Unmanned Systems Technology Magazine

Issue 003

Published: June 2015
Highlights in this issue include a conversation with Terry Gafron and a show report from AUVSI 2015. Insights into autonomous mining and space systems as well as dossiers on the UAV Solutions Talon 120, the Austro Engine AER50R and AE300 I4 turbodiesal. A well as focus articles covering cable harnesses and transponders.
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  • Intro - Racecar constructors stymied by lack of opportunity to innovate turn their attention to the unmanned systems market
  • Platform one: Mission-critical info - NASA launches project to improve the efficiency of electricpowered UAVs, new real-time operating system for UAVs using separate hardware announced, and much more
  • In conversation: Terry Gafron - Bio Inspired Technologies’ chief executive tells how the natural world informs development of UAV control systems
  • Dossier: UAV Solutions Talon 120 - Ian Bamsey finds out why this is the state of the art in small, electric-powered fixed-wing autonomous aerial craft
  • UST online - Highlights of what’s new and most popular on our sister UST website – PLUS details of its new Appointments section
  • Focus: Cable harnesses - How to serve an unmanned system’s need for power and signalling while minimising weight, space and cost
  • Dossier: Austro Engine AE50R rotary and AE300 I4 turbodiesel - Ian Bamsey investigates this Austrian company’s rotary power plant for UAV use, and its turbodiesel sibling
  • Insight: Autonomous mining - Autonomy is helping to boost safety and efficiency in mining. Nick Flaherty looks at the technology that’s pushing it forward
  • Show report: AUVSI 2015 - Highlights of some of the products and services on display at the recent AUVSI Unmanned System 2015 show in Atlanta
  • Focus: Transponders - Tom Withington explains the factors that need to be borne in mind when designing these safety-critical devices
  • Insight: Space systems - How is the space industry finding solutions to the particular problems for vehicle autonomy for Mars and Moon missions?
  • PS: Mind-controlled systems - Stewart Mitchell looks at research that could allow unmanned systems to be controlled by a brain-computer interface
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