynamic range with excellent noise immunity, the low-SWaP sensor has been engineered to DO178C / ED-12 and DO254 aviation standards and tested to DO160 and MIL-STD-810.

Measurements can be transmitted via RS-232/485 or CAN bus, and a wide range of I/O capabilities is provided. Veronte MEX is available in a robust anodized aluminium enclosure or as a board-level OEM solution.

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A wide range of accessories are available that allow users to expand the utility of the Veronte ecosystem, including antennas, extension cables and harnesses, motor controllers and power supplies.

1.8GHz Short Antenna

1.8GHz Short Antenna

SSMA to SMA IP67 Antenna Extension Cable

SSMA to SMA IP67 Antenna Extension Cable

SMA Extension Cable

SMA Extension Cable

Autopilot Harness

Autopilot Harness

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