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Phase One Partners to Enhance Visual Inspection

Phase One and partner SPH Engineering will use advanced cameras to capture precise details of structures such as power lines, cell towers, wind turbines, and more By Abi Wylie / 23 Oct 2023
Phase One Partners to Enhance Visual Inspection
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Phase One and SPH Engineering have partnered to offer an all-in-one solution for more accessible data collection and reporting in visual inspections. 

The collaboration between SPH Engineering, a leader in drone technology, and Phase One, a provider of high-resolution cameras, is dedicated to delivering a user-friendly solution tailored for companies engaged in visual inspections. 

Leveraging Phase One’s advanced cameras, this partnership excels at capturing intricate details of structures such as power lines, cell towers, wind turbines, and beyond. 

In the coming months, SPH Engineering plans to finalize the development of ImageInspector software that will support Phase One’s cameras. 

This innovative tool will facilitate the viewing of images, the addition of notes, and the generation of essential reports, catering to the needs of visual inspection professionals. 

To ensure every detail is captured, Phase One captures their high-resolution images in their IIQ format. The IIQ format stores all RAW data from the sensor and ensures that file sizes are kept to a minimum.

SPH Engineering is now enhancing ImageInspector by enabling direct import of IIQ files. This enables the user to avoid the time-consuming conversion of images, makes data management easier, and ensures that every last detail from the RAW data is maintained.  

This advancement makes the overall workflow for the user much faster and enables professionals to conveniently view, organize, and annotate IIQ images in the field or from their office, all without the need for conversion or to upload images to a cloud Service. 

SPH Engineering and Phase One have joined forces to streamline visual inspections, ensuring professionals can capture, review, and report on crucial details with ease regardless of their location or data limitations. Immediate access to images is paramount to avoid costly and time-consuming re-flying.  

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