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Smart Focus Features for P3 Camera Increase Robustness & Productivity

Phase One’s P3 Smart Focus is purpose-built for the inspection of complex high volume industrial assets such as wind turbines or power towers By Caroline Rees / 18 Aug 2022
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Phase One has announced the launch of Smart Focus Features for its P3 camera, aiming to address challenges where contrast-based focus fails to deliver robust and consistent results.

The features are purpose-built for the inspection of complex high volume industrial assets such as wind turbines or power towers.

All features are based on the P3’s 100Mp medium format sensor, high quality AF lens range and the integrated laser based focusing system. The superior performance is delivered by increasing focusing robustness in low contrast environments and increasing focusing consistency on complex assets with small surface area.

One of the key features in the Smart Focus Feature is advanced focus bracketing. The feature should be used when there is a need to inspect many deep and complex assets with several details in areas that are remote or inaccessible making re-flying very costly. This is a unique feature that will empower customers to get more effective flight time as the operator only positions the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) once per image sequence. 

Focus bracketing makes it easier to scale an inspection mission as the feature increase consistency regardless of the skill level of the pilot. The feature will also help to increase automatization as the need for a human in loop for quality assurance is dramatically reduced. 

Another key feature is the advanced focus limit control – a feature that allows users to set the minimum and maximum range that the lens will focus on. This feature can be used to reduce the chance of images being out of focus even in complex scenarios such as capturing wind turbine tips, to facilitate enhanced mission automatization with mission planning software, to make it easier for new pilots to capture high quality data, to increase output consistency and to reduce the chance of needing to re-fly missions – especially in inaccessible or remote locations.

“With our new Smart Focus Features we are providing our customers with a unique capability that ensures that all the data is captured every time,” said Michael Messerschmidt, Portfolio Director – Drones/UAVs. “High data quality in complex operating environments are business critical for most of our customers who inspect remote or inaccessible assets where re-flying a mission is not always an option.”

Phase One will be giving live demos of its Smart Focus features for the P3 camera at its booth #506 at the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, 6-8 September 2022. 

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