Biomimetic Electric Sensing Technology: Subsea Imaging Sensors for ROVs, AUVs & Subsea Robotic Platforms
Tetrapulse ESENSE 300 Compact subsea electric sensor for AUVs & ROVs
Tetrapulse ESENSE 300

Compact subsea electric sensor for AUVs & ROVs

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Tetrapulse ESENSE 300

Tetrapulse is the world’s most compact subsea electric sensor, and is based on ELWAVE's proprietary CEDAR technology, which draws inspiration from the electrical sensory perception of tropical freshwater fishes. Utilizing an array of up to four electrodes, the modular system can be provided with cables ranging from 1.5 to 7 metres in length, and is ideal for a wide range of AUVs, ROVs, crawler robots, and other underwater vehicles.

The sensor provides highly effective detection, localisation and classification of metallic and non-metallic objects and surfaces, as well as buried objects at depths of 1 to 2 metres. Rated for depths of down to 300 metres, it provides robust performance in water or in air, and in highly noisy environments.

The export restriction-free Tetrapulse is provided as a complete kit comprising the sensor pod, up to four electrodes and cables, and all necessary firmware and user interface software.


Dimensions (D x L) 145 x 450 mm (sensor pod)
90 x 120 mm (electrode)
Weight (in air/water) 6 kg / 1 kg (sensor pod)
0.85 kg / 0.35 kg (electrode)
Power 12-48 VDC, <50W
Depth Rating 300m
Operational Frequency Range 100 Hz – 25 kHz
Max Emitted Signal 2A / 24 V