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Drone Payload Unveiled for Asset Inspections

By Mike Ball / 24 Mar 2021
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Phase One P3 PayloadPhase One has unveiled the company’s new solution for fast, efficient, and safe UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)-based inspection of critical infrastructure. The P3 Payload features a new gimbal with integrated rangefinder and a choice of Phase One’s iXM 100MP or 50MP camera, each with a variety of RSM lens options.

The versatile P3 Payload is offered in two configurations to meet a wide range of user requirements. One variant is designed for plug-and-play compatibility with DJI’s M300 drone, has has been developed mainly for operators and service providers that already own or are considering purchasing that platform. The second variant, the P3 MAVLink, is ready for integration with the many models of drone that are based on the open-source MAVLink protocol, and is ideal for bundling by OEMs and solution integrators.

Phase One’s iXM 100MP and 50MP cameras are robust and waterproof imaging solutions with a dynamic range that guarantees sharp image collection in high-contrast or low-light environments. The variety of lens options ensures large surface areas can be captured with millimeter-level detail, even at safe distances from the asset. The new gimbal with integrated laser rangefinder ensures precise and fast focusing on every shot, eliminating blurry and out-of-focus images.

The P3 Payload is ideal for a range of inspection applications, including:

High-value assets – bridges, dams, and energy facilities where the value of the structure itself is high and the demand for frequent, accurate, and detailed data is critical

High-risk assessments – Electric transmission lines, oil refineries, and other complex sites where inherent danger requires high-resolution inspection from a distance that is safe for the structure, the drone and personnel

Time-critical assets – Wind turbines, offshore oil rigs, and other facilities where inspection windows are limited, and every UAV flight must successfully capture the required information

Michael Messerschmidt, Phase One’s Portfolio Director for Drones & Inspection, commented: “The P3 addresses the unmet need for a high-quality, integrated imaging solution for inspection of critical assets where capturing the details is of paramount importance. The P3 Payload is designed specifically for aerial drone inspection of diverse infrastructure where every flight – and every shot – must count.”

“We developed the P3 Payload for cost-effective, productive operation so that large surface areas can be covered in fewer images, significantly shortening the mission time. More importantly, the P3 can be operated with minimal risk to the asset and ground crew.”

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