Micro Connectors for Aerospace, UAVs & Robotics - Rugged, Modular, High-Performance

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Micro Connectors for Aerospace, UAVs & Robotics - Rugged, Modular, High-Performance
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Nicomatic is a leading global designer and manufacturer of micro electrical connectors and cables used in a variety of aerospace, defense and security applications.

Nicomatic’s high performance robotics and aerospace connectors carry power, information and video between printed circuit boards (PCBs) and cable assemblies in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other robotics and weapon systems.

Thanks to our 100% in-house production process, we offer two week turn-around to our customers on many of our micro rugged connectors. We also provide custom connector solutions for all your applications, with direct engineer-to-engineer contact – please get in touch with your requirements.

Micro Electrical Connectors for UAV & Robotics

EMM  Micro Rugged Connectors

Micro Ruggedized Connectors for Harsh Environments

Our EMM Micro Rugged Connectors have been designed to meet the performance requirements of MIL 83513 and withstand the harsh unmanned Mil/Aero environments.

Our aerospace connectors combine rugged design with enhanced electrical and environmental performance.

EMM Rugged Micro Connector for UAVs

The 1.27mm pitch EMM connector is lightweight and robust, offering a 20% weight reduction compared to a standard Micro-D counterpart. They are an ideal choice for use in unmanned vehicles (UAVs, UGVs) where component size and weight are critical factors.

EMM Rugged Micro Connector 90 Degree on BoardThe EMM connector features reversed contacts, integrated 90° back protection, and interchangeable hardware between male and female connectors with locking & guiding functions. Suited to both board to board, and board to wire (from gauge 24 to 30) configurations, EMM micro rugged connectors will provide extreme modularity with any pin selection available from 04 to 60 signal contacts.

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CMM Micro Modular Connectors

High reliability Sub-D 2mm pitch micro wire connectors

Our CMM Micro Connectors have been designed to meet or exceed the electrical and mechanical performance criteria of MIL-DTL-55302F and BS-9525-F0033 standards.

Three kinds of 2mm contact – high power, high frequency and low frequency – can be combined in up to three rows, allowing for more than 20 million possible standard arrangements. This high level of modularity provides customers with flexible design options and makes them especially suited for space and weight-contained applications such as unmanned aircraft.

They can be used for board-to-board, board-to-wire or wire-to-wire arrangements, with contacts on either the PCB or the cable.

CMM 340 Series Connector

CMM 200 Series Connector

These defense and aerospace connectors are ideal for a range of applications including UAV flight controls, radars, electro-optical sighting systems, engine controls.

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DMM Micro-D Modular Connectors

Rugged connectors for Harsh Environments

Our DMM Micro-D Mix connectors are compatible with MIL-DTL-83513G standards and offer a more flexible choice of arrangements to traditional Micro-D or Sub-D connectors, with more than two million possible configurations. Each rugged micro connector can mix signal, power and coaxial contacts in up to four rows, encased in either a one-piece or split two-piece backshell.

DMM 420 Series Connector

DMM Micro-D Mix connectors can be used for board-to-board, board-to-wire, wire-to-wire or panel mount arrangements, and are constructed from a PPS insulator in an aluminum alloy 6061 shell that can withstand harsh environments and temperatures from -55 °C to 125 °C.

DLMM Metalised Composite Connectors

Lightweight composite Mirco-D connectors for UAVs & robotics

DMM Micro-D Mix connectors can be used for board-to-board, board-to-wire, wire-to-wire or panel mount arrangements, and are constructed from a PPS insulator in an aluminum alloy 6061 shell that can withstand harsh environments and temperatures from -55 °C to 125 °C.

Nicomatic DLMM Composite Connector

DLMM lightweight composite connector

AMM 1mm Pitch Micro Connectors

Lightweight glass fiber composite connectors for space-constrained applications

AMM 1mm Micro ConnectorsOur AMM micro wire connectors are an ideal solution for the most demanding size- and weight-constrained applications. The robust 1mm pitch connector offers five standard layouts – 6, 10, 20, 34, or 50 contacts distributed over 2 rows. Custom configurations from 4 to 50 signal contacts can also be provided.

With a rugged high-performance glass fiber composite housing, the AMM series can withstand high temperatures and shocks up to 15g, making it highly suited for UAVs and other unmanned systems operating in tough environments. Gold-plated contacts further enhance the connectors’ durability and performance.

OMM Micro Circular Connectors

Lightweight circular connectors for UAVs & Robotics

Our OMM micro circular connectors are designed for board-to-cable interconnection in restricted-space applications such as unmanned vehicles, with a compact modular design featuring up to eight contacts that results in up to 50% weight and space saving compared to our standard CMM 220 connector.

OMM Circular Micro Connector

Manufactured from oxygen-free PPS material, the connectors are highly resistant to solvents, radiation and humidity. Signal terminations are available in pre-wired, SMT or straight tail configurations, and in addition to the standard 8 position housing, 6- and 10-position custom options are available upon request.

Cable Harnesses for Aerospace & Robotics

Microflex Flexible Cable Harnesses

Our Microflex flat cable technology, designed to meet MIL-DTL-55302F standards, features a flat polyester harness with a screw fixing for high-vibration environments. The Microflex cable harness jumper mates with a CMM 220 connector for high mechanical resistance, with a life expectancy of 10 million cycles.

With up to 60% weight reduction compared to round cables, Microflex harnesses are ideal for unmanned aerial vehicles and other robotics applications where weight is at a premium.

Microflex Female Cable Harness

Three harness versions are available – female-female, solderpin-female and octopus multi-branch – with up to 60 2mm contacts per connector.

FFC Cables

flat flexible cablesOur FFC (Flat Flexible Cable) products are constructed from conductive copper laminated between two layers of polyester, using thermic adhesive for enhanced life expectancy, and are designed for board-to-board interconnects. Able to withstand millions of cycles under high-flex conditions, they can be directly soldered or used with ZIF/LIF-type connectors.

FFCs are available in 0.5, 1, 1.25, 1.27 or 2.54mm pitches, and can be provided with up to 250 contacts. Gold-plated and EMI/RFI shielded versions are available, and a variety of other custom requirements can be catered for. The space- and weight-saving cables are ideal for a wide range of drone and robotics applications.

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CrimpFlex Jumper Cables

CrimpFlex FFC jumper cablesCrimpFlex FFC jumper cables provide board-to-board interconnects in industry-standard 1.27mm or 2.54mm pitches, and are based on our proven CrimpFlex connection system with excellent mechanical retention and electrical contact performance.

The robust jumper cables provide up to 30% weight savings over bulky AWG26 discrete-wire cabling solutions, making them ideal for space- and-weight-constrained unmanned systems and robotics designs. Additional options include polyimide materials and EMI/RFI shielding.

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Custom OEM Connector Solutions

As the unmanned industry develops and changes, you need new products that meet specific requirements and constraints. Our Custom Solutions department offers the services and interconnect solutions you require, such as the retrofit of obsolete products, standard product modifications and new designs.

Our dedicated team of engineers will work with you to develop new connectivity solutions to reach your specific design goals. You will find our staff to be flexible and reactive, offering superior quality control and technical support. We will work with you to conduct a feasibility study and to develop small- and medium-series prototypes.

Custom Military Connector

Custom Connector

Dedicated Structure

  • One Project Manager at your service
  • One complete Project Team following your project
  • Dedicated production lines from prototyping to series


  • Worldwide customers: over 60 projects per year
  • EN 9100 processes for risk assessment and traceability
  • A diversified customer base including unmanned defense, aeronautics, medical, and energy

Customer Satisfaction

  • Design a unique solution to solve customer challenges
  • Reactivity in each step from design to manufacturing
  • Fully integrated manufacturing for 100% quality control and scheduling flexibility

Contact is to learn more about Custom OEM Connector Solutions

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