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SkyLane VTOL Drone Platform Long-range BVLOS drone with AI & 5G capabilities
SkyLane VTOL Drone Platform

Long-range BVLOS drone with AI & 5G capabilities

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SkyLane VTOL Drone Platform

Skylane is a VTOL UAS that has been designed from the ground up for long-endurance and BVLOS operations. The versatile drone platform can be equipped with a variety of advanced sensors and payloads for long-range missions such as inspection, surveillance and mapping. It can also be used as a cargo delivery solution, and is currently being trialled as part of a rapid transport network in the UK Channel Islands.

Skylane is powered by our state-of-the-art AIRLink unit, incorporating a powerful AI mission computer, drone autopilot, and 5G connectivity. AIRLink enables real-time telemetry and streaming of video feeds, and enables custom software to be deployed. The onboard AI software provides a range of cutting-edge capabilities including autonomy, detection and tracking, image enhancement and real-time situational awareness.

The system also includes a suite of cloud capabilities, including 3D mission planning with interactive waypoints, as well as detailed flight management and analytics with log storage.

The SkyLane platform is electrically-powered, and is available in 2500 and 3500 mm wingspan variants.


SkyLane-250 SkyLane-350
Dimensions (wingspan x length) 2500x1260 mm 3500x1880 mm
MTOW 15 kg 35 kg
Payload Capacity (ex. battery) 1.2 kg 7 kg
Flight Endurance 3.5 hrs 5.5 hrs
Max Cruising Speed 26 m/s 28 m/s
Stall Speed 15.5 m/s 19 m/s
Max Altitude 4800 m 3000 m
Flight Range 300 km 500 km
Wind Resistance Up to 13.8m/s Fixed wing Mode Up to 7.9m/s VTOL Mode
Operating Temperature -20 to +45C -20 to +45C
Carrying Case 1300mm x 530mm x 470mm 1670mm x 540mm x 590mm

Funded by UK Research and Innovation (Innovate UK) Future Flight Challenge Phase III program and brings an integrated airspace solution to Channel Islands aiming to establish rapid transportation network with drones between Guernsey and Jersey.

Sky-Drones technology provides cloud-based software for mission planning, flight controller with AI mission computer onboard of the VTOL drone and real time connectivity via 5G and satcom for BVLOS flight operations.

The project is conducted in collaboration with consortium partners - Volant Autonomy, Dronecloud, Cambridge Sensoriis, Drone Defence, ANGOKA, TEKTowr, Digital Jersey, Ports of Jersey, Skyports Drone Services.