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Sonda X8 UAS Foldable multi-mission octocopter
Sonda X8 UAS

Foldable multi-mission octocopter

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Sonda X8 UAS

The Sonda X8 is a multipurpose coaxial-rotor octocopter drone that can be equipped with a wide range of cameras and payloads as well as devices such as detect-and-avoid sensors.

With a folding arm mechanism and an easily disassembled landing gear, the Sonda X8 is highly convenient to deploy and transport. Payloads and equipment can be mounted on either the top or underside of the drone, and power connectors are available for external devices.

The Sonda X8 can be equipped with Pixhawk, DJI or other flight controllers, and can be used for BVLOS operations with the aid of an FPV camera.

Dimensions (outer): 815 × 815 mm unfolded
505 × 505 mm folded
Dimensions (wheelbase, motor to motor): 968 mm
Height: 505 mm (to upper QR mount)
Weight (excl. battery and payload): 6125 g
Suggested Payload: 2.5 – 6 kg
Flight Time (gross weight 10.9 kg): 22 mins (2x 16000mAh)
26.5 mins (2x 22000mAh)