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HYCOPTER Hydrogen-powered Drone Hydrogen-powered multirotor UAV
HYCOPTER Hydrogen-powered Drone

Hydrogen-powered multirotor UAV

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HYCOPTER Hydrogen-powered Drone

The Hycopter is a hydrogen-powered multirotor UAV designed for long-endurance data collection and surveillance missions. With a flight endurance of up to 3 hours and multi-sensor capabilities, the quiet and highly reliable platform is ideal for infrastructure inspection, law enforcement, first responders and more.

The versatile UAV can be equipped with one of three different sizes of hydrogen tank, allowing you to balance flight time and carrying capacity to the needs of the mission. The open payload bay allows the drone to carry up to 2.5kg or sensors and payloads, and a parachute system can also be fitted.

All image data collected during flight can be transmitted to H3 Zoom.AI, an AI-assisted cloud-based visual analytics platform designed to speed up the validation and reporting process for specialist inspections.


Dimensions (diameter x height) 1450 x 500 mm
MTOW 16.5 kg (incl. 2.5 kg payload)
Fuel Cell Nominal Power 1.5 kW
Hybrid LiPo Peak Power 4 kW, <10 seconds
Hydrogen Capacity 5 / 9 / 12 litres
Flight Time ~3 hrs (12 litre tank, no payload)
Max Speed 56 kph/35 mph (wind and payload dependent)