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Hydrus: Revealing the Ocean’s Secrets

By Advanced Navigation / 05 Apr 2024
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Advanced Navigation recently sent its Hydrus drone to the treacherous depths of the Rottnest ship graveyard located in the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of Western Australia. 

“Small enough to be deployed by a single person, Hydrus utilised its advanced navigation and communication sensors to capture 4K video and imagery simultaneously. Upon returning to the surface, the team analysed the data and was thrilled to find Hydrus had examined a 64-metre shipwreck. 

“Learning the exact coordinates of the ship, the team used two Hydrus units to perform three missions, completing the full survey in just under five hours. This level of efficiency is crucial for underwater exploration where costs can heighten quickly.” — Peter Baker, Subsea Product Manager at Advanced Navigation, speaking to the exhibition.

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