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High-Resolution & Multispectral Aerial Imagery Cameras for Drones / UAVs

Phase One
High-Resolution & Multispectral Aerial Imagery Cameras for Drones / UAVs
Roskildevej 39, DK-2000, Frederiksberg, Denmark Denmark Regional offices
+45 36 46 0111

A pioneer of digital photography Phase One A/S is a leading developer of high-resolution aerial imaging systems, specializing in the research and manufacture of medium format and large format digital cameras for drones.

Our powerful, high-accuracy UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) cameras and drone-based aerial photography solutions enable efficient and versatile aerial imaging missions for a wide variety of applications, such as aerial mapping and surveying, industrial inspection and cultural heritage digitization, as well as serving the world’s most demanding photographers.

Our core imaging technologies and range of digital UAV cameras and high-resolution imaging modules provide the world’s highest image quality in terms of resolution, color fidelity, dynamic range and geometric accuracy. Working alongside customers, technology partners and a global network of distributors, Phase One nurtures long-term relationships. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark and with offices spanning three continents, we continually exceed expectations and strive to push the boundaries of digital imagery.

iXM-Series Cameras

Professional drone cameras for high resolution aerial imaging

The iXM series of cameras has been specially designed to provide superior-quality sharp aerial imagery for UAV-based applications. The high-productivity medium-format metric cameras can be integrated with a wide range of UAVs, and can be fitted with one of five specially-developed RSM lenses with focal lengths ranging from 35mm to 300mm.


The iXM cameras feature full wireless control, allowing users to easily define ISO, shutter speed, aperture, focus distance and more. HDMI output as well as USB-C and 10G Ethernet data connectivity provide versatile integration options for a variety of UAV platforms.

Explore the game-changing iXM 100 UAV Camera series from Phase One.


iXM-50 iXM-100
Dimensions 90x90x68 mm (excluding lens)
90x90x164 mm (including 80mm lens)
90x90x68 mm (excluding lens)
90x90x164 mm (including 80mm lens)
Weight 630g (excluding lens)
1100g (including 80mm lens)
630g (excluding lens)
1100g (including 80mm lens)
Resolution 50MP
Dynamic Range 84 dB 83 dB
Aspect Ratio 4:3 4:3
Pixel Size 5.3 µm 3.76 µm
Effective Sensor Size 43.9×32.9 mm 43.9×32.9 mm
ISO 100 – 6400 50 – 6400
Capture Rate 2 fps 3 fps

More Information: iXM-Series Cameras

iXM Camera Lenses

High-performance lenses for iXM Series Drone Cameras

The lenses specially designed for our iXM series of drone cameras feature shutters with an innovative direct drive technology, utilising electronic charging that increases exposure speed up to 1/2500s, with a lifespan of 500,000 exposures.

This high reliability and exceptional performance allow aerial imaging drones to fly faster and execute demanding aerial photography missions with greater operational efficiency.

Aerial Camera Lenses for Drone

Five RSM lenses are available, with focal lengths of 35mm, 80mm, 150mm and 300mm.

More Information: iXM Camera Lenses

4-Band Drone Camera Solution

Multispectral drone camera for aerial photogrammetry

Phase One’s 4-Band Solution combines synchronized metric calibrated RGB and achromatic cameras to provide a high-accuracy 150MP solution designed specifically for UAV aerial photogrammetry. The flexible combined NIR & RBG drone camera solution is ideal for agricultural use, such as crop analysis and environmental contamination, as well as urban applications such as green site monitoring.


The two cameras can be used together or as stand-alone units for a variety of mission types. The simplified workflow provides easy post-processing, using Phase One’s iX Capture software to automatically generate distortion-free images and perform fine co-registration of pixels from the NIR to the RGB images.

RGB Aerial Image
RGB Image
CIR Aerial Image
CIR Image
NIR Aerial Image
NIR Image
NDVI Aerial Image
NDVI Image

Users can generate the following products with the Phase One 4-Band Solution:

  • 4-Band combined NIR and RGB (RGBN) TIFF (4-Band CIR)
  • 3-Band combined NIR and RGB (NRG) TIFF (3-Band CIR)
  • NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) TIFF
  • Distortion-free / corrected RGB TIFF
  • Distortion-free / corrected NIR TIFF
See the 4-Band Camera Solution in Action…

More Information: 4-Band Drone Camera Solution

PAS 880 Aerial Imagery System

Large-format nadir & oblique imagery

PAS 880 Aerial Imagery SystemPhase One’s PAS 880 is a high-accuracy imaging system that combines a 280MP nadir with four 150MP oblique cameras in a single payload, providing over 20,000 pixels across flight lines for the nadir and 14,000 pixels per oblique sensor.

With excellent performance at 2 frames per second and shutter speeds of up to 1/2500 second, the lightweight and compact system is capable of simultaneously capturing photogrammetric 2D and 3D digital imagery.

The PAS 880 includes an advanced Trimble Applanix GNSS/IMU receiver, with a choice of two IMU accuracy options.

System specifications:

Dimensions (diameter x height) 408 x 716 mm
Weight 45 kg
Power Consumption 380 W (average)
450 W (max)
Operating Temperatures -10 to 40 degrees C
Internal Storage 6 x 2TB

Sensor specifications:

Nadir Oblique
Sensor Type BSI CMOS Bayer Array BSI CMOS Bayer Array
Sensor Size 280MP
20,150 x 14,118
14,204 x 10,652
Pixel Size 3.76 µm 3.76 µm
Max Shutter Speed 1/2000 s 1/2500 s
Dynamic Range 83 dB 83 dB
Aperture F/5.6 F/5.6
Field of View 32.9° along track
45.7° across track
Left/Right: 42°
15.2° along track
20.2° across track
Forward/backward: 45°
15.2° along track
20.2° across track

More Information: PAS 880 Aerial Imagery System

P3 Payload

Turnkey solution for drone-based inspection

p3 payload for drones

The P3 Payload is a versatile solution designed to suit a wide variety of drone-based inspection requirements, designed to enhance productivity for even the most demanding projects.

Offering a choice of the Phase One iXM 100MP or 50MP cameras and a range of RSM lens options, the customizable solution also features a specially-designed gimbal with integrated rangefinder.

The P3 Payload is designed as a ready-to-fly plug-and-play solution for the DJI M300 drone, and is also available in a fully MAVLink-compatible version that is ideal for bundling with OEM packages. The MAVLink version also features full integration with the Auterion open drone ecosystem.

P3 Payload for MAVlink drones

P3 Payload for MAVlink drones

The P3 Payload is ideal for a variety of inspection applications:

  • High Value Assets – bridges, dams, and energy facilities requiring frequent, accurate, and detailed data
  • High-Risk Assessment – electric transmission lines, oil refineries, and other complex sites where high-resolution inspection from a distance is required for maximum safety
  • Time-Critical Assets – wind turbines, offshore oil rigs, and other facilities where inspection windows are limited and downtime must be minimized

See more videos of the P3 Payload in action…

Specifications (for DJI M300 version):

Weight 2.6 kg (with iXM-100 and RSM 80mm AF lens)
Power consumption 22-24 W max
Gimbal mechanical range Roll: +80.5 to -264.3°
Pan: ±345°
Tilt: -90 to +45°
Lens options 35mm, 80mm, 80mm AF, 150mm AF
Rangefinder 180m max range
90m max effective operating range

M600 Pro Drone Aerial Imaging Solution

High-efficiency aerial data collection platform based on the DJI M600 Pro


Phase One’s fully integrated, state-of-the-art Drone Solution combines a DJI M600 Pro hexacopter platform with our medium format iXM 50MP or 100MP camera. Featuring a professional gimbal with flexible rotation and full control, the Phase One Drone Solution expands operational capabilities for aerial data collectors, providing access to hard-to-reach areas and greater coverage in a single flight.

The Phase One Drone Solution is ideal for a wide variety of missions and applications, including:


Power Line Monitoring

Enable rapid, accurate fault-finding for more effective maintenance and repair


Civil Engineering

Easily plan infrastructure projects, inspect aging construction and identify weaknesses



Efficiently capture high-resolution images for the creation of 2D and 3D maps


Wind Turbine Inspection

Detect even millimetre-sized damage and signs of wear, preventing sudden failures


Railway Inspection

Inspect thousands of miles of track efficiently and without disruption, making predictive maintenance faster, safer and less costly


Pipeline Inspection

Rapidly assess pipe condition, identify erosion, and spot exposed pipes and vegetation overgrowth

iX Controller MK5

Control up to six Phase One Aerial Drone Cameras independently

Multiple Camera-Controller

The iX Controller MK 5 is a small-footprint computing solution optimized for integration with Phase One aerial cameras and capture software. With the ability to control up to six aerial cameras, as well as the gyro-stabilizing mount and GNSS/INS, it allows efficient capturing, monitoring and storage of aerial imagery and the ability to adjust camera settings in real time.

Built around an 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, the rugged iX Controller MK 5 features two easily-removable SSD hard drives with optional RAID mirroring. It supports up to three monitors via wired or wireless network connection.

iX Capture Software

Professional capture and RAW conversion application for Phase One aerial camera systems

Camera RAW Conversion Software

iX Capture is a professional image capture and RAW conversion software solution designed exclusively for Phase One aerial camera systems. Featuring an intuitive touchscreen or mouse-driven interface, it allows full control of all aspects of aerial image capture missions and up to six aerial cameras.

iX Capture enables direct control and inflight adjustment of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and other essential settings. Its advanced post-processing capabilities provide rapid production of distortion-free RGB and CIR images, as well as 3- and 4-band CIR and NDVI TIFF files from data captured by Phase One’s 4-Band Solution.

More Information: iX Capture Software

Aerial Imaging Applications

Mapping & Surveying

Mapping-and-Surveying-drone camera

Our high-precision aerial imaging solutions simplify UAV mapping and surveying missions, providing unlimited aerial coverage and accurate, reliable data every time. High resolution images captured in flight can be used for professional photogrammetry to create both 2D and 3D maps.

Agriculture & Forestry


Our fully-automatic combined NIR and RGB aerial imagery solution is ideal for a wide range of multispectral imaging requirements, including precision agriculture, crop analysis for growth optimization, vegetation health, forestland management, environmental contamination, and more.



Our specially designed UAV aerial cameras provide invaluable data for predictive maintenance of power lines, wind turbines, roads, bridges, and pipelines. Large surface coverage at extremely high resolution enables millimeter-sized damage detection, reducing costs and allowing for timely, efficient repair.

P3 Payload Power Line Inspection Test Flight

Our P3 Payload for DJI M300 was put to the test to see how it executes a power line inspection. Take a look at the drone in action with the Phase One P3 Payload ready-for-flight solution:

Phase One introduces its new Case Studies Portal

Fly over the interactive map and click on one of the “+” to dive into a success story! Each case study is packed with useful information and a zoom-in showing the amazing results obtained with our cameras.

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