Electronic Components, Batteries & Sensors Supplier for OEM UAVs/Drones

Electronic Components, Batteries & Sensors Supplier for OEM UAVs/Drones
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AvioRace offers a wide range of electronic components and sensors for the UAV and all remotely piloted aircraft systems markets.

For this strongly growing sector, we offer a high-performance product portfolio and engineering services as full harnesses design and, eventually, the production of them. The methodologies related to the choice of raw materials and design philosophy comes from the experience gained in motorsport industry, where the essential requirements are light weight, extreme reliability and sustainable costs. The range of sensors also covers different fields of application, from control of propulsion systems to data analysis related, for example, to temperature, pressure, and load: we can cover the aircraft system entirely.

Rugged & MIL-Spec Connectors

We are official distributors of high-quality interconnect solutions from TE Connectivity and Souriau Sunbank by Eaton. We are also premium resellers of LEMO and Amphenol, with the opportunity to provide any kind of electrical connection through valued partners around the world. Product ranges include circular, rectangular, PCB, and miniature connectors, with a wide range of waterproofing and ruggedization options to ensure high reliability and performance for UAVs and robotics operating in harsh environments.

Rugged circular connectorsDeutsch Autosport
Rugged circular connectors for harsh environments

Rugged connectors for UAVDeutsch DT/DTM/DTP
Rugged rectangular connectors with PCB mount options

MIL-Spec ConnectorsLemo Connectors
Wide range of circular connectors including lightweight MIL-spec options for drones & robotics

connectors for military roboticsSouriau Connectors
Circular & rectangular connectors for harsh environments with military standard options

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Wiring & Cable Assembly Components

We provide a wide range of raw materials for UAV and unmanned vehicle wiring harnesses and cable assemblies, including wire, heat shrink tubing, and boots. Wire can be provided to suit automotive-grade, mil-spec, and high-voltage requirements.

Thanks to our extensive network of international partners, we are able to source special materials that are not normally available within the European Union. Please contact us with your requests.

Cable Assembly for CAN bus applicationsCustom Raychem Wire EPD118427A
5 AWG24 conductor wiring with a twisted pair cable for CAN bus applications

Custom Raychem WireCustom Raychem Wire EPD122385A
3 AWG24 conductor wiring for sensor applications

UAV wiring harnessesCustom Raychem Wire THX-26C422-814
Custom-designed shielded Ethernet cable

mil-spec Cable Assembly ComponentsRaychem HeatShrink Products
Heat shrink tubing for protection in harsh environments

Wiring Harness Design & Manufacturing

AvioRace provides custom design and volume manufacturing of wiring harnesses for UAVs and robotic vehicles. We are experts in material selection and cable design, and use high-quality components from leading brands to ensure the utmost in quality.

Wiring Harness Design & Manufacturing

Wiring Harnesses

We carry out thorough and robust quality checks on all finished products using professional automated test benches, and provide full test reports.

McLaren Applied High Performance Products

We are official distributor for McLaren Applied high performance products within Europe and North America territories. Designed to withstand extremely harsh and high-temperature environments, McLaren Applied’s sensors are ideal for rugged UAV and unmanned systems applications.

rugged UAV sensorsProducts include:

  • 3-axis accelerometer with analogue and CAN output
  • 3-axis gyroscope with analogue output
  • Compact datalogger with built-in high-speed signal processing
  • Engine and vehicle control units
  • Smart 5G edge antennas
  • Rotary and linear position sensors
  • Temperature sensors

More information:  McLaren Applied Products

Electronics of Powertrain and Controls

AvioRace is Europe’s largest distributor of MoTeC electronic products. The portfolio includes ECUs (engine control units) and VCUs (vehicle control units) for drone and unmanned systems powertrains, as well as dataloggers, CAN adapters, and power distribution units.

ignition module4-channel ignition module
High-current ignition coil driver with fast switching

Drone Engine Control UnitM150 Engine Control Unit
High-performance programmable ECU

Power Distribution ModulePDM32 Power Distribution Module
Power distribution for electrical systems and electronic devices

USB-to-CAN AdaptorUSB-to-CAN Adaptor
CAN adaptor for dataloggers and other devices

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Inertial, Environmental & Position Sensors

Our portfolio of sensing solutions for drones and robotics covers a wide range of data acquisition requirements, ensuring high performance and accuracy even under highly demanding conditions.

Offerings include:

  • Gyroscopes, accelerometers and IMUs (inertial measurement units)
  • Air temperature sensors
  • CAN communications modules
  • Linear and rotary potentiometers
  • Pressure sensors for chassis & engine applications

IMU Attitude – Inertial Measurement UnitIMU Attitude – Inertial Measurement Unit
IMU able to output accelerations, angular rates and roll and pitch angles

miniature linear potentiometerMiniature Linear Potentiometer
9.5mm diameter potentiometer for restricted-space applications

rugged potentiometersRotary Potentiometer
Lightweight non-contact Hall-effect potentiometer

drone pressure sensorMiniature Pressure Sensor
Piezoresistive pressure transducer with linear analogue output

temperature sensor for dronesMiniature Temperature Sensor
Fast-response temperature sensor for confined spaces

Variohm Eurosensor Products

We are official distributor for Variohm Eurosensor products within the Italian territory and are able to generate specific products for customers in Italy and abroad. Designed to withstand extremely harsh and high-temperature environments, Variohm Eurosensor’s sensors are ideal for rugged UAV and unmanned systems applications.

Products include:

  • Pressure sensors
  • Rotary and linear position sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Acceleration and Gyro Sensors

Programmable Angle Sensor

AM-RSS Programmable Angle Sensor
Offers a flexible range of performance for high duty cycle position feedback applications

Linear Position Sensor

ELPM Linear Position Sensor
Specially designed to perform in the most arduous and extreme conditions. With stroke lengths up to 175mm

More information:  Variohm Eurosensors Products

Batteries & Chargers

We are a distributor of U.S.-made Full Spectrum Power battery and charger products. The high-quality ultra-lightweight lithium batteries feature excellent capacity and performance, and incorporate advanced battery management technology that ensures maximum longevity.

AvioRace and Full Spectrum can also create custom drone battery solutions on request – contact us to find out more.

lithium batteries for UGVsLithium Batteries
Lightweight high-capacity batteries for UGVs and ground vehicles

Lithium Battery ChargersBattery Chargers
High-efficiency chargers with advanced BMS

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