Precision Fuel Level Sensors for UAVs, Drones and VTOL Unmanned Helicopters

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Precision Fuel Level Sensors for UAVs, Drones and VTOL Unmanned Helicopters
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Reventec Ltd is a specialist designer and manufacturer of liquid level, position and flow sensors for use in extreme environments.

Based in the UK, we are a global leader in the design and supply of capacitive fuel level sensors for use on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Our products are used by globally-recognised integrators and manufacturers of fixed wing and VTOL UAVs.

UAV fuel level sensors

UAV & Drone Fuel Level Sensors

Reventec UAV fuel level sensorsAll Reventec UAV fuel sensors use capacitive technology to detect the level of fuel within a fuel cell/tank. The sensors are solid-state with no moving parts and are designed for high-reliability in harsh, high vibration operating environments typically experienced in UAV fuel measurement applications.

Each UAV fuel sensor is manufactured to suit the intended application and installation.

A range of standard mounting arrangements are available, and sensors are manufactured to the required length. For complex or unusual installation requirements, Reventec will design a fully-bespoke product.

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LS UAV Fuel Sensors

Lightweight sensors manufactured to your length requirementDrone Fuel Level Sensor

Drone UAV Gasoline Sensor

LS UAV fuel level sensors are available with one of five different mounting formats to ensure compatibility with a wide range of existing drone fuel tank configurations.

The sensors are available up to 700mm long, manufactured to the exact length required, and are compatible with all UAV fuel types including petroleum/gasoline, heavy oil, diesel, AvGas and bio blends.

  • 1-bolt, 2-bolt, 3-bolt, 5-bolt or AN-8 threaded mounting formats
  • Up to 700mm long
  • Solid-state with no moving parts
  • Short delivery lead-time

Mounting Configurations

LS fuel level sensors are available in five different mounting configurations as standard.


Supply Voltage +6VDC – 30VDC
Output Options Analog 0-5V, Switch, CAN
Accuracy ±0.5% of full scale @20°C
Resolution 10 bit
Fuel Compatibility Petroleum/Gasoline, Diesel, Heavy Fuel, AvGas, Blends
Sensor Length 80 – 700mm (customer-specified)
Mounting Options 1 bolt, 2 bolt, 3 bolt, 5 bolt SAE and AN-8 Threaded

Custom Fuel Level Sensors

UAV fuel sensors custom developed for your application

The Reventec design team has vast experience designing and developing custom liquid level sensors for challenging integration requirements. We’ve designed sensors with a bend in the probe section (for L-shape fuel tanks); with a 90 degree angle in the mounting head for side-mounting; and with probe materials such as carbon-fibre for size- and weight-constrained unmanned aerial systems.

Custom Stainless UAV Fuel Sensor
Reventec custom liquid level sensors

Example: Custom Fuel Sensor for Unmanned Helicopter

This custom-developed level sensor was designed to suit the existing fuel cell on a long-endurance unmanned helicopter. In order to monitor the full depth of the complex fuel cell construction, the sensor was designed with a unique bend part-way down the sensor probe-length.

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