3D Printing for Aerospace & UAVs: Flight-Ready Parts with CRP Technology's Windform® Composites

How Windform is 3D Printing the Path of Space Missions

Webinar Details
  • Hosted by CRP Group
  • March 18, 2024 - Available on Demand
  • The CRP Technology webinar shows how Windform composite materials and Additive Manufacturing (Laser Polymer Melting) are successfully revolutionizing the Aerospace Industry.

    CRP Technology’s built a considerable experience supplying space-ready parts and cutting-edge solutions for space key industry leaders.
    Watch the webinar and learn about:

    • The advantages of using Professional 3D Printing (Laser Polymer Melting) and Windform composite materials for producing space-ready parts;
    • Making space missions successful using professional 3D printing and Windform composite materials;
    • Overview of some space and avio missions that marked new milestone in the Additive Manufacturing arena.

    Speakers: José Antonio Almenara and Alessio Bondi, CRP Technology AM Expert

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